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DISTRICT ROAD BOARD. Friday, Feb. 20th, 1863. The Board met at three p.m., present T. Finn, Esq., in the chair, Messrs. Barr and Learnmonth. The mintites of last meeting, were read and'cbiifirnidd. '" CoRnnRsPrownDo B. From the Dundas Road Board stating that the Board was not prepared at present to join the Portland Boanl in constructing a bridge over the Wannon. The chairman and members regretted that the Dundas Board were unprepared to contribute a share to meet the expenses of a work so much required, and the Secretary was directed to apply to the Dundas Board to reconsider the matter. From lleubenVickery, asking that repairs should be made near Minogue's, Bridge water and stating that unless the road were repaired it would be impassable in the win ter. Referred to the Engineer. A memorial of ratepayers at South lHam ilton praying that the Mount Rouse road might be cleared, and stating that the dis trict had been greatly neglected. Rlefcrred to the Engineer. From Thomas Buckley asking Is per yard increase on the price of broken metal at Whittlebary Creek. Rleferrcd to the Engineer for report. The Secretary next read office correspondence. Approved. The Secretary read report of the special meeting held to consider Bailiffs fees for summonses issued near Bridgewnater. The committee and Mr. Frewer had agreed on certain charges which were approved by the Board. Mr. Learmonth asked the collector 'Mr. Smith the number of cases that had been brought before the last county court, and whether he had lost any, and on what grounds 1 The Collector stated that lie had lost one case on the ground that he was not able to swear, gtat all the rates assessed had been collected and spent.. M?r. Learmonth proposed that the Clerk should hi future attend the court to assist Mr. Smith in recovery of the road rates. The Board resolved that the Secretary should attend the court in future, be prepared with the books of the Board, to answer such ques tion as necessary to show how the rates have been expended. The following tenders were then opened: Contract 420.--Main-street at Branx holme : £ s d. Cowland and Co. (accepted) ... 91 15 0 lMadden and Black ... ... 134 0 0 ltundle and Sons ... ... 133 0 0 Walter Kent ... ... 137 0 0 Warner and Co. ... ... 97 0 0 424.--Bridge over Violet Creek bye road to Ilamilton : John Barter ... ... 97 0 0 J. and E. Satchell (accepted) ... 74 5 0 T. Buckley .. .107 0 0 J Gilfoil ... ... 153 0 0 J. Robins ... ... 138 6 0 J. and W. Rligby ... ... 115 0 0 John Best .. 118 0 0 425.-Repairing ford at Muddy Creek: W. and J. Rigby ... ... 215 0 0 W. Heed ... 190 0 0 Vivian and White (accepted) ... 197 o 0 J. and E. Satchell ... ... 245 0 o T. Robins ... ... 208 0 0 Cowland and Co. ... ... 202 7 0 Rundle and Sons ... ... 193 7 0 Williams and Co. ... ... 196 0 0 426.-Culvert at Dartmoor: John Best - ... ... ... 50 0 0 J. and E. Satbhell (accepted) ... 37 0 0 Vivian and White ... ... 45 0 0 Sturgeon and Co. .. ... 56 0 0 J. Barter ... .. ... 47 0. 0 J. Robins .... . . ... 49 10 0 Ifency and Co. ... ... 42 0 0 Row and Condon ... ... 60 0 o J. and WV. ]lhgby ... ... 47 0 0 427.-South IHamilton near the Grange burn Mill: \V. Rleed ... . ... 110 0 0 J. and E. Satchell ... ... 92 0 0 Itumdle and saps ... P .. .g 0 0 J. ltarter (accepted) ... ... 71 0 0 Cowland and Co. ... ... DI 4 6 Ilency andl Co. ... ... 71 0 0 J. Toibis ....... 91 5 0 425.-Culverts in and near the Nine Mile Forest : T. Buckley ... ... ... 88 0 0 T'ui:imas and Co. (accepted) ... l ) oU I). Stevens ... ... .. 78 o 0 Contract 429.-There was only one tender for this work, and it was resolved to deter the matter till ncxt meeting fiesha tenders to lie called. ''The Engineer stated in reply to an iutimna tin Illlldl: by Mr. Illughies, that lie had visit ed ltced the forlmer conutractor for the road ilear Mrs. Keelic's, ind had ascertained that lie sas now at Port l"airy. Mr. L.armoith nmoved and Mr. khtrr icoiiilded. 'hat Mr. Reed contractor lie callhld before the lBoard at next ,meetilg and asl ctd ito conlplete hisi contract, aid Iln the evenit or his failing to do so, freshll tenders to ie cnalled. I11r. lh?ughes wislcedl to get pome sieciflec giaralctec that tile work wollhl lie attended to, but was reminded liy IMr. Lcarlmtotll tlhat the miiatter wiis uiow ini the haanls ,if the lIoard iliii iiouthl ie attcudid to without his sleci;l interferencce. rhh. H1iughies w:s lunfortulnately iI tihe lhaudj f tile loard.

S Mr. Barr thought Bir. II ulhes was fortu nate in getting into such hands. 'l'he.ELnginecr would suggest the present as a suitable time to lmake the necessary emu bankments and approaches at the loltspur Bridge. The matter was postponed. The Chairman adtvised the appointment of an Board sub.commtittee, to examine the Board accounts, and- to write off arrears and bad debts. Mr. Lcarmonth was in favor of hearing the Collector's report. before any debts were wiped ofl: So long as the land was forthconm ing on which rates were assessed lie held that the occupant should be held responsible. lle had no objection .to the proposed committee but great caution should be exercised, and he could see no just grounds why some persons should be compelled to lpay road rates, while others were exempted. The subject dropped. Mr. Learmonth would remind the Board, of a subject first mooted by Alr. Trangmar and that was the clearing of the road to Port Fairy, and constructing a bridge over the Eumeralla. The road was necessary both for Pororthuld and Port Fairy, and lie had no doubt on l'toper representations the Port Fairy Board would be willing to pay half expenses of the bridge over the Eunmeralla. The Chairman and Mr. BIarr concurred in the desirability of the work, and the Engineer was directed to report on the cost at the next meeting. Tihe Secretary read a financial statement which will be duly advertisedl in the local papers. The Chairman said that the Board would only hold another meeting till the time of the annual election, but as it was possible that the Local Government Bill would be law aibout the time of the annual meeting, it was for the Board to consilder-whether a double election should be held, one under the present Roaod Board Act, another under the new Act, or whether the one election could lie made to serve for both. lie had no doubt the Parliamlent would be dissolved before the 17th March, on which day it was said the Conference of the cldonies would take place. Mr. Lcarmonth thought the question was one for thie ratepayers-in the meantime it would be advisable that the Clerk should issue the customary notices, and then it could rest with the ratepayers who could decide whether the Board should remain in office another year, without a trcsh election. The speaker held that the latter course would be advisable as it would save any annoyance fromt any present operation under the New Act. 'Jhe Secretary was directed to issue the customary notices for the antunal election on 12lth Marlch next. The Board adjourned.