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Adver; isements A Casterton aace Meeting. 1857. .07 STEWARDs. '1 George Carmichaoel, Esq. an William Rob rison, Esq. De Edmund Kirby, Esq. Adam BeveriCdge, Esq. W. 8. ,\yman, Esq. FIRST DAY. WEDNESDAY, I ITII FEBRUARty; ST. LEGER. • 1Of - soes. with a sweeps'akes of - sove. added, for all three year old colts and filies, one mile and a half, one event. a Weights 8I st. O1 lbs, CASTERTON TOWN PLATE. Of .- svso. Three miles; one event, , s Entrance. - - - Weights - 3 year olds .. 8 st. di 4 do ... 9 st. f 5. do .. 9 st. 12Ilbs. ' 6 and aged .. IOst. 5 lbs. in PUBLICANS PURSE. at Of - sova. for all horses and mlres, Two fo 1 miles; heats; Town Plate We.ghts; Entrance £ HACK RACE.. si rOf - sons. for all untrained horses, the ao 7 property of subscribers of not less thlan f A £2 2s. to the Race Fund. Post entry,. C one mile, heats. Entrance :c-- I SECOND DAY,. a TURlDa,. 12Ta FP.E?BUAnRY. C 55 NAIDEN PLATE. I Of-- sovs. with a sweepstakes of £--- 8 - added for all horses and mares that have S never won £25 of public money. Oe ie mile and a half; one event. Weights,-- 3 year olds 8 at, 4 do 8 at. 10 lbs - g i do 9gat. 61bs 6 and aged 10 st 2 lbe LADIES PURSE. al Of - sons, with a sweepstakes of £1 ad. ut ded, Two miles and a half,one event. a- Gentlemen riders. Welter weights.. CONSOLATION STAKES. t, Of- soves. with a sweepstakes of - savs 0 added for all horses beaten during the ' ve meeting, one mile and a half, one event, I Town Plate Weights. S FORCED HANDICAP. Of-- sovs. each, with - sovs. added, of for all winners, hacks excepted, to be handicapped by the stewards or whom they may appoi:lt, loser. gadmitted on application, but to pay half forfeit should they not start. Two miles ; one - event. . RULEs AND REGULATIONS. be No person will be allowed to enter a a9 horse, unless a subscriber of three guineas to the Race fund, except for the Hack Stakes for which two guineas will qualify. SEntrance to tike place to day butwcen of the horn of 4 and 7 on the eveaing of Tuesday 10th February, at the Glenclg cy iun,. Casterton. 'The entries must be sealed and) addressed to the stewards, and ics must contain tile age, iamu and pedigree (as far as known) of the horse, the sub of ebription for the stakes, and the colors of the rider. No private matches to be run without tan the sanction of the steowards, and in ai such nmatches tenl shillings for each horse of to be paid to the fund. No rider allowed to start except in the ug colre entered. Hiorses to carry 3 lbs extra. tic In the event of no competition for a race, half the amount of sth stakes only fir can be claimed. 'The decision of the Stewards to be final in all cases. STheIl horses to be started each day at 12 nd o'clock. GEORGE GEORGE CHAFFEY. of Secretary. mre tr IMMIGItANT SitIP "' Us EIAL HEWITT." his it ItI inspcctin of thir ship being conclusid, l the insnigrants arse .r open ibr liring at Iis the Depot from 10 A.Ml. to i o'clsck P'..., ldaily. No iers:n will be asiuzittcd iUto the single fs sates' depot without is ticket of sduussisus, whicch Incan e obtained ait thisii ottlis during the usuali otlie hours. i J. BIILAIR, AssstaInt Ihmirssid ion Agesct. Ilnmingratiotn Othie, Is Portlhnd, 13th October, t 5A.

" For want of thielv eare, I lr~kos lh'ne doi. of unedic"hhl wonioL." ?Ilt. LT. 1. iTI'l's \"Vgetbh, lills.-Thse; I hPills cure ]ilious Complaints Pliins in the II.ad D)isease of the Sto:n- LJ"'wness of Spirits ach and ,1twcls Nerv? o .,fectins Sick Ileldache Spa-m Scurvy 'alpittions , (iravel Dyspepsia Costivenfess lcrri.,hness Ileartbrn II' t??l's on e acee Iflatulence Skin erupti,; " Giddiness; l.ieo. These celoebrated Pills have ntsudnel for th proprietor, in this and the adjacent cloniec, a world-wide fhme, for their kn own pr perlios in! curing the above syiptenns an1 diseases. -'Thou sands have boeen ctred who were :sullfering frs years with a foul tonsle, dis grecable taste in the-mouth in the morling, los of appetitl2. l:n gotur alul fuliness after eat.ing, or in other word, fron indigestion and liver compli:nts. These pills have now been inlvertise?d for four ysnrs in these colonies, and though thousan, of boxes have been sold, yet there never has been a single complaint made a ainstt them, ao'? as a proof of their inune:n.e sale, Dr. Smith lha h'ld repeatedly to warn the public against spurious and fraudu'ent imitators. Persons of an intemperate habit will fiad great relief from these pills. As a female pill they stand unrivalled. Prepared only in boxes at 2s. Gll., ss. and 10a by Dr. Louis L. znmith, surgeon, L.S.A., and Member of the Medical Blard of Victoria, 197, Great Bourke street east, Melbourne " To be obtained from all resp et ible chemists, and storekeepers throughout the colonies. Agency for Portland, Plortland Guardit?i Book Depot.

V "?:.' R. IMMIORATION RI,'MITTANCES. . OTICE TO THE PUIILIC.-? ersons wish Sing to bring their relatives and friends from the United Kingdom to Victoria, can se cure passages for them in vessels chartered by Her Majesty' Government on the following con ditions : 1. The persons to be brought into the Colony must be in good health, free from all bodily or mentl defects ; of good moral character, sober, industrious, and in the habit of working for wages at the occupation specified in the application forms. Childrcu under the ag. of liftecn years must be accomllpanied by so o me copetent person who will take charge of themr during the Voyage. 2 The names ?ges, relationship, narried or single state, occupation and address of the per sons for whom passages are requested, must be furnished by the applicant according to the ac companying formn: Address at Christian - full length Nameo Whether oni the Place and - Married 2 Trade or Town and Surname , sr ° or Street ;;here at fl Single. v Calling, living in the length. Uiited King mdom. 1 -' The applicant will then be informed of the amount tobe paid to secure the passages, and upon payment of this sum he will receive n certificate which he will forward to his friends • by post. 4. The amount tobe paid will depend on the number of the persons to bhe introduced, their age, sex, occupation and other circumstances It will generally be within the following limits: Mlale--under 1 year.... £1 to £2 1 and under 12 .. 3 to 4 12 and under 30 .. 4 to 0 30 and under 40 .. 6 to 8 40 and under 50 .. 8 to 12 60 and upwards ... 12 to 18 Female--under 1 year .. £1 to £2 1 and under 12 .. 2 to 3 12 and under 30 .. 2 to 3 30 and under 40 .. 3 to 4 40 and under 60 .. 1 to 6 60 and'uipwards.... 10 to 18 SShould the persons sent for be unwilling or unable to emigrate, the amount deposited towards their passages will be repaid to the applicant in this colony oin the reesipt of the usual voucher to that effect from: the Comlnis r ioners. But should any falso statements le imadle isa to the age, occupation, character, or coandi tions of the persons to be brought to thte colony passages will not be granted, and the tmoney I deposited for that purpose will be liable to for feitsure. 6. Application forms and every infr:niation will bhe iven, and deposits received at ithe sntu dermentiouned places. 'Melbourne, by the Immigration Agent. L Geelong, Portland, Port Fairy, Warrnnm.t bi ,ol, and Port lbcrt, by the Assistant Immigration A gents, e Castlemaine, Sandhurst, lBallarat, Avoca, and Sleechworth by the Sub-'lTreasurers. SiAnd at other places by personsto be specially Sappointed for that purpose, 7. Persons residing at n distance frtom the above places can obtain application-fIrmis at a the nearest post office, autlon sending them ladul'. tilled up and signed to the I inigrai'io .Agent it Melbourne willreceive itmtediate infria ttione the amuntutrequired can be sent to the ln:ai Sgration Agent in Mvlb urne by chelquee,:" oroler oiln a bank or mcrcantile house, or by bantk-iinctc 2 sit a registered letter. Upon receipt of the re-I nmitttance, the usual certilica.e ifr tlhe pa?1ss:i2e to frilends will be forwaaded to the dlepositr, ail: he will transmit itby post to their a;tress ill the Uniited Kingdom. ELECTOAIt.L DIST'RICT1 OF 1)UN.ISi ..I As IF'OLLEi TT I IF]tREll V qeo notice thfat it the Eletlion held by me ofn the 1011/h octler,, insttiint, the slheI of hala was ia ficrtor of (:harles .James iriffith, Es9y., n ior, her,, /her I drclared the I:lc Ltion had c lhln. Al poll hbaring been dcmanded, I an noa/wedl that the polling wdold ta:e place on the 21st October, instant, at the twlo ftilo wini I!i c 1 , 1namely it lie Court Hlouse, North lHmlit,;n, and 11'. ('Chl iy's Inn, i'aster t/a 'olling to conuncice at o'clock, a.m., and close t1 ii l4p.ii.ic ii l. urthr lgird noiL'e that I .tare eaioint,'d l 5 'h! /ltd ird, I's'.., .11.D. to at as 1 ,ct ,ly eltni in./ t(iir f r tlo ('e 'ster ton l)istrilt. I. Girn tunr ii, l hatnd t liamilfto th is 1lth day/ October, 1856. GEO. FliiiHEc.IIRe, 16e~c ?.ing Ql];'e,'.

'Ii! '3 l'P . :. {F tAN(b" CI') \'1il '1 : II ,ii c i f in' (;",'' n l i' i:ttta hit: · r ·t{ o 1 .'v i ' , 'I' tol lii tor firom" nIc'. "1 th nllCite d iintcrir, ns )ou lr Sc'i f o lie e i ti: optis it tel l'ati'ct l ltilcoi Vcl n ri in tlio mit--Tc pra-nd cot c itlS ot" insiatthin, pl'a;t' ic in-I:ri''- ilt the e rds ý . C( l' I NI I'ti Ch "fill LOK l'.N'i; l'"1 Dct~c~i!til'utta t tutucl I'iive rittLict.l~ ItICCIC; V TISISTI}.(t!IAL, 1C A`Rr NATIVE a ;t' Is, n-vz'Iiti titli' lIt r Sit,- u ii nt'i fpenit Pn t im e ita iofo, tiiiiit hcOl Mai liu tt piit Iunrt j''r 'I S CitJI IiiS Otict0ih o1"Iit-ol:o e ich D ccxviii h g e w hith t~ae li gietlt ,iCo KECFNV TKSPIJ INtl I'IO K ' I-I A N, AT T hCai~t,,IA,\!Ni 7\f. i rc,; ',h r 2 . td, 155'1,~lrlll~ Dear S citit, hav r, f-a . Stliciu. Jicin -or 'ef S(IttItto, \tc, C ititi) , Clton cnh i ?ifcrv ltti ttt Vt' jt n it trig, Cio i ".,! -nctlincr in o. tc h , n -it ati'sfd t vit' ,lin~ oil, Vi u ""ins. adwo l f hI'OUND ED ~ Purt-lanld, 21st Scptcmbtr, 1856, by IJV.LCC M~r Yilooc- I blac~~k lturna goat Lh bldbk male g fwtt If not clreimod, and ixpncnr patti. to ho tolt on 8thl Nosnabor 1880 SAMlUEJ L HIAZELDINM, 1'on(dk.cpcr

AT THE T GUARDIAN BOOK DEPOT, Gr Helen ChartUris. r Harold Hall Hours with the Best Authors oil Vol. I. ... ... Vol. 2. be V.. l... .3. t Vol. 4. House of the Seven Gables Home Circle Vol, 1. ... Vol. 2. .... Vol, 3, Vol. 4. ..... Vol. 5. ... .., Vol, G. . Vol. 7. Vol. 8. of Vol. 9. I've been ''Thinkilng Fo Italian Sketch Book in Im portances of Literature to Men of Business Industry of the United States Irish Touist John Doe Jew of Denmark Junius' Letters Juvenile Keepsake Jarbof honey, from Mount Sybla Jasper Lyle at Jem Bunt Path of Peace Poets of Eugland and America iPebbles from the Sea Shore perils and adventures of the Deep proverbs for the People parables of Krummachsr Pathways and Abiding Places of, Lord Pleasures of Imagination Praise and Principle r Panorama of St. I'ctersburgh Paul Clifford Preacher ani the King Prevention better than Cure Polar Seas and Regions c Past and Present S Paul and Virginia g Passion and Principle Pride and Prejudice Paxton'sIllustrations Vol 1. Vol 2. Pilgrim Fath.'rs Priest and the IHuguenot Pilot, The Pursuit of Knodledge under Dillicul ties Ovid, literally Translated Voli 1. Vol, 2. Old and New Roads ,d Oliver Cromwell a Orr's Circle of the Sciences e Our Village, by Miss Mitf.rd Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Odericus Vitalis' History of England y and Normauby Y Leila Lucretia in Last of the Barons 1 Lectures to Young Men Loves of Manasseh and Nicazo ,Leisure Hours for 1852 lit Little Philosopher, The Lectures on Painting it Life ol Caxton Lewes's History of Philosophy Vol I. T Vol 2. ,he Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare ti Lontion as it is To-Day ,. Lawyer's Story, The Louis 27, and the Captivity of the i Royal I'amily, e- .. ... vo. I. tC ... Vol 2. I Lives of British Admi:als .Life of IlHenry 8S e Louis e de la Valliere Lives of Illustious Men ItLamp to the Path Liie of hlr.. HIoflald S Lilias l)avctant Loutgherd, or The Revolt of the ILife ill Mexico t Last D),.ys of Pompeii Lionel illtcohl l.illy l)ui sont Lanc. shire Witcheis lose Millto's Poetical Works h Martin Beck Mlina, a Tale of the Days of Nero Mllchanism of the hIctiavns .day 1 litforu'b Literary Life Vol. 1. Vol. 2, .. Vol. 3.

tir " Lthat their 'Tirainig Jr·u:tblishn:nr w Ci b ': opel;r:I an the 3rd iNotllber nes:. he fdllowlsn clae.. ?: persons are cligibie ,or training : :Ta-c'htrs. actually m tlh-ar;e et Natioual Schools?. Teachers aetually in charge of Denominaticna Schools. Applicants desiro::s of becoming t(elherb not included in either of the a o'!' h,.,:,ls. Approvcd appil, antr will be boarded and ].?dged . durinm the terrm of tU-aning, which will t-xcnd over fivt" months. A fte., of .£10 will ic rc:;uir( d of each candidate Applications, which nast bLe mn de on forms to Ie 1o taintd at this ollic, are to be sent in nlot later than the 24th instant. 1:l' alupli('ants wvil he ecquired to attend t. rclii,:'y cail:.v xmintttiot on Stulrdtlay, thle 25th in~:Iat ; uand females on Mll:ay, the 27th in stant, to crd:n'nLe eacJ h day at ten o'clock. A?i" fa thIr" inl,:mnation may be obtained at t*cAý; hatticn 1tllic titi. Ih it .IJAM i l IN . KANE .,tinal E-:ucati.on Olk., ,Melbourne, 9th October, ?t:-J0. CHURCH OF SCOTLAND,           Portland. A meeting of subiscribers towards the erection of the above Church will be held at the School   House, in Percy street, on Monday, the 20th October instant, at 7 o'clock in the evening, for the purpose of electing Trustees, and for other   busiiness in connection with the said Church. October 13, 1856. JOHN PEARSON, Chairman. Tenders POROTLAND DISTRICT ROAD BOARD. TENDERS are required for Clearing the sur S veved Iload, one chain wide, between the Green lills and Branxholme. Also, for Clear ing the Forest, one chain wide, between Sunday Creek and Green HIills. Plans and specifications may be seen at the s Office of the Engineer. Sureties names to accompany tenders, which are to be sent to the Secretary s Office, on or before two o'clock on Thursday, the 23rd in-. stant. C. A. DODD, Secretary. Portland, October 10th,1856:

PORTLAND DISTRICT ROAD BOARD. f'RESII Tenderc are required for erecting a SBridge over the Wannuon at Tahara. Plans and specifications may be seen at the office of the Engineer. Sureties names to accompany Tenders, which are to be sent to the Secretary's office on or be fore two o'clock on Thursday, 23rd October, instaut. C. A. DODD, SSecretary. Portland, October 10th, 1830. TENDERS FOIR IRON WORK. rjTENDERS %will be received until Wednesday, 15th., for part of the Iron Work required In the construction of the new-Jetty. Particulars at thc'Tasmanian: Inn. C. & D. TAILLIE. FLOUR. 1IFTY TONS best brands Adelaide and Colonial on sale by : 'TrlHOMAS MUST. October 17, 1856 CAUTION rIIE public are hereby cautioned against the illicit use of Tubao.o, "adnitted duty free, for the purpose of sheep wasldng, as it in every instance undergoes the process of being unfit for human consua;ptioo, by the adimixture of dele terious ingredients R iI AND RE VS, Collector of Customs Cuatom lIouse Portland, October 11, 1856 NOTICE I HEREIBYinform Storekeepers and the public that I will not be respon..ible for any debts contracted by mmywife, Mrs Gane, after this date, she being drunken and disorderly GEOURGE CANE Portland, October I(th, 1856 3aleC by duct oa. MOUNT CLAY STATION. fR. G. G. CROUCII has received in I strlctions to oilfer fo sale by auction, at 2 an ear y period. d TIIE MOUNT CLAY STATION, withl640 acres of purchased Land.' situ ated within 1( miles of Portland, and 20 miles of lieliact. Particulars in futitre tl avertisement. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25. r. I. CLARKE will sell by auction, at ]hmunilton, on Saturday, October 25th. A large qrluantity of - 2' Ilorses and cattle Dog cart nd spring carts Also, Allotments 2, J;, 4, Sec. C., containing' t ? 15 acres of rich Ground, nuder crop, withstrong weather-board Cottage having a frontage to two public road, leadling into the town, and w ell-watered. - Ao, Allotment 14, Sec. -, South Hamilton, containing 24 acres, of rich Pasturnt Land, Terms mud particulars at sale. SATURDAY, OC1 t)E , ISd. blei AMES FET'IEI will sell by auc tion, on the above date, at thli Auc tion Room, ]3entinck Street, at noon, - 10 Cases pickles 5 Do. jaums - 5 Do. tltthl I fruits 2 Do. sordlinte 5 Boxes Muscatell raisins S 5; Do. I'leone ligf 10 Do. licinont ,perml candles. - 0 2.Tiius French pluilts 15' Tons Warrlnatubool potatoes Sundries '.'irms--Cash,