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'TOWNIES AND HAYSEEDS.' , When Hayseeds come to the cjty they are reputed to do or say funny things, and city dwellers laugh heartily at them. But when Townics go to the country they are equally as funny to bush people. In fact, Beaumont ? Smith shows therrr as greater comedians than the Hayseeds ever were in his new and. original film satire, 'Townies and Hayseeds, which will be shown -at the York to-day. The city family consists of Pa Townie, Ma, and the bunch of children named after Australia's capital-cities^ — Masters Melbourne and Syd ney. Miss Adelaide ' (named Adelaide be cause she was so cultured), Brissy, and the youngest kids (Hobart and Perth). They stay with Dad and Mum Hayseed for a month as 'paying guests,' and after wards Mum and Dad g-? to stay with them at Toorak. The humour is original and quaint, and the film is one of unusually witty titles and clever topical allusions, and it has been made to be laughed at. One of the comedy situations is. the at tempted suicide of Pa Townie at The Gap. in Sydney. . Of course the 'suicide' is frustrated, but it is one of the funniest scenes ever, put on the screen. .Many of the moBt important scenes have been made in Adelaide— some in the chief city streets, others at Toorak, and one or two on the Torrens. ' ''Ibe Grand I/arceny,' the second attraction, ' is a Goldwyn' offering that presents a phase of modem life that many are all too-familiar with. It tells_ the story of 'a social parasite who carries on his depredations outside the pale of the law. The robber of property can be put in prison; andithe men he has injured can obtain some legal .satisfac tion; but what balm is there for the man who has been robbed of his wife's Iovet

JLAXtaU MO If HtJ OAbUU^AUlX 1MOCU III XA&OUU Larceny,' and superbly presented .by an excellent ;cast of players, including Claire (Vindsor 'and Elliott Dexter. - Miss Lillian 3raham, the Melbourne soprano, will make her' farewell -appearance. The big sup sorting programme will include Al. St. Tohn in the Fox^-spccial, comedy, 'The Author.' ' -v ' ? ;.. ? :