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POLTCE COURT. Before J. Blair, Esq.,Wl.M., Wednesday, ' 15th October. S Henry Haley, one of the recently arrived immigrants by the General IIewett was s charged with being founa in the Govern ment Immigration Depot without lawful excuse. Defendant was admonishod and discharged. REFusIn eG DUTY.-Four of tile seaman ofthe General Iewett, named: Daniel T. Newbury, Jos. Steel, George Rimnbellow, t William Dowell were charged with refits ing duty on board. The former three wore I sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment, and the last one to 4I months imprisonment. AssArULT ox BoAnD A Sitir.--William Jose and Joseph IBarrmw were brought up t on remand at the Police Office on W\\ednes day last, charged, the latter with assault- , t ing the captain on board the General HIewitt, on the high seas ; and the former Swith insubordination on board the immi grant ship, General Hewitt. i Christopher II. Loutitt, master of the 1 immigrant ship General Hewitt, was sworn and deposed : On the 26thli August, in lat. 35 c S. long. 16 W. about half-past 1) a.m. I was sitting in my cabin when the pris oner Barrow came into the caddy ani do manded tobacco. He was told it was not Sthe dayn for issuing it. lie told mIo in a very almsive manner that lie woull have tobacco. I went up) to him, put my hand i e on his shoulder, and desired him to walk out of the cabin; at the same time giving ,himi a push towards the door. l1 wienat t out and then commenced using mast abu sive and threatening language, calling me an old rogue and a b-- y b- r. I 0 ordered hin againi to go forward from the t cabin door, and he instantly struck me with his fist on the forehead. I tried to a grapple with him to keep him off; heo it struck inc sever:l more blows, and then gave me a volent kick on the right side iover the liver; a number of the ininigru-ants :o then dragged him away from me. I had to keep my cabin three or four days friom the effects of the blow. I ordered the fl chief officer thn to put hims in iroes. The e crow by this time had assembled at the cuddy which was shut, and were striking 0 at it to gain admittance. Ultimately the . irons were put oi ; and the crew then all refused duty. The chief mate then sum moned them all aft. The fi.-it ,man who r ascended the poop was the prisoner Jose. Iia addressed the crew anil said it all were 0 of his mind they wool ' not turn to nor do is any imore duty until BUrrow was released and tobacco issued to all hands. The evi dence of this witness showed further that t there was a gale of wind cLotintgý on with a n 'very heavy sea, and that he bhaA to consent to the l release of the lrisonr, and tlh serving lot of tobacco out of fear for the t afety of the ship and the lives of Ill on board. S Carrilan, thI c:hief mats, gave evidence t in corroboration of the above statements. bs (;leorge Coward, the surgeon of the ship, and 'lIhomnas Breeze,, one of the emigrants 0 gave evi,,dnce also in corroboration. S 'IThe case was here mljourned till the next lay. to give the prisoners an opplortunity a of calling witlnt-ses as they had relmquostedl. On T''hursday (yesterd:ay) the case was re s imed. John Augus, witness for the prisoners d twis swornl a 1 tdleeosel : I ;:mi sel:uuan on

bo:trd the! Generall lliew tt. :,;veal ,l,' tiots were V itl to tilts witness by the l ris-, olltnr lIBarrow\ ; thle to which we\'''re' to the riieet that. witness s:alw the c-aptain onil the occasion in q ticson, hohl the pr"i. oonce with one h:nl by the breast, :uel with the other strike him oil the si1t of the hoad. I wett i theOnl. :tand the oeold ste'wCatl lae otUt land took ho1bt1] ofe tihe l'isutner T]Il'urow ib the a' hd. The hletit .wtain seplarattetl priý,ner antd the captain. I did not S?te prjeo ' i ,lthidntutg .thi lthis while; ]e was only str'U?lin"g to get MIwny. Prist.-er when free nam., trtwa:rd 4a)0l went into the fthrcaistleh. I .lt1 onl Ono blort struck :tats the prisoner's nset bleeding. 'Th.'e prisoners were committed to take theoir trial at the next General Sessilons to be held at Portland on the 27th of this mouth for it levolt on board ship.

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