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The fifth annual reunion oí the Old Scholars'  

Association of the Adelaide Educational Institu-

tion (Mr. John L. Young's school) was held at Gawler Chambers, North -terrace on Monday even- ing, when His Honor Chief Justice Murray pre-   sided over a large gathering. The school was   opened in 1852 and closed in 1880 and Mr. Young  

died on July 26, 1881, in the Red Sea. Two scholarships have been founded in his memory at the Adelaide University. One, "Political eco   nomy," under a bequest by the late Mr. J. H. Fin-  

layson, with a capital of £200, and the other, the John L. Young research scholarship, estab-    lished in 1915-16 with a capital of £700.  

The loyal toast was submitted by the Chair- nan, who also proposed "The old school - the Adelaide Educational Institution." His Honor  

said the company of old scholars was gradually growing smaller. Since they met at their last annual gathering five of their number had passed   away. They had met to commemorate their old  

school, to be boys again for a moment, and to pay their tribute of affection and veneration to a   man who had been a real benefactor to the State  

and a true friend to those assembled that evening.

He had come into little contact with Mr. Young   during the two years he was at the institution,  

but he conceived a great respect for him as a member of his class for some subjects. He was   a little afraid of him. (Laughter.) He knew   enough of their old master to be able to say he   was not only a great lecturer, but a man of very  

fine character. He realised the value of an edu- cation that would produce in a young country like Australia strong and manly colonists, and  

the policy of the school was based on that prin« riple. That policy had produced good fruit.

It was right that they should pay homage to such     a man. No one ever heard of him doing a mean  

or unjust or unworthy thing. He set a fine example to all the boys, and he (the speaker) was proud to have been a pupil at the school. His   Honor recounted a number of interesting remini-  

scences of other masters in the school. The   toast, "The memory of our last old and esteemed   master, Mr. J. L. Young," also submitted by the  

Chairman, was honored in silence.

Messrs. F. W. Sims and A. O. Whitridge con- tributed elocutionary items. Dr. J. C. Verco referred to articles written by their old master dealing with the construction of bridges and a scheme for improving the Torren. Several mem-   bers related incidents associated with the school  

life. The scholarship report, prepared by the treasurers (Messrs. F. W. Bullock and J. T. Fitch), showed that in October 1915, the credit  

balance iras £162. Thr receipts since had been £276, including a special gift of £100 and a     donation of £50 and two of £25. The disburse-   monts included payments of £500 and £200 re-   spectivelv to the Adelaide University. The pre«   sent credit bolanoe in the bank was £20. The  

committee was re-elected. .