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(From a Correspondent of the Bathurst Free Press.)

On Monday, May 4th, the interesting ceremony of lay- ing the first stone of the church to be called St. James',   took place in the presence of about 100 persons, chiefly residents in the neighbourhood, who have been anxious for more accommodation than the school room

in which divine service has hitherto been celebrated afforded. At one o'clock, the company assembled on a   rising ground, commanding a pleasing view of the town-

ship and the surrounding country-the site happily selected for the intending building. The Rev. James Gunther, the beloved minister of Mudgee, who has for

several years kindly ministered to the spiritual necessi- ties of Rylstone and other places, had been requested to perform the ceremony.        

The proceedings commenced with prayer for the divine blessing. Psalms 38 and 118 were read by the minister and people alternately. A bottle containing some coins of the realm with a record of the proceedings

having been placed beneath the stone, it was lowered   into its place in the usual manner.    

The Rev. Mr. Gunther in an earnest and impressive     address, said that the occasion on which they were met

afforded him the greatest pleasure, and he was thankful   to Almighty God that he had been spared to see the commencement of a house of prayer in which be trusted the pure word of God would be preached, the sacraments duly administered according to Christ's ordinance, and       divine service conducted agreeably to the doctrine and   discipline of England's beloved Church. It was his

heart's desire and prayer to God, that a spiritual temple might be raised up from amongst the worshippers, who   shall be living stone, built upon the Lord Jesus Christ, the only foundation of this church, and that at the last, all might be found amongst the general assembly and church of the first-born, whose names are written in heaven. Part of the 95th psalm was then sung by the people, followed by prayer and thanksgiving, and the   minister having pronounced the benediction the company dispersed.             Amongst those present we noticed Charles A. Sinclair,

Esq., Commissioner Crown Lands and Resident Magis- trate, who has taken the most lively interest in the raising of funds and making the necessary arrangements for the undertaking. R. W. Cox, Esq., Mrs. Edward Cox, Mrs. Richard Cox and several ladies. Rev. W. Coomber, (senior minister of the gold-fields), Dr. Gygax,

Mr.Tailby, Mr. Walton, and others.    

In the evening a full congregation assembled for Divine Service, when a sermon was preached by Mr. Coomber, from Ephesians, ii. chap., 20 and 21 verses.