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OBITUARY x It is with deep regret that he re cord (as announced in a previous issue) the passing of Mrs. Sarah Ann Thomas, at the age of 73. The de ceased lady had been suffering in ceased lady had been suffering in different health for some consider able time, but not to the extent that would cause her family any serious alarm. However, on the night previous to her death symptoms de veloped which proved fatal: She was the daughter of Mr. Angus Mc Pherson, who resided at Wando Vale and carried on farming pursuits there. The deceased was married to Mlr. Alfred Thomas at Portland at the age of 25 years, and her husband will he remembered as a first-class quarrylan, working extensively for the Borough and Shire of .Portland. Hle lpredecnsed his wife some years ago. There were eleven children of the union, ten of whom are living, and to them and other surviving re laties id extendedl the deepest sym pathy In their great loss. It can be truly soaid by any who have been in close contact with the late Mrs. Tho mas that here, indeed, was a lady of the Shrst quality.0ene who was ready at all times to administer goodwill andl helpfulness to all. Hers was certainly a life well spent. The re 1ai0s were removed to the Presby terian Church, where a short service was held prior to the cortege leav. ino folr the South cemetery. The ev. John Plriestly oiciated at the church aand graveside. The floral token, Werte numerous and very beautif1u, testifying to the very high teld i whi ich the late lady was Peicv, The cofliin-bearers were rirly, Gor do n, Normanl and George, :t,,, sons or the decensed. The nor ,y r. r acements were carried out lB. L. Wilkios. After a distressing and lengthy ollnss tihe death of Mr. J. Cameron troe pince at his home, Cameron lan.┬Ět, e was a resident of Port from ther , ope time, coming here - r ,North. whore lie success oully entaged i Cnnstoral pursuits, ecioalisindr in sheep, f which lle as" censid'ered an expert judge. fle 1a 0 ain enthusioastic tlelmher of th P' 111 A. Society, to whicl he ten cloitrl valuabl. service. The fuIn .el e," Sund?, was largely utten edthe r"enal,?s be1nF interred i 9 the ,outh ceetcy et,