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DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. IMMIGANTS by THE GENERAL HEWITT. -The single females from this vessel were landed last Saturday. They are spoken of as a suitable class of immigrants; and much praise is given to the Surgeon Super-   intendant for the creditable manner in which       he has brought them out. They have been     open to hire at the Depot since Saturday   last. The average scale of wages is   quoted at from £30 to £35 for single men; £40 to £45 for married couples, and £16   to £25 for female domestic servants.       MUTINY ON THE HIGH SEAS - Two of the seamen belonging to the "General   Hewitt, '' immigrant ship", were brought up     at the Police Office on Saturday last, on a   charge of mutiny on the high seas, and assaulting the captain. 'The case was re- manded to Tuesday next.  

REFUSING DUTY.-.Ten 0f the seamen of the immigrant ship, ' General Hewitt," were charged at the Police Office last Saturday with refusing to perform duty on   board. These were Francis Williams, James Goolridge, Samuel Brown, Daniel   Miller, William Harvey, George Phillips, Antony Gasper, John Parry, Frederic Howson, August Pergand. This case was remanded to Tuesday next. NEW P'ULICATION.- We have received   a copy of a pamphlet entitled The settle- ment of John Batman in Port Phillip" published by George Slater', Bourke-street, Melbourne. 'This pamphlet should be in the lands of every one desirous of an a;clqtlintitiuce with tilhe early settlement of P'mrt Phillip. Copies may be had at the Guardian Offce. Tris JOVILAL OF A?uSTnIALASIA.-WVe have to acknowledge receipt of the Sep tember and October numbers of this very pronising periodical. IlThese two nmtlb(r5 fully sustain the chlarl:lcter of plenl.-iig variety nil general interest andil inforlll tion, enrtd iby tlheir pievdecessors. Copies i imv be hlil at the G(,'uian Oflie. S'IiE i INEWS LETTvIt oF AusirA.1LxiA. -This sheet well car: lies outl a geoodl idea. I In the Inlulllers of Selptember :lll Otctobler' we observe incesl'-ed texeell.nce. The spirited publishers of this and thie Journal ofAustralisia is George Shlter, , o94, 0rkeo street, 3helboune. Copies may lie had at the Guardiani Odice. INSOLy3,NCY CtiCULAu.--\ VO have to icknowledge receipt of the October sheet of the Insolvency Circulu', pjublishled by Messrs. Gruidy and Cooke. It fi'rnishies a great deal of uiseful, statistical, iand per sonal information in the Insolvency line. DUN.A. AoND FoL.trTT.- iNTsTEDHt LPC'IrtoN.-- Iw t a elerrily unhrrstoiodl ii towt ih at lMr. Ebstea wis to coiie-t the E ection wtlh i lr G illith, it a0arLsr5, ll,.' ever, as still b e seen Ifriln our report else uluce,r i tht Mr. J. W ilsii. ,l Ti, nm.% WValsou, said Co., IIia b 'cit buotl. h' (li vviud or Dnu~las and Feliet, ia opposititot t .lr. ( ri lff h ,. - DECBAEi.-'le have tine mtlanitcluly dots at u slllllmlcilii thie mtceatse ot s1lr. I.endiii ller or the BDik of Austral:sia in tlis toiwn. lPhedecea.ed was up the conatllrJ Oln lease bi abarmn e tar hi- hIatlh; t,,ik coul ei, I[llisdiy last. aned ded al a i tIIr, ay Mr. I endaelttr walis nmlclh estemlned it ,1 ils tiwll. JmUHNATIIAW( \VILD-A asprtlilt )ioltti at MaittlamS, t Iho W.tears thls OalilitIi' an . 1,lirallOin hmIk it imto Iris head ml ,o ti l ,,k lhouoini. the other eveanin. At Ihe fist, shin tWan crlllt- dio?n,. tO a'lt, Jio. thu alii atd lime gun, mlmd the du ks were consutl erally ashi nled. lbParalus.--' You re a creatshe-p " said Klig 3ut.gty lto the holy s. tt:r iSlho bu at his tui.tu at Koroit " I.amtI not a sheep I I'm a rai " !. ' 'rhen yo shelou d get your norlls pared "' ! said tlie King. I vYe no huorns I agIm of.the hite laced oteed" " but ifyoui hi'd a flialur rouullI ,our neck ssidd Kig Bungary" your would be whiter still." CAN'ISa SAoACITY.-? A shepherd at lMuthaam offTering a dog toi gale vouchles; thaut 'hem lica'o .anyt ,img b .t tat up slurd'es.'l,' Na,i~'yg :y ondri i. he- collit aee alor hlrnlipe ott Ihe hoitn of a c',ppmer a Jew Co~,Ka D- ,e, (IMunt' mn c'rres poilnldetd) had a visit fronl a real " Ebrew jew " tlI a lot af lewelry the other day wham d sp,~sed of h a triuklet, by ratlhl him self In eveiy case teinig one of Iio imiciun. boere. A set of dice well balanced Witil led wls priodneed. and the Iserael toe losit every throw. As lIe u:eparted .he exclaimed " t think therme be plenty shews ioni the \Vannon., I TUE OutNlrotTNcus--We lihave see the Ilatopulis er water mlitile, att lllllth.llit ll-ep wash frequently Ithib seaon, ''LIs r nlllul seells to hlave Calle illtC exist, nee hlient the emint msl nint-r.' were II tollm fusion, or ntir suafficiettly iaturrd to aiiapt ihe creative iluSences to a di fi Ate oigtn izatiioni. It is tinot well alapiled to anu .phere. and hai viriouls suler?dlities ii its Cnillltrtucti It -for jin.aiace-besi es itsi Oain •lmims, ihicih rumy be usucil, it Ihas talomu Fwhich Tare cIabroii us, eil Its hirdil b'i i, ill every ImIaitiUt er il Il rll'llllbIaI Ct . It ap Pear to i,. to have bea itiell ver) lir.t Itl. habitant of the ean lboineclient to theI liZard lamily and its aitiiint ii had bt'eu long bilore thr flhIil perio, ol g* IgIy Iuad culise linlo iXlt ellCre. It I" ducrs e.;g.s wisth ero t copllol oia i, IJ;'cli. S lIthimai. ailh theu sucklvs Ihe voun : - Contattltt lictte?;d. 1INiSAN rDvE KI'I v.iti±T, - " \\niitedt iby a settler in t:.r W, i. i I, nt hldh' o I .?liiglei. Apply to D ,y 13tter.'" \W hI.e lust re f astlch it a.tVeitISemuitti, ilal hitk that tie advrer er eeds ii slice. ii, bIb ,k- Conituniicatcd. 'lItH l lII T' Y '-'lTt'he Ijimiie tira, i is the most dipie.abie ol ash tvr.aut., id .a .Ihow !i eligioit mt-ikes hiti ignie aboutttil-i. .li1l. I,,, ihis a Crlb ce hifs ILcd.? I md dlm - meal ies e lml I s il rleieedl l; ,tUn a cld - njoy thltaielv -s, auiT couimI . iile hli r. it.l ins hlutii iiL..,**t"i.'"alhi Tiihle-¢ ,'e toil IrnaaIi prmfereid ki. ; aud ibe wi,. I ' i?s un b'.n wIsl, es hIum llh l. thlod| |puma dise. ll e Ivri.y lt ve )Ily b rg:nl. i? i - kes, ci) e pi)' t)t, ui t i. r'a lt fir ever atsvaituge; .i that II vry aihtire-cne is it li. utirce to me, laoni . He c - ll, iei ll.te t it clhreytaisma tutuh ia COW itttnl a lIutup ea itie-r, who ait I 1.1i1irit p (}o..-, jal u cAbrdl s ni's I ?aor. d te o,lt ie.r i hl t hi eo In 'al. nOt seili t1it, thlit mr.- C'Oeunnicltejcl. NItut. :oei.--T'-e N a ,O, u ,sts sc'nit to be etma c d to r: it It gui , and hlit the eirmtyt r 1 th el .ei i,, t-i dcti, t, tPe hintidship it the o )Oiih h:ia .chievu-d | lo.w dwivrtinit4 t *u.t b. t, Fr it tch to heI r at f ie :eae. 1.:d prjsinis giv n Iuy I'ithh g rls I" uhe u .uos ouf th C tiiet,'" t Ity nave i -t 0 i.posid upn t hit-l, ivc.u, trni thu iiuoe ti y to ittiOp . uip,,t ihe It or hetou.s i 3 " Sukiung ui.ttn re Ily bef. t?v that t|te3 sac ti aifleed the b italt i:,n ii it eehat. h :\ ls:Ar.- rie o hinr HtI J ,,.A ? (jt a i Mr. Ilcuty's itu char at tinutahnm skltituced ii three alaep at the ,heep wash an three i

1!l,;:of llut' t i 's. ';ce t L' · r" ii' :` :11 li'h . lii ":it esAilV and i nl l t t n4.l0ler. iD.,rr-f'-Prt l.hiliip 1a- , ,t 'l .he i is ( i ( l,"g , at ls ~t thi lus' pt 1, , ti,,t f tlm in tln d i ca h It-an k c, tW , il;th:i. d .gs. felse . n1ot , se en? i ' Siheiir nins:ers by nishllt nll i tilhe, CoIlnIlt Sfan. pa.s oceis otnally, it of coursa g-oes . . tie c cd.t of their wilder breihrcn in ih bush. Viiaive.-Hoivever " flash " it may "ie ti ipt, ealr to deSllise virtle, it is is in acret I ontittti d hby tll. \\e have: asa.ciated with .celrs (oiu the 'Iiithan's and hliis on tt:' t 1" 1 i, t, e Ill trene p tillt, of it :u an1 i - iity, aid IIIa)ys f' n tha?t ta I n o ( at - .-'s'Iii1lng virtu tous conduct co TIuu +Lde2 l CtI ul liv Ilte respect of bthi,. S11 11 POLI CE.--lthe iris," p1retil ied 1 its eta',ing thit 'he Auatraliain Police would ul tnatcly degenerate inti an est b lislflltent of prociis servers, anl thait wio i it cal ct ini be a ? Ililitaiy carica ure it tild l t ec,,,e a n,,:i ttty an I tht 1 predi - .to.l has be-.n verified. 311NinAM--?litlttrn is a tidy I il',. .l , t ile rler i \Viinno1 l ltlr V i tlnt oll. l ,Ibh ut Ihe siz' od an ' u-liish c im lt1y. ii, oilk u I r r t. woutld i u'll isil i three r ti' n,11.m, if caral rYIh'!' llll l it lls Bo hed il + lwere, e iide v ii li e, . Ill wW nlhl ci c : froll) Li , ll l 1. t Y ik. I Ii, s.hlre,, ... Jep lveytj tufih it 4 01-, sa il I eh , cl, i i thonmg-, nud united, they ana?d cell sulii " ,llint i. enl ; r , t rile ; h, ; It we Cul lpe that etch frrni.h Is i e piii of ie ,l, they wioulhi satotI ll ait I11iJ it..i sulli ,. io t to rtl h the ni unO . i t o Ih iite hilal, farm a e? ' ,, t sii,3 Ill it. lIlye -e*u a fresh ; I , It|I l , ,? l ill . l: ,m , hl e i , i ita ilin i tipt. and i t so lih.i I,l Shouwin his hell how toi work, aatnsi,,i n ilas e xtt* ir diniii ted il ii, h h ' i t - iii r let y i idiiiritii h i voll?n'r , a 111-r ! , its I Ilth aidly slpet a t lira.ilt e. TI' it, u1 .i uits M.1 t Ill ie ftaiil f trlilo tu he Iir "11 "L ihare lust III (I n lng n. o il he e . r l1a. ,1 " thin iws thie way lie th' mi-C-ni rn On ficated. t ilt Ct aio K IN IO te' --1 was iice Iol I,v saiJys tile I olk .nd it tIurn d liy. e'i ian coli hof 'se iitry itirvy. I i.t , i ; the overt for my b.iik bought a bird 'a,,,, ti hold nee l e ii, ini dltesa cu about c ah aipp Ic fi y l-it I r sh °allt A V TitiAN- J hit to, t woo' -t i - keelt r ait .1unttlltitll -erved eargy ,,il col illy in the ~. ish al y 11 ti w I I . r t iieal ttf 'le i s: lwar. uas .rese it nl -?el Yi enl?uL?g liL s aillJ hadl hits LIw less ot troyled iiy a chain 'hoit. His .gIvern it.' i. served hlii 11is it till v l anly oither It tr liped tiup his altn hit lf ht le anl d s a him adrift in h.s old age tio sink or ntl:u ti it an il hit. it a Ie w'l I . ?l A Vuicia 1'ust NAiuite. - et'till .'l theA uslrlriiai ' fi c i ir w s l i ili Ito ,iv respel ts to I i.i. hetI A t.i ri itn I . I Ills was curiout s id,.;,, hOr it : tIe w:sduiml of i, s vage+, :11: Inlliy a ti le i,, poutl., 'lilth l:ore tl rice illli t Iu in the woods tof ,lun tb .u. the h t men are t il " i, us?ed to 1ty Iih y ya . ber lbnot a great liasitr ,hllo ii . f+ Il te clouIls, a d c .lfs for ihlgs i t ... ool, uud ihey , olle. Ie 1de etas .. I t s and those tl,,tt steal: nill I v t idev norve s io le :; o u r c oti n try au d, till "a i+ s . I i t-i itilibtr. fhity ty that fi s I it . fi,,fi an I calniot to ,k uiiolu evil: .,!t Il 1, tow lives re unclcittai theiir I lnlul s It 1r- k ed iitId li thy, ani lili th '.1t, irl.c fit of vice ; but they ntis mlii th i t; all i t will t,k- k ti rhe "f l,,, t, ct" a , them o the i tory etw." M UNrTit.tit - I he ,he p on tlh? rollt Ia" now perei, tly ci an d it is ikel. lie proll pr'etlr wil i Vw ir. id i l t o so . to til' iil ullll tlvllt i -,.'ar t Jd. IiNi ULa it ?tEPtt-ii -C'"'ril1il Cpirotf is oftein loouk J p l ill it e ,n.t-i lar a ba-h tits an ul0 :l. at}l i r w:li ¢, 1i I:, eqitl ily poitto to t1 I tn to ai I .1 i I tr o thtt ill as fit ias rasl 'ill Cit , "r * . ithi r ever.,n J enil l I1Il , u I I. .. . ba'iity lie s uia u l y ,y .1 .. . . I:gs t1, a In i. Ito . l'at rvti ii auvi.c piay uokl.!, it lte . iwV l IlIK,, a,+U L" , " a 1 i le ,".2 ,'y ." gmltle Ieire I till o )ut ?r ', it i ! t', It fin , dr w pt ue iii.i L. r, "'1 I ,a ,a wlillltperino vows u r,-f?r o i it foig Itell ?tilt .i p ,alile 4 . d i. i V . then wil, )oilt , It of L e . o u sure .. , v' rt.tlI,?i v y u t 51 ! . .i1h so h (u,1 is li I;et ,, d , . , I Jcel to h s ait r ,s tl, I ii I I. , t w ,,, II ) i'ran l ,.r .llll. . It i ,, t o i ,.liltdl l , h1. d .jun ai s h, YiI trý, i . , - " .. " i ui t.1," Ily hl il tI. 1 i I it ll vely rellious I? t ir u0 "i e i' ai ,hKts i " 1lilil i il "i V ' t' .i , , . . i Oh tile t i ,110 1 " " + t) -u i lot g." i .[ lik 1g , ail ,lag ,, '. , gillonif the ile,,:Ztd l il. of he ?t , O" nly iluty talillig weil .ou. t i'l fI k . , h buill o 0 r I t t" i rll I iletoilii.:y fil.t r ' l l 0. i c , ,,ys lly ii . y '. i " i l.Viigo t1ed4 wll.t is I , 1 O11.