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Narrafwong 'loughing ML4tches. Ploughing contests were heltI as Jad. vortised lit Narrawong on Wledlisidic, and although the nunmber of plenglhinar'w at work was. only eight, tile work lone as a whole was fully cnual to any prize ploughing we h-ve witnuesed. The heavy rain about midday prevented a large at. tendanoe, but those present werencidently there with tile full intention of minutely inspecting thile woik and apparently pre. pared to praise when such was needed, or condemn as occasion required. The scene of operations was on the flat at ltheia bacK of the hotel, and a better piece of land for showing work could not be de. aired under favorable circumstances, but this could not le called the case on the present occasion. At the colmoencement of operations the prospect was most pleasing, but after about two o'clock it was evident tlnt the hbavy rain which fell just preTiously was going to lrve a bad effect on future operations, and dilfi cult finishes were loaked forward to. In some instances this proved the case. Mr. 8. Taylor in particular having a great deal of trouble in completing his work, and narrowly escaped having one of his horses bogged. Indeed in his case hlie was obliged to finish with hi horees one in front of thle other. The three compe. titors in Class A each showed soiae ptclty work, and it was freely admitted that S. Taylor's crown was indeed a good one, and had he but better luck at the finish he most have stood a good chance of the prize in eachi case. Mr. John Taylor's work all through was good, and he cer. tainly deserved the special for the best finish. Mr.John Wilson, the other com. petitor in this class, again proved himself a good ploughmen, and we think the judges must have been p'eased with his work as a whole. In 0Oass B the work was not so good as we have seen in this class, and although Mr. J. Davidson secured the prize his opponent, Mr. William Carroll, is entitled to some recognition, if only special praise for his exertion!, and we hope he will have better lack next time. Class C brought three teams on the ground, and the first thing that atruok the visitor as he approached was the horses at work, and it wa hetro the judges found the best turn out on the graund. Mr. J. MuOombe with the aid of his fine pair 'of horses, secured first honors, while T. Redfern, a most ener. getio worker in the movement, was placed number two, a position he no doubt was well satisfied with, particularly as he got the special for the best crown. The other competitor in this olats was Mr. Wm. Brownlaw, and although he did not win any prizes he has no reason to be ashamed of his efforts. As a whole the ploughing showed good allround work and the particular attention given the ins and outs gare the land a neat appearance. The judges were Messrs. W. Duff, W. Heaney and W. Brooks, and we need scarcely add thst their work was honestly performed and that their decisions were satisfactory to most if, indeed, not all. Mr. James Mills again proved himself the right man in the right place and so long as the promoters hive such a straight, honest goer at the helm they noed not fear but that the clerical duties will be well performed. The proce-dings passed off with pleasing unanimity and the matches must be deemed a snocess. The judges decision was as under: CLA'S A. Open to All-comers. Pint Frize ... .. -1.3 10 0 Second Prize... ... ... 110 0 8. Taylor ... ... ... 1 J. Taylor ... ... 2 Special prize for Best Grown awarded to S. Taylor, Special prizes for Best Urown and Finish awarded to J. Davidson. CLASS B. Open to all who have not,won a first prize an this class or a prize in Glaus A. First Prite ... ... ... l3 0 0 J. Davidson ... ... 1 Special Prizes for Best Crown and Finish awarded to J. Davidson. Two entries. CLASS C. Open to all who have not won a first in prie any class or a prize in Cla B. First Prise ... . ... £2 15 0 SecondPrize... ... . I 3 0 J. McCombe ... ... 1 T.W.Bedferon ... ... 2 Special Prize for Best Crown awarded toT. W. edfern. Special Prize for Best Finish awarded to J. )lcrombe. Spewial Prices open toiAll Comers. Best Turn-out on the ground awarded to J. McComhe. Best Ins-and.Outs awarded to W. Carroll. The settling np took place at ianlon's Hotel. lMr. John Taylor was voted to the chair and expressed the great plea sure it gave him to preside over snch a meeting. 11e was glad to ee thatthe matches hlad been a success, but hoped the nlxt time more of the young men of the district would comeC and plough as he knew there were a number of them who were quita capable of turning out nogrod wock as any that hadJ bee done that day. Hle fully expected (o bave eorn moro cmpectitlrS fron otherditrinlt, pespaciaily lridgewiter. as he knew that some of them had bet> proctising for the matches nd bJ'l promised to come and plough, nud as they rwere getting up matches in their own district he thought it wonuld haveo given more encoursagement to loughmen of this district to go and ompete tiere had they patronized our estomes, but still he hbred tat all who posible could would compete at Bridge ster atches and help towards making t'he prizes ere then Ihanled to the re epectiro winners nnd their healbths drunk nmd responded to by Messrs. Taylor, l)nvileon and McCombe. Hearty votes ot thbaks were pissed to tog for thu jeedges Br. W. Brooks taid that in all his experience a. judge be had nor seen hb'ler p loucd lands than that done by Mr. S. ToylOr, he eainerc cact uealurement wherever the ing tho evening by Mesrs. Itell, eoilero, hfanlon, Brooks and Taylor.