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MEMORIAL TO BEN GERMEIN Writing to the "Border Watch," a correspondent says:- Sir, — A suggestion has been made that a simple memorial be erected to the memory of Ben Germein, who as one of the first lighthouse-keepers at Cape Northumberland, saved many lives in the early days. Along the coast between Port MacDonnell and Beachport the hulks of 33 vessels are strewn. The Admella is one.     She struck a submerged reef at 5 a.m on Saturday, August 10, 1859. Official records showthat fifty hours   later, at 7 a.m.--Monday, August 12, two. sailors, famished bruised, and parched with thirst, knocked at the door of the lighthouse-keeper (Ben Germein) and told him of the wreck of the Admella steamer at or near the site of the wreck of the Neve Valley. Ben Germein quickly saddled his horse and rode to the telegraph sta- tion, about twenty miles distant over broken country, where he did not arrive until 3 o'clock in the af- ternoon. The telegram giving the first news of the wreck was des- patched from Mount Gambier at 3.30 p.m. on August 12th, 1859. Ben Germein returned without delay to the lighthouse, and from there to the scene of the wreck. The report adds:-"A band of heroes under the leadership of Ben Germein after five gallant and heroic attempts to get to the wreck at the peril of their lives, in a mountainous surf such as few coasts can show in stormy weather, succeeded in reach ing the vessel (already in three parts) in an open boat, which they had fetched up and which, had been washed ashore from the wreck itself. These men succeeded in sav- ing the lives of four persons, the re maining twenty survivors (out of 113 persons) being later rescued by the crew of the Portland lifeboat, which had been towed to the scene by the Lady Bird."