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ST. PATRICK'S DAY. St Patrick's Day, yesterday, ,was ob. served in. Portland, as a general holiday, the banks and nearly overy place of busi ness were closed. Pie uic anid' shooting parties left the towi at atn early hour for the scenes of their amusements, but the chief feature of the day was the fdto'given by the tnmembers of the Rlchabite Society to the Band of IIbpe boys and girls. The children muntered at 11 o'clock, in great numbers, and with their teachers, walked in procession to Mr Finn's paddock, South Portland, carrying flags of various colours and adorned with mtottoes. At the camp ing ground a substantial dinner was served on a liberal scale to. all comers, and thoroughly enjoyed. after the hearty games which had preceded it. During the day, sports of various kinds were patronised by the young people, melodies sung aind several well contested races were run by the buys. Before tea the party was umucl increased by noiw arrivals, all were ma:de; welcome and treated ivith, the sameno liber alty is the more legitimate visitors. And so much did all present enjoy themselves, that it was not until the' shabdes of night began to fall that preparations were re luctantly begun for a return,. home.. The children's version. of the. National Antlohem was sung, and three enthusiastic cheers for the ladies who had taken so much trouble in preparations.for tihe fdte were given as a Ibmalu to the day's enjoyment.