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Hamilton's Ghost Walks. The Hamilton ghost apparently has not been laid (says the "Spec- tator.") Just after midnight on Tuesday a white hooded, white robed figure sprang from among the tomb- stones at the monumental work on the corner of Brown and French streets and landed on the Brown street footpath six feet behind James Richards, an employee of the Regent Theatre, when he was returning to his home after his theatre duties on Tuesday night. The young man's brief view of the spectral figure brief, because precipitate flight seemed to be the order of the day showed him a fearsome sight, the figure appearing to be about medium height and entirely clad in white, ex- cept for a few inches at the bottom. The hood, he stated, was all white except for two eye holes. James Richards story confirms many rum- ours that some foolish person is prowl- ing the street at night. Most stor- ies have come from children, although in one or two instances women have allegedly seen a white figure. Rich- ard has no doubt regarding what he saw, and summary action by the pro- per authorities is being sought by people whose womenfolk and child- ren are beginning to dread the pros- pect of walking out at night or of re- maining alone in a house.