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crrdlma/ru \juoJ- ww dsarr comfia/red/ with fl-O-B'U-fV The entries for the Steeple, 150 sovs., two miles, at the Williamstown Cup meeting on Monday week include Tamburello, Hate Player), Kindred, Bicardo, and Steam.

MINING. YESTERDAY'S QUOTATIONS AND SALE8. MELBOURNE. Quotations.— Cbillagoe, b 5A0, s 8/; LyeU. b 25/9, s 25/10; sales, 25$ Blocks b 1/3 s 1/4; Briseis, b 7/4 Tongkah Harbor, b 48/9; s 50/; do. Compound, b 37/. LAUNCESTON. Quotations: Tasmania, b 2/6, s 2/11; Magnet, b 3/9, s 4/6; Farroll, b 4d, s 5Mj, No/*!', b 4/3, s 4/6: Hercules, e 12/10; Lyell Blocks, b 1/8; Tasman Crown, b 9d; Primrose, s 6/6; Tas manian Copper, b 5/6, s 6/1; North, h 1/1, s 1/8; Briseis, b 7/5; Bischoff b f«''2/6. a £49/10/; Arba, s'8/6; Gari^ baldi, b 8d, s lOd ; Pioneer( ex. dlv.), s 24/6; Mutual Hill, b 1/3, 8 2/; Waver ley, e 1/3; Boulder (con.), s 3/1; do. (paid) s 4/2; New Roy's Hill (paid), b 1/11, s 3/3; New Banca, s'4/6- do (paid), s 4/6; East, b lid, s 1/3. ' Amusements. FAIR, SALE OF WORK AND GIFTS. METHODIST SCHOOLROOM, WJEBT DEVONPORT, Will be Continued ? TO-NIGHT.

_ ? Business Notices. IJtlJbi -LISTER; SEPAEAToiTHm .plfW^T BRITAIN'S BEST. -jlyPife'.i/ ; Th« now 'O.' Mod»l ii not only the g^Siy:-fi£ ' SIMPLEST and most EFFICIENT, but /£v£kVJ 0De of the EASIEST Running Separ ?rfAiSiSJr^ ator? ^ tne World. Numerous T«a raHsiPf manian buyers will Ttrifj this. ? ., JMbIw^ The 'LISTER' is sold on ita Merita; (Hi i ffl*«|gpig§=^) the result of a FREE TRIAL in jtur «jpftfi§p5& We want yon to see {he 'LISTER,1 ^^«i tiu result will satisfy us. Write for WtMmBiM^ Particulars. E. T. CLEMENTS & GO.. DEVONPORT. A WORD TO FARMERS. CO NOT FOHGET THAT TBE J aR-FAMED FLEMING PXMJf Sfiilil HAS STOOD THE '. £ST of use in all Potato-growing Countries through out the World, and has proved iteelf to be undoubtedly tbe MOST RKU AiiLii MACHINE on tlm Market. WE HAW JUS! LANDED A Fl Kihi .i SlilPM'SNT Ut iHJi ORMONDE KttSKS 8SSS.. Unsurpassed for Value. Place your Order Karly if Yon Wish to Seenra On*. 'SIMPLE, EASILY WORKED, ECONOMICAL,' DESCRIBES TBE BS'T TTf C1EPARAT0E. AL 1 IV ©J2PABATOB. World Renowned RECORD CLEANSK1MMER. Can be Supplied im AH Sizes. Write for Quotatk.-a and Particulars to le SOLS AGENTS— mH£ T-IVER IV)N npRADUG i^iO., T TJ-. ULVERSTONE, PENGUIN, BURNIE, WYNYJ 3, AND YOEK, SCHMIDT ? AND CO., SHEFFIEL3 ? Ths Popular Cast) Column. Meetings. t. d. TTTEST DEVON AGRICULTURAL 14 words (not exceeding 3 lines) 0 b VV SOCIETY (6 advts. for 2/6.; 20 words (not exceeding 4 lines) 1 0 The Annual Meeting of Members and la words (not exceeding 5 lines) 1 6 intending members of the West i-evon 30 words (not exceeding 6 lines) SJ U Agricultural Society will bo held in the A black headline given with each Town Hall, Ulverstone, SATURDAY, group of sis or more adrts. November 4, at 3 p.m. ? E. FRU-NCH. Secretary. A NNIVEHSARY Methodist Church, — — — — — L\. Wynyard, Sunday, Nov. 5. Prea llier: Rev. iiridgborn, £l and 7. Tenders. ASTOKELL, watchmaker and T\EV0NK-RT AND DISTRICTS . jeweller, Burnie, for good U CO-OPERATIVE BUTTER s-alue all lines, watches, jewellery. FACTORY. BRING your Watches, Jewellery, TENDERS will te received for the Clocks to be repaired; old jewel- purchase of the Butter-milk at the lery made up new. Jstokell, Burnie. above company's factory. Tenderers . ? to state price per gallon, or a lump URME, Friday, Nov. 10.— Cin- sum for the season. Apply to derella Oauce, aid Croquet Lawn. Tickets, 2/ and 1/6. Supper. N. C. ANDERSON, ? ~~ ? Manager, pINDEEELLA Dance, Burnie, Fri- ' At the Factory. KJ day week. Tickets from ^ — '? ?^?^i^^— Uidies' Committee. Splendid music. ? D— ? Business Notices. ANCE, Sisters Creek Hall, post- ? r ? — ? poned to Aionday,,Nov, 6. Gen tleinon '21, ladies basket. ? - - , DIAMOND Engagement Rings, new OTDTTI/^IT AT lot just in; splendid value, £3 OJL Jjv^XXIlJJ ??': ' to £20. Btokell, Burnie. ? 171 OR SALE or Hire — Harness Mare, C( 4 T T71 . ' 5 years, suitable Delivery Cart. Or\ J^iXlj I. Douglas, Mooreville Road. ^ ? ? ~ JDIOR SALE.— Separator boiler, com- n,^ rT~A~^r~~ V plete, first-class order, £13, or lil'lJAY. «c. for cattle. T. Kampton, Wynyd. ^XXJj| LOST. — Castra. — Light grey mare, : ' Arab, docked mane; one pound ' reward. J. Stewart, Wilmot. ^-^ , ._.._. _ . T*T\ OST— Brown stone out of pendant. VjrAlJjJJ iYXV-U Reward. Selywn Neikon, De conport. OFFERS A. BIG PURCHASE OF— MISS FRITH opens, Oddfellows' LADIES* SUNSHADES AND Hall, Waratah, until Saturday, iimrbeLlas latest Millinery and Drapery. UMBRELLAS, IDGLEY Hall Tues., Nov 7^- B00?'0*- h,0™, &* Manufacturers at a Liberal League Social; Gents P™16 wluch enables him to sell I/; Ladies, a basket. Come. for 1 /'I 1 EACH. ^HEFFIELD-Stickyback Co.'s visit 1/11 kj drawing to a close. 16 photos. -, , ,.,? -, ' . „, , ? v I/, four positions. Good V»&te POTe«; 1O Blark, . Navy. ? - ? Myrtle, Brown, and A\.hit*\ n'fh STRAYED on my property, 3-year- neat Borders. _ . old brindle steer, branded 'GR White Covers with Black and -Color.-: aear rump, M off rump, hole through Stripes. ' . .: , near ear; owner have same paying es- Tussore Shades with Pink. Blii«7 penses. James Martin, Oonah. Brown. Navy, or Blark Borders. — n T_, — — jr ? — — — - with Silvered Ribs and Silvered m T\T7j Roomb 1uafur-'?n«1- Sticks, Needle Points, Gilt Ribs, „„ - «hJdren. Central, Tunes, and Gl1t Stick8j Needlepoints, j 1-nn'e- ? ? ' ? - ?? ? Wood Sticks, and Crook Handles. rpO-NIGHT, Wynyard.-- Salvation nB -**?** J*1™ cSls£mJ?d'- '* 1 .Army meeting, old Gospel Hall. from 3/llrto 5/6 each— Brigadier Holdaway and others; 8. ' ~ ? — — ? ? ! ? nm- CAILLARD«S PRICE— WANTEH— Young Man as groom. S. A. Anderson, Royal Hotel, 1 /i-i-EACB. tiatrobe. .., XI 11 WANTED.— Middle-aged general. ? light work» comfortable home, ' ; . good wages. W.K. Advocate, Dpt. FOR Q/'| 1 EACH — — - T\7'ANTEp.- To rent, two unfurn- A j^^ lot ^ Dark; and JliTJ nSS Per? ' Light Covers; also Tussores, W.DeTonport. M.A., Devpt. P.O. ' and a few smart shapes with WANTED, at Once.-Good general I^*50'16':, M^ ^ servant. Apply Mrs. C. H. Silvered or Gilt Ribs and Stones, Ulverstone, Sticks with Needlepoints. . ? '- — ' These Goods are worth 6/6 to WANTED. — Experienced house- 9/6 each, maid ; wages 12/ per week. Mrs. Hisoutt, Grand Hotel, Ulverstone. nr CAILLARD'S PRICE — - ' WANTED— Middle-aged Working Q /I 1 EACH. Housekeeper, good home, one e)/ I L ' ohild. Apply J.A., Abbotsham P.O. . .. ' WANTED, at Once.— Tour-horse . ~ team, cart sleepers, Nietta to rfYR. A l-t -t TMPTT ' Ulverstone. Apply Wffliams, Nietta. TO 4/11 WANTED.— Good bullock driver, w . „. , _ ., ... at once; must be used to bnsh *?»» O*rod Cloth, wth work. T. F. Stone, 4i miles, E.B.R. T»P? B™*™* ^^ W^bx ? —1 ? . ? shades; Needle Sticks. AD WANTED at Once-Cood paling ' worth 8fll to 10/6. splitters: also man for log cut ting. C. F. Webb, Elliott. WT- CAILLARD'S PRICE— ANTED.-£200, 3yrs., 5 per cent. . 4/11 EACH* now house. . good position, no ? _____ ? agents. 'Householder,' P.O., Wynyard. ,„ .. v T'. ., „ , sr ? J ? ' J J AH the above are Absolutely New and WANTED, at Once.— Striker and in Perfect Corfaitioa: knocker-on, or improver. P. ______ ___—__—.-_ __ Butler, blacksmith Wynyard CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF BET ? _ ? — — ? : ? TER GOODS. WATCHES, Bangles, Rings, Broo- — - ches. Pendants, Links, Spec- A d A TT T A 'DTI taoles, E. P. Ware, Clocks. Stokcfrs, A. VT_\.l_J,U_iLHU . irrrr' the draper rr always pays ? Exhibitions. ? Y0_ -q dea- --—^ WESTBURY _ SHOW. ^ _______ __ _„_„,_ WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15. Grand Annual Exhibition of Horses, ? Draucbt and Light ; Cnttle, Sheen. Pigs, \X7 H. ? BRA N DER Machinery and Implements. Entries »T « close Saturday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m., with Forwarding and Custom! . —i. u. HA I ill. Secretary, Westouy. Acnrl. Bonda.

A Beautiful Display will be seen on the Stalls. Refreshments: Afternoon Tea or Supper, 6d. Roll up one and all and make it a gigantic success. - ? . - f At 8 p.m.- Devonport Band will be ra , attendance. Programme at intervals. Admission 6d. 'pUCHRE TOURNAMENT AND -1- DANCE, 'in aid of Catholic Building Fund. Devonport Town Hall, TO-NIGHT. 10 Games; good prizes. Refreshments. Dancing at 10. Admission 1/. TOWN HALL, BURNIE.— To-night. CARTWRIGHT'S PHOTO PLAYS including the Great Australian Bnsh ' Drama, 'THE SUNDOWNER' tin*. matographed and produced in Victoria -' by Pathe Frere. WYNVARD— Tc-mor- : row night. People's Popular Prices. J 'DURNIE BOWLING CLUB, OFFICIAL OPENING-SATURDAY, ! 3 ,p.m ! Match, President v. Vice-President. - Teams selected from members on ground by 2.45 p.m. - | CYRIL DAVY, Hon. Sec.

Miscellaneous. - TTOWARD'S CORRESPONDENCE D. SCHOOL. ? i The Director of Howard's Corres- : pondence School arrives at Burnie this afternoon, and will see inquirers ? at Wiseman's Bay View Hotel this ' evening. Candidates are wanted at once to ? qualify for guaranteed appointments in the best business houses and Gov ernments. Present occupation im- i material. Distance no object. All that is necessary is ordinary educa- J tion, and diligence and perseverance. ; Special help for those of neglected education. We train you in your ? spare timo in your own home. Make 1 immediate inquiry. Special conces sions . and f acilites are olf ered to those prepared to begin at once. . EXAMS.— We coach by mail for Civil Service, Railway, Curses, Po lice, Accountancy, Marine, Univer- - sity, and all other Exams. Unrival- « led record of notable successes. I We also teach by mail Land Brok- ? ing, Wool Classing, Show Card and ' Window Ticket Writing, Mechanical, . Civil, and Electrical Engineering, Telegraphy and Wireless, Refrigerat- ? ing, Dynamo Attendants, Marine Cer- ' tificates, Petrol Motors for motor- '. cars, taxi-cabs, Agricultural Machin ery, etc.; Gas, OH, and Steam En- ? gines, etc., etc. - ' WHATEVER YOUR AMBITION, call for particulars on the Director : of the College. Those too far away to call write to that address. -

Howard's is the largest, most fully : oquipped, and most successful south ? of the Equator. We are in the most central position of tho States, and can , teach you closely and quickly, which would be- impossible if we were situ- ? atcd at the other side of tbe world. Adelaide is our headquarters and homo office, where the full staff of es- - ' ports resides, correcting the work done by the students. Howard's Col lege Instruction Papers fill the re- ' quirementa of Australian Icirpum- j stances and conditions, which foreign papers to a large extent do not. In- , quire of Howard's without fail. mASMANIAN FARMERS' CO-OPER- ' } ATIVE STORES, BURNIE.— Our aim is to supply the public with tho best ? goods at the lowest price.. Our con- . stantlv Increasing trade is the best ans wer that we have been successful in dp- . ing this. List of special bargains in ' the Drapery Department — 400doz. Ladies' and Gents' Handker chiefs, bought for cash at a big dis count. A case of Boys' 3 S Drill Washing Blouses and Tunics. We guarantee these goods will wash. 20 . nieces of New Dress Goods at 1/ yard, in Voiles, Sicilians, Tweeds. Wo are tho Dress House, and you cannot af 'nrd to go anywhere else. Damaged Tablo Linens. ' The Farmers have ]Ust ,' ')een successful in buyinc up a Manu f.i.turers' Stock of slightly damaged '.»We f jnens. Thcso will be sold at a ?^roat reduction on usual price. 'JB- Order your Suit at the Farmers'. ' I ,{?' Order your Summer Hat at the Farmers'. . .1 i«~- Order your New Boots at the FARMERS', BURNIE. TASMANIAN FARMERS' | CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, !

-BUB.NIJ5.— j URNIE WALLPAPER WARE-j HOUSE. ! DIRECT IMPORTER OF UP-TO-DATE PAPERHANCINCS. Lowest Prices. ? Highest Quality. . New shipments, new panel effects, new art friezes and borders, exclusive patterns. Calcimo, Paints, Oils, etc., at low est market rates. Country orders re ceive prompt attention. W. E. FREEMAN, | Wilson St ? BURNIE. j Just below Bird and Hopkins. '