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CAPTAIN STARLIGHT, The unique theatregraph drama of "A Gentleman of the Road" that' Henry Earl and Co. will be exhibiting at the Victoria flall on Friday, Saturday and Monday, June.2nd, 3rd and 5th, is cer tain to strike popular favor. The motFling is as perfect as it is possible to make it, and the name of Miss Lily Dampier, and of Mir Alfred Rolfe, in the principal roles of Eileen Maraton and Captain Starlight respectively, is a gcarantee of the quality of the act ing. In adapting Rolf Boldrewood's tragic story for stage purposes, plenty of relief in the way of comedy has bean introduced; and whilst there are plenty of grim incidents, these are not al lowcd to mnduly obtrude themselves. For instance, although the situation is seri ous enough for all concerned, there is a very funny touch introduced in the first sceen at the Marstdns' homestead, where the formidable Starlight reveals his identity. 'I am Captain Starlight. Hlands up!" The villain of the piece is Dan Moran, or Morgan, as he was known in real life. On a big raid Starlight and Morgan join their forces, bhut the success of any joint venture is often jeolipdised by Morgan coming to blows with some cf Starlight's men. If by any chance he holds his own, Starlight restoro p;eace by choking Morgan into partial insensibility. Nor does Morgan have mi ch luck in his own private raids if Starlight happens to be about. Star light, who always arrives in the nick cf time, generally makes Morgan restore the plunder he has taken. Particulars are advertised elsewhere.