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GOVERNORS. Succession of Governors of New South Wales, and the'dates on which they assumed and retirea from the Government. Captain A. Phillip, R.N., from 20th Janu ary, 1788, to 10th December, 1702. Captain F. Gross (Lieutenant-Governor), from lith December, 1702, to 12th Decem ber. 1704. Captain Paterson, Now South Wales Corps (Lieutenant-Governor) from 13th December, 1794, to 1st September, 1705. Cantij Iln unter, R.N., from 7th Septem ber, 1705, to 27th September, 1800. Captain P. G. King, R.N. from 28th Sep teombr, 1800, to 12th August, 1800. Captain W. Bligh, R.N., from 1ath r August, 1800, to 20th January, 1808. During Governor Bligh's suspension, theo r Government was successively admtinistered d by Lioufennnt-Colonel G. Johlnstone, Lieu - tenant-Colonel Foveaux, Colonel William Pt Paterson, all of the New Scith 1Yanls Corps, afterwards 102nd Roeiment, from 20th Jan y usry, 1808, to 28th December, 1800. ?lajor-General L. MSacquarie, tron lst a January, 1810, to let Deceomber, 1821. 1 Major-.Goneral Sir 2, Drisbane, K,,q.,,

froam lit December, 1891, to lst December, 1825. Colonel Stewart, 3rd Regiment or Buffs (Lieutenant-Governor), from 6th December, 1825, to 18th December, 1895. Lieutenant-General R. Darling, from 10th December, 1825, to 2lst October, 1831. Colonel Lindsay, C.R. (Lieutenant-Go vernor), from 22nd Ootober, 1831, to 2nd December, 1831. Major--Genoral Sir R. Bourke, K.C.B., from 3rd December, 1831, to 6th December, 1837. Lieutenant-Co!onel K. Snodgrass (Lio.n tennnt-Governorn, from 0th December, 1837, to 93rd February, 1838. Sir Georgo Gipp', from 24th February, 1838, to Illh July, 1840. Sir Maurice O'Conn,ell, from 12th Jul?, 1840, to 2nd August, 1840. Sir Charles A. Fitz Roy, from 3rd August, 1846, to 17th January, 1855. Sir William Thomas Denison, from 20th January, 1855, to 22nd Jonuiry, 1881. Lieutenant-Colonel John F. Kempt (Ad ministrator), from 23rd January, 1861,? to 2lst March, 1861. Right Honorable Sir John Young, K.C.B., G.C.,M G., Administrator, from 22nd Mtarch, 1861, to 15th May, 1801; Gorernor-in-Chief, from 16thi May, 1801. Left for England by the " Geelong" on the 28th December, 1868.