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AWARDS TO TANK INVENTORS. The Royal Commission on Awards to In ventors, according to latest English files, made the following recommendations in re spect to claims Tor tank inventions: — Major-Gen. E. D. Swmton, £1,000; Lieut. Col. F. L. M. Boothby, nil; Commodore F. M. Sueter, nil: Lieut. R. F. Macfie, £500; Mr. A. C. Nesfield, £500; Major T. G. Hetherington, nil; Sir Eustace H. Ten nyson d'Eyncourt, £1,000; Col. Crompton and .Mr. Le Gros, nil; Sir William Tritton and Major Wilson, £15,000; Lce.-Cpl. E. de Mole, nil. In reference to the invention by the lastnamed, a South Australian, from Eenmark. the report of the commission stated:~The case pf this claimant was heard a few days after the conclusion of the other cases. We consider that he is entitled to the greatest credit for having

macie ana reduced to practical shape as far back aa the year 1912 a very brilliant in vention which anticipated and in some re spects surpassed that actually put into use in the year 1916. It was this claimant's misfdrtune and not ihis fault that his in vention -was in advance of Iris time, and. failed to be appreciated, and was put aside because the occasion for its use had not then arisen. We regret^ exceedingly that we are' unable to recommend any award to him. But -we are bound to adhere to the general rule in such cases as these that a claimant must show a casual con nection between the making of his inven tion and the user of any similar invention by the Government.'