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A W iESTATES CO.LTD. (Incorporated In England.) S' Incorporating JOHN FENTON & CO. AUCTIONEERS, STOCK & STA TION AGENTS & VALUERS. Stock & Share Brokers. AGENTS FOR: The Commercial Union Fire Ansur ance Company Ltd. The Ballarat Trustees Executors & Agency Company Ltd. The Australian Mutual- Provident Society. HAROLD R. HEDDITCH, SWORN VALUER. : UBranches and Representatives at- Casterton : F. Whitlock. Coleraine : W. D. McKebery. Edenhope : R. R. McGregor. Portland and Heywood i H. R. liedditch. Condah : Frank Baker. Balmoral : R. Ii. Appletoni. B. W. CAMPBELL, Manager, Hamilton. CANCELLATION NOTICE. S HEYWOOD SPECIAL SHEEP SALE fIHE AUSTRALIAN ESTATES CO. I '1"I). (Inc in t:ngla.,.I. Ilncurl'iii'al - tine JOHN FENTON & CO., advise that they have cancelled the Special i Sale '-f Sheep at Heywood on NON- t DAY, 3rd MAY, 1948. ALTERATION NOTICE HEYWOOD SPECIAL CATTLE SALIE i AUSTRALIAN ESTATES CO. LTD. (Inc. in England), incorporating i .JOHIN FENTON & CO., lHeywood. llantilton and Branches, advise that their Special AUTUMN 'CATTLE Sale advertised for Wednes day, 28th April, will NOW BE HELD , on MONDAY, 3rd MAY, 19.18. T. I. LAIDLAW & CO. PTY. LTD. AUCOTONEEnS, STOCK, STATION I AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS, VALUERS HAMILTON. Branches:-Casterton, Coleraine, Ararat, Willnura, MI?rarthur, Con dah, lHeywood, Merino. Portland. SALES of Fat nnd Store Sheep and Cattle conducted in the Corpor atlion Yards Hamilton, every Fri day. Condah. first Wednesday in each month. Merino. second Wed- I nesday each month. Heywood, I last Wednesday in each month. Fortnightly Sales held at Macarthur and Coleraine. Auction and Private Sales of Land anil Stock conducted in any i part of the State. Loans negoti ated. Stock and Share Brt kers. Special periodical Sales of Stock I held pt Hamilton, Ca stertn, Cole raitei, lleywood. Willaura, Tatyoun, Artirat, Merino, Conldah, Cape Bridgewater. Dartmoor, Balmoral, Kurolt, Iluwkcsadale, Yambuk, Bes dlebelle and Orford. Agents for IOA (the Insurance Oflice of Australia Ltd.). Fire, Acci dent, Live Stock, Coopers' Dip, The T. & C. Mutual Life Assurance So ciety Ltd., The Prepetual Trustees & Exors. Association of Australia. 1 HEYWOOD (SALE YARDS) MONDAY, 17th MAY, 1018, At 2 p.m. SPECIAL CATTLE SALE 375 375 INCLUDING 200 HEREFORD MIXED SEXED CALVES. T. II. LAIDLAW & CO. PTY. LTD. Will coltduct a Specill Cattle Sale In their.eioywood Yards and will of-. for attractive lines, including:- 200 Hereford Calves, mixed seaxes 00 Bullocks and Steers 610 Choppers tO0 Springing Cows aind Heifers Full Particulars Later. TYRENDARMI S FOR SALE BY TENDER S 293 ACRES 293 T. II. LAIDLAW & CO. PTY. LTD. llave receivet inttriuctlons to sell I)y ALL that piece of nlnld lbeing Allot. 158hA, llt) & 150)A in the Pairlish of IloteltLont, ctontiIninig 21)3 eres :l tood ailtdl 27 lie'rcheICS of The aotini agirt iv itstutld 1vlthhit W O n m i le " o f l 'T l ld r l l l In d C ( ) I I - (1t]1ntt gio? d ci-tth ad i l tei tc ' tiUtiry. 'T'ENDIRN eilS o.itw with T. II. L.AII) LAW & COY. PTY. LTVI., llIsnmiltoni, olln nlly Hlh, It :1 lighev t or hcoe'i t tet'i not ine littihtliti trtitttlhar.t r'l Ie still lilihld by tihe Ageonit.

DENNYS, LASCELLES LTD. ] AUCTIONEERS, STOCK, STATION & SHIPPING AGENTS. PERCY STREET, PORTLAND. SALES BY AUCTION of Sheep, Cattle, Furniture, Farm & Town Properties. PRIVATE SALES OF. STOCK and PROPERTY carefully conducted. Agents for Mitchell Machinery, Cyclone Fence & Gate Distributors, Commonwealth Fertilisers, North ern Assurance Co., Fire, Marine, Accident & Live Stock, Etc., United Stevedoring Company, Cooper's & Little's Sheep Dip, Ronaldson & Tippett. A. E. TAYLOR, Phone, 137, Branch Manager. CLEARING SALE PORTLAND THIIUlSDAY, APRIL- 22nd, 1948. T S At 2p.m. On the Property known as "Beulah," 1i Miles from Portland. DENNYS,ý LASCELLES LTD. Have received inistructions from MR. E. O. MIBUS to sell by auction the following STOCK & PLANT. As t Mr. Mibus' lease has expired, every thing is for genuine sale. 2 Springing Cows, due May, 1 Cow, in full profit 2 Heifer Calves 1 Good Draught Marc, guarinu teed staunch 2 Hereford Cross Heifers. 2 S.F. Ploughs, 2-Leaf Set Hliar rows, 1 Spring Tyne Cultivator, 1 Potato Scuffler, I Field Roller, I Sprins Cart, I Four-Wheeled Rubber Tyred Lorry, I Set Spring Curt Hiar ness, 2 Draught Collars, Ilaimes andl Winkers, I Tomato Duster, 1 Pack ing Bench, I Case-Making Bench, Gardening & Carpentering Tools,, , Seed Beans, a quantity of Wire Net ting, ia small quantity of Barbed and 'Plain Wire, a number of S.H. Bugs, t, 12 Seed Putato Racks, :I dozen New SApple Cases, 1 Battery Wireless Set, t I Double Burrell Breech-Loading G Gun, I Tarpaulin, I 75-gal. Crown Dahlia Separator. Also some Stock on ,account of Outside Vendors. DARTMIOOR MONTHLY MARKET EVERY FIRST TUESDAY. - DENNYS, LASCELLES LTD. SWill conduct MONTHLY SALES as above. E?ntries Invited.- Phone C D. IDALGjETY & COMPANY LTD. PORTLAND, STOCK, STATION, LAND, SHIPI' PING & COMMISSION AGENTS. Agricultural and Grazing Properties for Sale. All Classes of Fire and Accident Insurances Effected. It. O. ShIlTII, Sub-Branch Manager. EGAN, COOKE & CO. ESTATE & BUSINESS AGENTS. INSURANCE of Every Class 'Effeted. District lRepresentative for the BENDIGO BUILDING SOCIETY. Trust Monies to Lend. Approved Valuer (National Security.) PROPERTIES WANTED & FOR SALE. 49 PERCY, STREET. (Phone 191). FURNITURE SALE T'lIURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1.j8, At 1.30 p.m. c- ontents of - . "CLAREMONT' GUEST HOUSE JULIA STREET,. PORTLAND. , T. CAMPBELL, HAMILTON Under instructions from. MRS. T. KOSCII, will sell by public auction tllthd contelits of 'Claremont" Guest louse, Julia Street, Portland. Islllhh \Wlallut Table, luox Cocllc. Leath'r An',, 5 anne Arlnl Ll.'hilrI's. 2 U4lttecn, (,c. TInIIeC, 2 Trtplesury Arim Chaire, 1n1l 'ltable, J 1.7 .V IElectrIc Wirhless, inalo Ilmelerl, 2 "chlr TlabIle, Ltd,'1 and (lot'S t ietlhr A·tlllan Chlrle's. 10 |Itldium l n .1lnl Ih 10:ir1 h MInt. 2 l)lllln " l lsvitlS 2 "'II 1 '1a ll ' ,, lI I H, WIan1 o Il ul lhlll.. (I'h1, i . I(.'he1 t III' ) 1 rnI, )l l l ' 1.I 1l.1 11 r'di l I bl,, uhI. ,, I1I4 11l nd,4i r I 2llll12114 I . - I'h. 'I'II 1 MIt . K(i2 - l hen'l T.?blers III nII *1 I" tha n: "l'urktn r:(ilo'" I'r'1n11 ser/i1 (G reen l'l ll"l l11('l (:filIt ?1- \ 'In l ,ith II"it\ . " r ' I tiollllh ll fIll I IItl I I Il sll Illn . Illll h. II no n;.I' : hliol seall l l l I 1 s (ta'n 'tt (Ip Rl'll lo( p Intok?<: W\'.i . HI(IIuIIII 11 x lII). g. lily I 1 ,li r. lll,,\ 'n.11 1111111m,1.1111+1 *PI':Ie31," -- tAons AT nesII

NORMAN S. F. HEDDITCIH LAND, LIVE STOCK," REAL ESTATE & MACHINERY AGENTS. 85 PERCY ST., PORTLAND. Phone : 219. I REPRESENT: Golisbrough, Mort & Co. Ltd., Wool Brokers. II. V. MacKny-Massey HIarris Pty. Ltd., Farm Implements and Machinery. Permnewan Wright Ltd.. General Mecrchants. Noith British & Mercantile In surance Co. Ltd. Cresco Ltd. Fertilisers. Vacuum Oil Distributors for Port land,Shlro. TRUST MONIES TO LEND on Approved Security. PROI'ERTIES of nil descriptions FOR SALE & WANTED. PORTLAND THURSDAY, 29th APRIL, 1948. On the Property, Garden Street, NORMAN S. F. llEDDITCH and I OLDSBROUGil MORT & CO. Have received instructions from MR. ALF. KURTZE, who is going out of heavy farm work, to sell, as above, the following PLANT: I Three-Furrow Ilarvey Mould board Orchard Plough, as new, four flights Robinson Stump-Jump Harorws ; I I)uck-foot lIIrrows ; i 22-Dise Burger Harrows ; Iron I.lke It.,lli r Scuffler: hiwv tlnel" with ,4stv-: Qai tlity of o -in. .IIsing and Iron Pipes; a few Sundries ; 1 3-Furrow Royal Shearer Stump Jump Disc Plough. ARTHUR J. THOMAS ESTATE ,AND COMMISSION AGENT. SItA PEIICY STREET, P'ORITLANI). lPhone No. 280 : After hours, 77. 1-* Agent for: Saltau andl Son. State Assurance Company. Younghusband Limited. A. I[. McDonald Super D)iesel Engines. \rtemace Stock Fo-ds. T Robinson, FIra'n Implements. PROPERTIES OF ALL KINDS WANTED FOR SALE. El.DER, SMIlII & CO. LIMIITED (Inc. in S.A.) With which is merged the business of RHID & BROWN, HAMILTON, STOCK & STATION AGENTS, LAND SALESMEN, WOOLBROKERS, MERCHANDISE & INSURANCE AGENTS. Suppliers of all Farm and Station • Requirements. HAMILTON BRANCH, 88 Gray St Phone 173. ERIC B. REID,. Manager. Plortland & iteywood Representa tive: G. B. FROST-Phone Portland 221. G. B. FROST & CO. -INSURANCE SPECIALISTS. REAL ESTATE & BUSINESS AGENTS, Stock, Share & Investment Brokers. Special Represcntatlves UNION INSURANCE SOCIETY of Canton Ltd. A British Company. Fire, Vehicles, Workers, &c. TI'E NATIONAL MUTUAL LIFE ASSOCIATION of Australasia Ltd. Life. Probate, Endownment, Educa tion, Home Purchase Plan Ins. I District Representative ELDER SMITH & CO. LTD., S?tock & Sutation.Agents, Wool Bro. kcrs, Merchandise. Mr. F1rost Is an' Approved Valuator andl Conmlsloslner for Affidavits. Tolephone 221.. P. O, Box 141.'' PORTLAND. Pj ItOPlERTIES WANTED & FOR SALE. FLORAl, WOrK MISS M. GRANT, "- BOUTII PORTLAND. - 2 I All Flornl Work Promptly Attended to. S Wreaths & Wedding Bouquets a S Speclalty. SPhone : 140. SREPATRIATION DEPI'ARTMENT, I (Victorinn Branch.) il5 IEllzabth St., 1lelbourlie C.I. S 'rlh Dellairtmiunit hila for d ispoalI *i Idforl I!:R8 Milel 50-cwt. TIcUCK, lteKisterld No. I3Wr17 PI'. £3i00. Ioaltlill, HIeywood. hIttime'llwnI o llit V llh w\illh b1 i. le tolin In ito prei enit iaonditioil, i.e., with fIuilts (If iny)l, liny lie Il i'igigedl }iy coiitietllin Mr. II. ,. Il'rvwii, I1 ill Hi!iecit il y, Ilelialtritlion . I lywi odl 71. (f'lfers to pu1lilhU e, ullt l exci-dei ll " , II,, iliay b lie ffor. wnird,-I In Mri. BIrow, siu dlirectt I (Contlllnc tL Oilie?, liibovI nhI ihcnI, ilot Intl-r lhani WIIVEl)NITDAY, 21st AP RIL, 1948,.

ADVICE TO WOOL & HAY GROW ERS.-We are booking Orders for this year's COOPER SIIEARt ING PLANTS, and CLIFI"F & BUNT ING Ifay Prt·csus, To avoid disappointment on delayed de liveries, book your Ortders Now with the Sole Agents, STANFORD MA CIIINEJIY C A FINE AS I ! OF KIT CHEN auesNETS-at nELL BLOlI'S, Percy Street. ALLADIN LAMPS, &c., will be ob tainable at 26 Percy Street. A. B. Malcolm. ASSISTANT TYPIST, with know ledge of Book-keeping, required for office. Apply Wade's Motors PLy. Ltd., 95 Pery Street, Portland. BATH HEATERS-=GIs & Chip now. available, with .or without Shower Attachment. CALLAN DER & MURPHY, 90 Percy Street, Portland, RRIDGE TABLES & CHAIRS, in Assorted Colors at MELLBLOM'S PORTLAND FURNISHING CO. BUILDING SITES FOR SALE PARSON'S SUB-DIVISION. WELLINGTON ROAD;, SOUTH ::='I PORTLAND.. Apply STANFORD & CO., Real Estate & Business Agcgts, 4 Gawler Street, Portland. Phone 205. 'YCLISTS.-Don't forget you can purchase Your Cycle at IIARDY'b' on easy terms from as low as £3 down and 5/- a week. MilNING ROOM SETTINGS at Rea sonable Prices-at MELLBLOM'S ,Portlzand Furnishin Co. DUSTING'S iP'r all Your Floral Iequirements. 83 BENTINCK STREET. PORTLAND. (Phone 290.) ECLIPSE JPNIOR. SFor thile Small lHerd Owner.-A Milking Machine and Engine for £88/10. Ihstall it in your present Shed. TIIORPE & MIcDONALD, Portland. Phone :130. ELECTRIC LIGHT-32 Volt Bat tery PLANTS; "Lightning Fen cors ; Electric Washing Machines & Electric Refrigeratbrs available from PORTLAND & IHEYWOOD DIS TRICT SUPPLIERS, 135 Percy St. FOR ALL YOUR GROCERY & PROVISION REQUIREMENTS Try CRISP'S Grocery Store at 57 Benllnck Street, next' to Murrell'r. FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING & PLUMBING REQUIREMENTS, see us. For Window Sashes &' Win, dows, Doors, &c. CALLANDER & MURPIIY, 96 Percy Street, Portland JFOR QUALITY GOODS-Choice Bacon and Cheese, guaranteed New Laid Eggs, visit CRISP'S, 57 Ilentinck Street. Phone 102. Or ilers called for and delivered, FOR SALE DRY WOOD. Delivered in F've Ton Lots. 12in. £5; 18Ini, £.4/10 for Cash. BUTLER, P'te. Bag 17, Portland. FOR 'SALE.-DINNER SUIT ; Pre War. Approximately Size 6. Apply this office. FOR SALE.--Eight YOUNG FER RETS. Apply J. Finck, Ioeath mere. Phone : 217V, Portland, FOR. `SALE F1OIDSON TRACTOR, Detrolt Model, been usa d mostly for bolt work' ; guaranteed .in good order. £105. IIORWOOD BAGSHAW Manure Spreader, Truck or Dray type, New. STANFORD MACHIINERY CO. (Phone 205.) FOR SALE.-GOOD :DRY WOOD, Ift. Blocks, '181n. & 2ft. J. Jornaton, 156 lfonty-Street. "OR SALE.-SIIORTIIORN BULL, 3A years old, Registered. F. Laird, Phouie 286, Portland.: FURNISH THAT SUNROOM with Cane Chairs Lounges and Tables fromnMELLBL6M'S, S38 Percy St. " BOX 141; GET YOUR QUOTE from -us fur your new IIOT1' WATER SER. VICE-Gas, Stove, Jdual Boiler and Kerostat,. . CALLANDER & MUR. PIIY: )50 Percy Street, Portland. -IRE PURCHASE can now be ar. ranged for your now RIIADIOLA. aTelns as low Us 20 per cent; Depolsit, and weekly instalments according to Price of Machine. . Call and see your local Agent, B. 1F. -IHARIIDY, of 81) and 112 Percy StrlaoL alld ask for aI demonstrllltion of ally Model you desire. jUST ARRIVED.--',e0,n & Wbilte STIll, IIANI) HASINS. Order Enrly. C(ALLANIDER & MUIIJR Pl Y, !Ii Percy Street, 'Irthi, ml. New I''ttls',rns. CALLANDEIR & MiiIUltl'Y, V. Il' 'c-ry Stre,'e, Psortlond KEROFIONT.--.I nvet .-.Yonr Malley li e ltelr to an Oil Ilulnner. (Clenitl--..-o -- uolke nO Hoot, ino whin. Ordter now. CA I,LA NI)IR & MURPtlY. ItlV, P'cy Street, I'Port The Dodly (Orpelt yru hnve locen wltlu fon I now "Cvnllshle frome,,, D. F. AITKFN &, CO.

LISTER SEPARATORS. You cannot beat the "LISTER" with Bull Bearings and Genuine Staybrite Stainless Steel. Enquire at your local agents--THORPE & McDONALD, Portland. LOST. -BROADCASTING MA CIHINE CHAIN, on Heywood road. Apply this office. LOST.-",PENPLEX" FOUNTAIN PEN, in Hlurtl Street. Finder please return this olficc. Reward. MARTIN BROS., BUTCHERS, Will Pay you 2d. per lb. for your CLEAN USED NEWSPAPERS. Even if you don't deal with us, we still want your Paper. ORDER YOUR JOHN DEERE TRACTOR NOW... Particugirs available from STANFORD MA CIIINEItY CO., Portla.nd pOSTS FOR SALE--Apply W. Donovan, 42 Palmhner Street, Port land. POULTRY I POULTRY I s WANTEDI TOI- BUY. THlE RICHMOND HOTEL will Buy Your Poultry, any: Variety, any quantity. Must be in killablo con dition. Contact` the Manager; PRAMIS, COTS & PUSHERS--at MELLBLOM'S Portland Furnish ing Co. RENT of UNFURNISHED HOUSE Wanted Urgently. Will pay good rentd. Apply V. Martin, But cher, Percy Street. SPORTSMEN--Have you inspected the fine Display of TENNIS RAC QUETS, BALLS, FISHING LINES, 'Etc., at HARDY'S, 89 and 112 Percy Stret ? If you haven't, do so the first time in Town. STEEL FRAME BUILDINGS, S.II. Iron Coverings available fromn PORTLAND & DISTRICT SUP PLIERS, 135 Percy Street. WAITED.-A MIAN for Qurdening only, or a Married Couple. Ap ply Mrs. John Harris, WANTED.-MAN or. WOMAN, for Kitchen Work. Apply Bay View Cafe. WANTED RABBIT SKINS, SHEEP SKINS, WOOL, HIDES, TALLOW, CALF SKINS, HORSE HAIR, &c. CORRECT. HIGHEST and WVElGIiT PRICES. MUNDAY'S DISTRIBUTING rn 'HENTY STREET, PORTLAND.' WANTED TO BUY.-At the stump, "50 tons at least, 2ft., 18in. and foot wood (dry.) Reasonable horse carting. J. Johnston, 150 Iienty Street. WHY HAVE BATTERY TROUBLE when you can purchase all Reli able and well known Makes at HARDY'S, 89 and 112 Percy Street. There you will find the Finest Range of any in the Town. .WONDERHEAT.-The New. Air Conditioning Fire. Features': IHealthy ; Outstanding Efficlency Perfect Safety ; Absolute' Eoliosmy; Minimum Cleaning ; ind Attractive Appearance. Console, Standard or old Setting Type. CALLANDER & MURPHY, 90 Percy Street, Port land. .SHIRE .OF PORTLAND , NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA. '!Assistance to?liraft in Distress." A PUBLIC MEETING will be hold ill the Mechanics'" Institute, Hey wood, at 8 p.m. on FRIDAY, 28rd APRIL,'to discuss'the formation of a Local Cnommlitte'to act in an emer gency to assist a pilot to make an' emergency landing at night. P. G. SMITH, Shire President. Shire Hall, Ileywood, S23rd March, 1048. SHIRE OF PORTLAND GRADER OPERATORS. OPERATORS :required for Road Power Graders (I Diesel, 1 New S;peed I'atrol) in the Shire of Port land. Furthe'r iarticullrs fronl the Ijn deraignedl. Aipplicztloan close on TIIUIISDAI)Y, 2nd APRIL, 1048. R. II. EGANi, Shire Secrotary. SiIIRE OF I'ORTLAND DIGBY RECREATION RESERVE. A MIEETING i hereby cornvoucd to be iehl ill the hcllhnico' Insti. tutec, I)IGBY, on SATI'URDAY, lot MAY, at 8 p1in,, for the purpose of nminatinjuz al Cozn)ittee of Manage. urent for the I iOgy lIcrertiont Re P. G. SMITII, Shire President. Oblin leedIo f'lonl Couglh. WOODS' 1REAT PEPPERMINT CURIE.

GRAND CONCERT S - Soldiers' Memorial h1all, Hleywood, THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1948, -At 8 p.m. In aid of Heywood Auxiliary for the Blind. TICKETS, 2/6 (Children,-half price.) Booking 6d. extra at' Pevitt's lruit Shop.. MRS. MIARTIN, Hon. See, PORTLAND A.L.P.:? A MEETING of the local Branch will be held in 'the Oddfellows! Hall on THURSDAY, -APRIL 22nd, at 8 p.m. T. DAVEY, Secretary. PORTLAND BRANCH R.S.S.A.I.L.A RE-UNION DINNER. Free Library H WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21st,' 1948. *__ At 7.30 p.m. MR., JIMI WILLIAMSON;, from Mel bourne, will.: entertailn members at the Re-Union. Only Financial Members will be Admitted. The Secretary will be,in attend anco at the Club Rooms on Monday, WVednesday and Friday Evenings. R. H. EGAN, President. F. C. SANDEMAN, Secty. Portland Sub-Branch R,S.S.A.I.L.A, PORTLAND R.S.S.A.I.L.A. ANZAC MEMORIAL DAY. DONATIONS of FLOWERS of any description (Large or Small) will be gladly accepted for the above. Will Donors kindly leave their Flowers at.tho R.S.L. Club Rooms on Friday or Saturday Afternoons, April 23rd and 24th. Wreaths to be placed on Crosses at the Memorial not later than 11.30 a.m, on Anzac Day, APRIL 25th. All Diggers. to assemble at Club' Rooms at 2 p.m. oli Anzac Day' for Ceremony. CIVIC COMMEMORATION SERVICE. ANZAC DAY SUNDAY, 25th APRIL, '1048. AT THE STAR THEATRE,. Immediately following Service at Memorial Triangle. H. V. MacLEOD, Mayor. For Chest Colds take WOODS' GREAT PEPPERMINT CURE SIBLEY'S BUS SERVICE (Phono Heywood 96.) DAILY Between HEYWOOD AND IWARIINA.IMBOOI, via lBesiebelle and Rawkeadale. LEAVES HEYWOOD: At 4.15 a.m. TUESDAY. THURSDAY, SATURDAY. At 8 a.m. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY. LEAVES WARRNAMBOOL,-. DAILY upon arrival of Melbourne Train at 2 P.m. W. M. WILSON 39 PERCY STREET, PORTLAND RAILWAY AND GENERAL CARRIER. PRODUCE MERCHANT. Chaff, Wheat, Oats, Bran, Pollard Flour, Etc AGENT FOR:- Caltex Oils and Greases. Potato Wholesale Receiviag Agent. P.W. Pty Ltd. Sugar Distribution. McCllntock's Vinegar. Myer's Emporium Delivery Agent. PIIONE 15 SEEDS FOR SOWINO. Certified Mount Barkler CLOVER, 2/3 lb. Certified PERENNIAL RYE GRASS, 15/- Bushel. Hamilton District PERENNIAL, 12/6 Bushel. WIMMERA, 7/0 Bushel. PERMEWAN WRIHIIT LIMITED HAMILTON. E. I. SAUNDERS IIARDWARE & TIMBER. MERCHAN 1'. IIUNTER STREET, IIEYWOOD. (Phone-81.) FOll ALIL TYPES PUMPS, WIND MILLS, AND AIL WATER FITTENGU.

''PETER PAN," the Radio for - feet performance, and the To that.Tells. B. F. AITKEN CO. arrange easy terms for Sets.

ff. 0. McCOMBhi PAINTrf & DECIOIATOR EnI,,it eitn c 1';r'r r'" f i of Work. Telep~hone : 98. Comnbnt Coughstn, Coldsr. I WOODS' (:PEAT pEPVI CURE