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TABLE TALK. ,Fur,--Wo have received per " Rub Roy " steamier a file of Fiji papers with the following note from Mlr J. d. Butters late represettative for 'ortland. Now that British rule has been established it, Fiji and that life and property for the. future will Lb secure, we have no doub; some of the umolre enterprising amtngst M r Butters' old constituenta and. residents in the district generally, ' ill be aiuxious t, discover what oppor tunities for success the new country will offer. We will endeavour to give somte extracts in a future issue of the Guardian. in the Imeatlltllo, any person atrlxaue to av: il themselves of Mr Butters thoughtful ,ff?e cran do so by callintg at the Guardian atlice, where the file will be kept for reference.-- 3cl hbourne, 12th Dec., 1874. Wv. Cooper, Esq., Dear sir, as Fiji is at present rather an iaterre-ting territory, and having a. file of papers by ate, I have thought it probable that suine of lmy old frieals and constituents might wiS!h to, soe theri, I have therefoire taken the liberty otf forwarding tlteat to you per Rltb Roy " this day. Yours truly, Jay. S. Butters. VoaL.NTuEi? IHuvtiEw A2' BeLFAST. Last evening after drill Captain T'rang lmar annouuced that the final arrange Imenllt fur a review of the Western Voluntceer Artillery Corps. atBelftast, oan the 26th.inst.,. BIa:ia g Day, had been tatde, ;attd he hloped to see a gooud mnuter oil the occasion.. JThe Goverunwettt will pity the expentseA tf the trip, and. no volunteer should, miss the opportuuity of acquiring additional instruction in ttmass ltuvemttnets, atld big gun drill,.that this review will afford, even at the risk of some personal sacrifices. Apart fromt the voluptteer evercios,,. the Belfast people have, with. cue otuary liberality, provided an excecdiitgly attractive pro grautttas of sports, and these added to the attratctiots ijf the volunteers is sure ta create a rush of sight seekers. It is. just probable as the b:utds from the three ports will bu in attentdance that the review will wind up tith a. vltrnteer ball on at graud scale. The Captaint tatIlaltoaucetl tthat o Saturthaty every vo'lunteer ar:reeding by thi sateamer ott 'Thursday will have to anke their uwni arrtange:ntents for their return. DJErTt otr M11t. VaILLttAM Re?Evw e. -Atmong th oldi resitentts of 1lort land. death has, of laite, boon more than ordinarily baoy. To the list of thoese previously ieoured attother has now been addl.ed. Ont Friday last 1Mr William Ileuwiok died, at his residunou in llenty -street, at the age of 77 years? lie had, for sorn.,titue, been gradually failing, but about a mtiontth ago tool 1 cold. uie was eonseionus, and ablu to sit upa, till within a short period of his t duecuse. Mr Huenwick was not only

an old Portlander, but a very old colonist. He was a native of Scotland. lu i8"7, with five others, he left Lui dallu under an engagement to a company to superintend a number of sheep, cattle, and hores. dburing their passage to l'asni..nia. OU arrival in that colunv hii serVluici, \acIe ellga:ged by the aLmet comipaiy for a pe lit It o three years, at the exlpiratio, of which he left fur 1Mel bouirneu, jlhindlg there at a tlme when unly three houelin s could be seen where uuno there is a large and beautiful city. SubseqOueitly he to Portlan?d, where ie hai since coiatuituiL to r?cide. lie had a vigorous cjnstitution, an almost iron frame, and singular courage, which he had ouccasion to eXe else repeatedly while i Tasmrania. He was a mian of straightfurward charatter, and blameless reputation. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, at the South Cemetery, eilcn a number of friend.s aind t,?,IspeIJplu showed their respect by attending his remains to their last resting place. The service was con ducted by the liev. W. C. Chaptman, Preabyterian, to which religious body the deceased bulonUged, e has left a 'vid "w, also in years. Butass' Ft.'.-lt will be gratifying to the subscribers to this fund to know that the Supreme Court has, without any demur whatever, acceded to the wishes of the Relief Cotumiritde, and made the boys W~ards of Couit, It only now remuainsu for the Master inl Equity, after a few other legal furmali. ties have been complied with, to invest the money, anud apptut a trustee or trustees as he may deem advisable, ' lMUST, EnQ., M.L.A. In the list of passengers of which the Rob Roy steamer, arrived here yesterday, and left aguin this imorning, the naure of the member our o'rtlaud is given. The appearance of M\r Must at this juno tuteo tuhow that the practical work of the session is now nearly closed. We find, lorn a casalt glauceo at Hansard, thae Mr Dnust's unaue appears in nearly every division of tnoy eousequencu. His unate may generally be found in support of miniaters, but in all eases his vote,, so tar as we hav exanmined, has been in accord with. his prounison to his constituents. With smore leisure we may give a sumtuary of the sessiol, and show w oatur. town and county nmembers redeemetd their pledges. Custott.. A -.-VcW would direct atten tiou to the opening this evening of Lialu alld. Litldsay's Coumoraina in AMrs Boys' school room, lit 8 o'clock On Wednesday, at 4 o'clock in the after noon there will he a special perfurmatnce for children. Font SAc.-.-lessrs C. F. Crunch and Cu. anlluuuce by advertlisellue the sale of their old establisted busnuess in Percy street. The premlses, eai well kuuowu, are rx;enr?lv and well adapted for n large and pr.titable bu-ine-a. The stock is light and the preuin-es can either be iru?ed or purchased .,L the option of the tucetuer. lhoune iaIC lussuenst?ou will ibe giveu

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