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-Mr. J. E. CUrke, of I

George-street, has just published nn excellent -view of the locality of the late wreck. The engraving is printed

on fine letter papor with fly-leaf, for correspondence. ' Persons will thus have the opportunity of sending with their letters home by the next mail a truthful picture of the sceno of the late disaster, with the Bad details of whioh many a pen will bo busy during the next few days. The opportunity, wo have no doubt, will be ex- tensively availed of. The engraving, which is finely executed on wood,is by Mr. W. G. Mason, after a drawing by Mr. E. ThomoH.

LOUD ELOIN-Captain Brown of the Ben Venue (from. Manila, June 28) informa us that newB had reached Manila that Lord Elgin (.Biilish Plenipotentiary) had arrived in China.- Melbourne Herald, September 1.

CORONER'S INQUESTS.-An inquest was held on Thurs- day last, on the beach at Long Manly, before the City coroner, touching the death of Bomo person (name un-

known), whose body had been found on tho preceding j

evening near Deovey's lagoon, in the vicinity of Manly . Cove. From the tenor of the evidenoe adduced, the jury roturned a verdict that the body was that of a mole sub- ject, aged about 18 years, who had come to his death by tho wreok of tho ship Dunbar. A second enquiry was held touching some human remains found on the 2nd instant at Cabbage-tree Point, near tho North Head. In accordance with the medical evidence, tho jury found "That the remains were part of the body of o femalo,' aged about 17 or 18 years, who had met her death by the wreck of tho Dunbar."

TtiE GREAT HACE AT MELBOURNE BETWEEN VENO AND ALICE HAWTHORN.-On reference to our adver- tising columns, a notice will be found from tho Aus- tralian Steam Navigation Company, intimating their intention of acceding to the desire of several persons, and issuing return tickets to Melbourne and back, so as to afford to those who may wish to bo present at the match between Veno and Alice Hawthorn an oppor- tunity of doing BO at reduced rates of fares. The event takes place on the 3rd October.

PARISH BOA┬╗ FROM ONIONS' POINT TO THE GREAT NORTH HOAD.-The Government Gazette of yesterday notifies that his Excellenoy the with tho advice of tho Executive Council, having deemed it expedient to open and moko a parish road ft o bo main- tained at the exuonso of the perishes through whioh it passas) from Onions' Wharf, near the mouth of tho Lone Cove Bivor, to the Great North Road, betwoen Bedlam Furry and tho village of Ryde, has caused a plan and book of rofarenoo showing the intended line of the said road to be mado .and deposited at the office of tho Sur veyor-Gcneral, Sydney, and at the Police Office, Parra- matta, All persons interested therein aro requested to transmit, in writing, tb the Clerk of the Executive Council, within ono month from thia date, any well grounded objections whioh moy exist to the formation of tho projected road.