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OLD COLONISTS.-" One by one," ob serves the Geelong Advertiser, "are those hardy pioneers whose enterprise first made this portion of Australia known as a country suitable for colonisation passing from among us. Only a very short time ago we were called upon to record the death of Mr John Calvert, and it now be comes our painful duty to make known the death of his brother in-law, Mr Hugh Murray, which sad event occurred yester- day at Colac, at one a.m., and the news being telegraphed to town caused much sorrow among our elite, by whom the deceased gentleman was much respected, and by whom it had for some time past been expected, as he had been long suffer ing. Mr Murray, the son of an old Tas- manian colonist, first landed in Victoria in the year 1836 or 1837, and formed one of four gentlemen-the other three being Mr G. T. Lloyd, who is now a resident of Geelong, Mr. A. Lloyd and Mr. Augustus Morris-who first took up hand near the beautiful lake of Colac, add there he was contented to dwell for the remainder of his years, following a pastoral life, and man- fully fighting his way through the many difficulties that all squatters had in the early years of this colony to contend against. He never aspired to a political life, but contented himself, when the district around him became thickly popu- lated, with local humours, and devoted him-   self to the service of the community in which he resided by taking an active part in the local shire council, over which body although he repeatedlysignified his desire   to retire, he held the honourable position of president until the hand of death was laid upon him." Ravesus New SoTra WaLas.-We have Sydney papers to the 29th ulbt The Ilerrld of the 29th publihes an as atract ot the revenue iretnurns for the quarter en lilng the 30th June last. For the year the r-e.ipts were £2,175,386, and f r the quarter £554.834. The" q 'arter's rivenue shows an incee,oe of £100,820; the ) ear's an increase of £169,373; the one 2"2, the ot.er 8j ler cent. The quar ter's expenditure on the general public ser vice was less th.Lan the quartcr's revenue by t£63,011. In s.x of the departments the ex penditure has increased; in three of them it has decreased; the result being a net increase on the whbule charge of the quarter of £13,641, about 3 per cent. The bllances in hand on the 30th June amounted to £1,027.241. The wherentouts of the money is explained tlus:-In the ltiak of New South Wales, £969,267; in the hans l of the chief clerk, £402; in toe Treasury chest, £57,572. T'r.5rTrontL.-The ilhabit,lss of the Wessero District, eatse th He'tald of thle 17th, have by a step nd..uls f t.rt gut rid of the u ne fluity ofloyalta with whi, they were sftf ctud. An epergt e has had the satme effect upn loyalty as a blue pill and a black draught upon at overtlow of bile. "'ru liia that bath msch sits I be given" hts b en ju.tly eisemplified in thle cawe l' Mr Thomans tHlwaril Fell,)s, who hais been prer.-otedl wibh pi.icec of plate for colUs-al services in tle cause of cruotituatinal integrity. Of coure the ien lo if the H estera l.,-triet have a perliel ri ,ht to -on wat they plea-e with their meon,), b.l lr Fellows ,ugut not Ito huve recirl tIht gorgeous gilt. Wht can e ay that ato ~ l future day he way not be ti,,ened witllh It .ring been regarded for his gs,'eralslil, ut the Ctn -titutiouat party)., or saving been i a;tI .i, sic,,i per lite for those laughter-i.,.. kill illter dinner -peeches in t .* I.lgii.uttl, .aL-eultay No us,- to argue tlSt the ser. ices w re Iper. torrled before the rver.vard w.,. giv, n. L)u ax eyed and lotal--tnuned ae Cl-rr will a-sert teat w',ile hMr Fedluws ias -leailng tlhe waver itig rauks uat the Op,1 astion to couquer or to die, with rather miute ol the latt..r, hiweverr tit tie saw in his mind'*.-tt). buffemt grioaniug un:er thie weight ua tabit Irtature, atd s library full of nttgru.sed itarchletaits, eauring evidencu t the rapture of a district ahose ,ys.alty isceircutuvtted tt aitt, cereals, iultatots, .aingarous, rsblit sind w ,I. Fellow , be. wcar; the sword ofl 1) iucle , in thl s,,epe ofa select cmolmittee, is Intaging e,.r your lhead. lleucelortn you are at Site uere otf a Lontgtuure or ac E.,,.rard, ales will plac. your I ,yltts up as asI Aunt tally, an, ut tall ) our pipe oa ceoutitutioualiasu with the sticks ot political "kick" nld bribery. One outlet re. msuis Ior you-vslutO )or hand upoll your beart, you can boldly say, and It need be jprove, tlhat you gaue ., salue fur the ea trre piece so aptly ornamuented with the figures or

Minerve, Ja.sie, and V?ctoria, swearing it. forget the palt, and making a compact for the future. Tua [also STATr Passonwas.-We learn fron tihe Advocate that coanscl'r olinion hI, been taken as to whether Hier Majesty's pr. don will enable the Fenian prisoners relaas4" in Western Australia to land in Viotoria. The olpinion is as follovs:-"We are of opiniua that the Queen's pardon iloes not 'wipe out the crime' of Ibese persons, so as to leave them free to enter Victoria. The effct of the par. don is, we think, to remove the p omilmelnt and also all legal liabilities eooan ees i the crime, eacept such as are Imu?se by *lult (see per Lvrd Ellenborough, Dowret. Walei), Tha Act 18 Vie., N ,.3, makes it a penish. able offence in, certain eiassj, ? rp pjers?o who has at any tien' been tlond guilty o1 any ea ital or irans,'urltble Ielony to 'some irto Victoria.' These words include in silp ,?inis all ielon., whdether they bas aleeived a. froe prdlon or have served the full tras a. their sentence. Such persons would be 'seepeeted person' within the meaning of the Act, and, the pardoLn wou I not tb in Olnv Opiniob. wes . an-wer to prºoceedings instituted elln' the'i Act, as thie orence aooming' haeo Y onria' should.be coe.uslte?l abnrquee?tl tottte pr. don. (Signed) Taos, lowonp, lrlieW, GiOo. tlhotamnrea. TemeLuoytJull 16, 18069." L' he icfUef cfd.omiliopqp of Polica has intimated lat tlle relea dij eanont he permited to land here. ' . AccuATIArro L.--The w ki-ly meeling of the Acoliamstistion Societ wahebld ye,. terday, says J hetArgseoj tbhe2ilult,present_ Dr Tuue. Blhck (lrresident), AUIr lal Meellor Comte de Catel?iau, DI Joseph Black, anj Mr F. S. Dobson, it was decids teeapplytoR?r .Moston Allprt, tlobartTowo, lorsoma perch ow t5o stuck tie various streius of Victoria. Mr G. P. Clifford, secretary io tbh Otago Ac. cdilnaisation Society, was thes. katrodesed to the meeting, and gave some vwer ylteresting information about a very fall lnail which iu found in grent quantities inl ir Zeland, and lurlilhe, abundant tood to the lh in ?oe vari. ous watercourses of that colony. This gentle. ann statted tldt the fish are very food of it, anll that both percl and trost tbrove well up. on it. A letter Irom Mr Glagall, of Bairus. dale, was read, in whice, that gentleman ap plied for a paIr of silver grey eha T secretary was directed to answer that toe ociety hbeing never at any. tea had any. thing?o do with, the Importation oftberabbit and itacclinmatistioo in teyolony, must de. cIL.e to asist in the propaglatonoltht anlmsa. L'tters from various perionsuasking for hare. der, and Calilornian quails, wre also rad, and the secretary wa?iuastraitttoaoswartbei granting the differeut applietionts poo the sunal conditioes. A letter from Messr J. Henry and Co, seedmemn, ol New Pl mouth, Now Zealand, was then read, forward. ing samples and catalogusee of seeds ol berry-bearlg tree, sand the eeds were sub iiated to D)r son Mueller, who stated, aft r examination, that in the Victorian ranges there were to be found berry-bearig trees of a similar nature, well caJcolated fao soupying food for pheasants and other game, and gave it as his opinion that there was no berry-bearing tree in New Zealand which it would be advantageous to import for the pur pose of pheasants and g el e feediog. Dr yvon fueiler read an extract from a letter of Mr Sclater, secretary to the Zoological Society of London, giving notice of his having shipped, per Essex, a pairol new pheasants for the Accllmatisaion &oiet)'a garde s. OLo CostaPsl' AssocwlrOns.-At a meet. ing of tea Coulicl of the Old Colinista' A.. siicatiou held ye-terdav, ysthe Arg1s of the 21st ult., Mr G. Uoppin to the chair, tlelollow inggentlemfen were elected smesbers ol the u soeiaion:-Mes-r. Francis' lety, Edward Hellty, We. Lyall, G. T. Lloyd, Hlberh Downing, R. If. Woodward, Joha Hood, Albert Purchas, Arthur Ryder, aud- Noyas. Twenty-one gentlemen were propumd iur e!ecluuo at the next meeting of courcil, A letter was read Ilom Mr Coppin, etating that he would undertake the erection of the fras aleahuoae in connalon with the aseociation, to ~be called the "''Fouulder' looau;' that be intended to give elceial entertainments to obtain the necessary fealde;anl in the event fat ay dellciemic, that fie would contribute the balance Irom hi. own purse, pIreuming tile cost to be ablet £260. Resolved, that Mr Cuppiu's letter should be .tiered on the ;ooks of the asociation, and that his ofer should be accepted with a else ul thalks. llesolved that the vice-president, uanrmr,o and the mayor of MUl lborue should wait upon lthe C(Jou issioner of Land- to solinit a grant of land tor the erection .ttalsmhoones. h olved. "That a tablet should bellasduponeasuealas* houae with the noame l I?ae donor iasoriaed upon it." Tine HonJ. s. Julloaon was eleated meol .er of the council in t*le ileao of Mr J. Setlherlrnd, not quelified. Mr Alred Woolley was apl;oiotcJ il tiae plemo of Mr U. S. Canp IIt uapon the LelP;etL Cwa ittee. aYtiou of matonll was given for the next iaeet?od of counlcil t, c?usider tile propor'soul tosasaad virabla to dlevote to le;beretouu aent s3pprwt ol auls.huusoe for the aged aaid indiri. PIA?asrin Reaotauo. -If the Sultan of Turkey ia a reader of e.wrpaper literature in Eciglibh. and should hlalpen tos get a copy of the PurUfand (Juardciu of Ihis day, to say the leasrt be muost lel clnsideru?ly aeunnisheJ if out alarmed at Mr 1I. Miekiy'a exuressed intention of taking possessid;n ol tail terri tory:- "The land ol our Fathers," on the 6th day of September, 1870. Barely tair teen months must elapse till tieis startlinl announcement is to be curl led lito effect, sao .5s a isonth at leadst ulst aneceeacrily liate tene before the uoltan gets tle " uoctice to qu,' I, he will only have uone clear year to prepare for the chiare. We i-a?uic the adverlisement ecpre?tal Mr h.lce kay's intention, will astuloish other p~o* pie as well as HLis Majesty ,f l'urkLey. lhe expulsion of the Sulten uI 1870 may iae worked into Mr Miclaae' inert recture, 0, 5 scart of ceopanion picture to he recenit Iigcllt of lcacella of Sjcala. We 'liee lU atracleg ticlel, but not the leost ssargce waiI bh til" advut, a " P'ortlueJ 'll'e.lllcti " to tule eulereme rule in el+eacicale. -l'l a+dvertiase.u ut reads: PALBTtNaIs If?B J.,lNEL). To his Majeuly the 8.Itau of l'uakey. greetina I aud .11 othlere wllha it may nUocerllc. I, D.vld Macusy, tunumii.r , i'alrorud. Austrulhsl b.lgll c ubtwued the " ?lal . f ule llecct io ,Ud ca. ry gla yUu uacioe tlaat I wa, ' tkcacsaesl ul laetlirce, u?e Laad ut u'i Jather., c depscm ur irh.a a 0h, 1870. ihe work af I ghteousnesv ahll b Pmlce,o aud ith elcct ul clcitehw)ei esae, QacuOee anud Auslur anoce "r tcer I I lr'ucased, V ceo i, Aug. 2 ttleo. Printed and Publiehed iy thb .Propri.etr WILIaM C?ootRan, at the (uoardica Uiiiey, (uwler-strect, P'ortluu..