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CHRISTMAS ilFTS --x- MODIFIED SCHEME ANNOUNCED '. The Direitor of Agriculture, N1r. If. A'i MIullett, said last week that ar rangeLnents had been concluded with the Agent-General for the continu uince of the Christmas gift scheme, undlr which gifts of Victoriano pro duce may be made to people i:l Great Britain for the coming Christ Inas season. Owing to the outbreak of war it had not been found pos sible to include in the scheme such n comlprehensive variety of gifts as lad been the case in forter year., but tri ranlgemcents had been made for the sc)lheme to be contitnuetl as ftir as practicable. The gifts now available and the prices charged are as follow : (1) 2-1 half bottles of t's.orted wine, 57/6. (2) 12 bottles of assorted wine, 31/3. (3) I mixed case cotl tuining the following--l tils fruit (aplricots, peaches and pears), ยท- ti:s jam, Ill. raisins, 1lb. sultnas, 11ibh. currants, 13/-. (1) 1 mixed asee as above, with the addition of 3 half bottles of wine, 20/6. Orders for delivery of any of these' gifts to any address in Great Britain this coming ChristmLns should be tad dressed to the Director of Agricul. lure, Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, C.2, and should be accompanied by remittances. Delay Is anticipated in distributing the gifts at the Christ tnas period owing to transport difli culties, but every effort will he matde to have delivery effected as near to Christmas as possible. Orders ought therefore to be lodged as soon as pos sible, but not later than October 31st. Should any of the goods included in the above gifts become unavailable, arrangements will be niade for other goods to be sulbstituted. All orders are accepted, subject to tany subs'c quent action iy the British Govern ment to control any of the goods, Arrangements are made by the Department for delivery to the ad iresses given without any further ex p.onso than the amounts stated, whtich cover cost'of purchase of the goods and freight and also delivery charges withlin Great Britain. It is not pos sible to deliver gifts to the Irish Free State, owing to the heavy duty that. is charged oni entry of the goods and the delay involved before delivery can be made.