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Announcements under this heading» mnst be

authenticated by the name and address of the «eiiiler, and are inserted in "The Advertiser," "Empress" 'and '.'Chronicle" at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence each when n->t exceeding five lines; over 8vc lines Sixpence per line.


HOWARD.-On the 25th August, at Port Pirie, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Howard-a daughter.

SPRIGG (nee Germein).-On the 20th Septem- ber, it Yorketown Hospital, the wife of Claude A. Sprigg, of Stansbury-a son. Both -veil.

OLDING.-On the 21th September, at the Tarawera Nuning Home, St. Peters, ta Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Olding, Beulah Ettaie-twins, ton I and daughter.

EATON (nee Burk).-On the 5th September, at  

Svdenham-roid, Norwood, to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. T. Eaton-a daughter (Veronica Mary).

GODFREY (nee HolIand).-On the 17th Sep- tember, at Hrcck-rtrcct, Port Adelaide, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Godfrey-a son (Keith George).

RUSHWORTH (nee M. Rawson).-On the 21st September, at Mayfair-ftreet, Mayla-nds to Mr. and   Mrs W. V. Rushworth-a son (Ronald Arthur) Both doingwell.  

CLARIDGE (nee Goodridgc).-On the nth Sep I ember, at Findon-road. Findon, to Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Claridçc-a daughter (Gwcntth Jean).

DAVIS. - On the 29th August, at Olive-street, Parkside, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Davis-a son.

HOLDER.-On the 12th September, at 30, Flin- ders-street, the wife of Vivian Holder-twin daughters (Eleanor Vivien, Jean Myrtle).

McNEILL.-On the 20th September, at "Barlu

¡ruiyali," MariivWrei't, Unley, to Mr. and Mrs,.*' Frank A, McNeill-a son.

LONGSTAFF.-On the 1-tth September, at Nurse Linr'strom's Home. Semsphore, to Mr and Mrs. B. Longstaff, of Alberton East-a daughter.

MOFFATT (nee King).-On the 13th September,  

at Portcr-eiroct, Parkside, to Mr. and Mrs. 1. , Moffatt-a son (Kenneth James).

MELLORS.-On the 3t'.h September, at »r.   ! Cunningham's Nursing Home, Flaiche-?tr et, Gaw

le-r East, to Mr. ind Mrs. Charles Mellera, of , Salisbury-a son. Both well.

NEWBERY.-On the 22nd September, at Cmrrch tcrrace, Walkerville, the wife of Tom Jvewbery a daughter (Doris Beryl). Both wclL


BLACK-GOSS-On the 3th September, at St. Peter's Colleen Chapel, by the Rev. W. F. Wehr stedt, Arnold Barham, yoemgCEt son of John Black, Brousham-plaje. North Adelaide, to Dul | ci<» Kate, serend «"slighter of T. W. fir«. Wa'son

avenue, Rose Park. Prisent addressf-Zebina street. Broken Hill.

SMITH-TCOHY.-On the 25th Aixrust, at St. Paol'iv Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. E. H. Bleby. Kathleen May, youngest daughter of Michael Tuohy, Port Augusta, to Artbrtr John, ficcen,! son of Geo. J. lämith, "Heathflcld," Mount Lofty.

CAMEROS-LOCK.-On the 5th August, at St.  

Bedels, Semaphore, by Rev. Canon Swan, Walter -Andrew Robert, third son of Captain H. J. Cameron, 'Richmond, Victoria, to August! Kitty, eldest daughter of Mr. W. G. Lock, Sema- phore

STANLEY- RAEPPLE-On the 30th June, at St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Wakefied-Street, Adelaide, by Rev. H. Cocks. S. J. Michael John, second son of the late Edmond Stanley, Esq., Wandearah, Port Pirie, South Australia, to Eileen Bertha, younger daughter of Edward John Raepple, Ketsch, Baden Baden, and granddaughter of D. O'Keeffe, Esq.. Canning-Street, Launceston, | Tasmania. Present address-''Geranium," Third

Avenue, Joslin, Payneham.

FULLER-PARHAM.-On the 23th August, at  

St. James', West Adelaide, by the Rev. W. F. Wehrstedt, Wilfred Horace, third son of Edward Fuller, West Adelaide, to Daisy Lena Maud, eldest   surviving daughter of Edwin Parham, Gawler. Pre-  

sent address, 66, Archer-street, North Adelaide.

RAMSAY-DIENER.-On the 14th September, at   Mr. H. A. Lamming's residence. Moonta, by the Rev. W. H. Hanton, Phillip Josipb, 'ceond son of Mr A. W. Ramsay of Ninnes, to Selma Lydia, I youngest'daughter of Mr. J. H. Diener, of Jabuk. ' COLEMAN-MCARTHUR.-On the 30th July, by

the Rev. T. E. Shanks, Charles eldest «on of the late Charles Jo!»ph Coleman, of Birken- head, to Elsie, second daughter of William J. McArthur, of Birkenhead.


¡ DAVIS-PEARCE.-On tbe 27th September,

15S9. at the Weslryan Church. Ealing, west Lon d'm. England, ty the Rev. Samuel Lees, Frede- rick, third son jf James Davis, to Alie* fourth 'darsMcr erf the late John Pearn;, of St. Ives, Cornwall. Present address-Methodist Muree, i GoMwi. . 269dx

I HUNT-BARLOW.-On the 26th September, 1SS9,

bv the Rev. W. Penry Jones, Samuel Birchall Hunt, to Charlotte Louisa Barlow. Present ad- dress,' Ormonde Lodge, Dulwich.


KORNETZKY.-On the 19th September, at  

Amberst-avenue, North Norwood, Henriette Pauline Kornetzky. widow of the late K. G.. G.

Kornetzky, of Whyte-Yarcowie, in her 91st year.  

ROSEWARNE. - On the 24th September, at Vir- ginia, Wilfred, dearly beloved infant son of Hurtle and Alice Rosewame, aged 6 months.

ENGLISH.-On the 20th September, at her resi- dence, "Ulster Farm," near Auburn, Isabella Encliah, aged 75 years. A colonist^of 59 years.

ATTWOOD.-An the 19th September, at Henley Beach-road. Jane, relict of the late William Attwood, aged 60 years. At rest.

WHITEFIELD.-On the 25th September, at his residence, First-avenue, St Peters, James, be-   loved husband of Emma G. Whitefield, aged 73.

SMITH.-On the 21st September, at his residence, "Strathcona", Yorke Valley, Maitland, James   Neil, beloved husband of Caroline Brooks Smith,   aged 64 years, leaving nine sons and five daugh-  

ters. Rest after weariness.

MCCONKEY.-On the 22nd September, at Kooly- wurtie, James McConkey, aged 88 years, of   senile decay, leaving three daughters, late of


RICE.-On the 20th September (suddenly), at the residence of her son-in-law (George E. Gum, Crystal Brook), Rebecca, relict of tht late Abel Rice, aged 60 years.

JAMES.-On the 25th September, at Second Val hy, David Mostyn, dearly beloved and only cliild of Mefetyu H. H. and M. A. James, of Margate street, Glenelg, aged si months.

ESSEX.-On the 24th September, at the Privat« Hctpitjl, North Adelaide, Florence Hilda, loved ai II ».. iv d i.glitcr of William and Sarah Essex, aged 20 years. t

NIXON.-On the 18th September Dolly, beloved sister of Lilly and Rose Routley, Forestville, al-o beloved sister of Alf., Will, and Bob Bullen, youngest daughter of Walter and the late Har- riett Bullen, late of Goodwood, aged 26 years.

NUNN.-On the 25th September, at Adelaide, Joseph Nunn, beloved father of W. J. Nunn, Story street, City, and A. J. Nunn, Coburg, Victoria.

THOMAS.-On the 25th September, at her son's residence. No. 11, Sheldon-street, Norwood, Ellen, relict of the late William Thomas of Bald Hill, Kapunda, aged SO years. R.I.P.

UNDSAT.-On the 25th September, at the resi- dence of her son. Mr. J. Lang. No. 6, Fredenck stre-et Maylands, Sarah, the beloved wife of N. J. W. Lindsay, late of MaUala, a«ed 78 years. Sale in the arms of Jesus.

GOODGER.-On the 25th September, at his residence, No. 11. Glyde-street, Norwood. William John, the beloved husband of May Lydia Goodger aged 42 years, A patient sufferer at rest.    


LEKOVICH (nee Tierney).-In loving memory of '

our ili'ar sister. Eileen, who died at Adelaide on 27th September, 1913.-Insertrd by her loving brother and sister-in-law, L. and J. Tierney.

HAWKES.-In loving memory of Dorothy I. Hawkes, who died September 26, 1911. aged 12j years. We who loved you sadly miss you.   Inserted by E. and J. W. Crowther and family.

HAWKES. -In Ioyinjr memory of my dear daugh- ter, Dorothy Irene, who died at Alberton, Sep- , icniliir 28, I911 ."Gone, but not forgotten."

Inserted by her loving mother and brother.

BARRETT.-In loving memory of our dear wita and mother. Ann Eliza Barrett, who died at Hum- phrey-street. Ballarat, September 26, 1912.-In- serted by her loving liuibiixl, soo, and daughter.

MILLER.-In loving memory of my father, John Miller, who dii'd at Parkside, September 28, 1990, -Inserte.) by his son. J.' B. Miller.

i" CROFT.-In loving memory of my dear father,

who pasacd away September 26, 1911. "At test.". -Inserted by bia loviss daughter, Ida.


DE BUFIIR -In loving mcmorv of our dear mother, who passed aiy iv September 26 lllu

Res', oeare«t mother tliv labor» arc o cr, Thy wi'hng hand« shall toil no more "No more thy gentle eio- shall weep. ?!rst, darling mother geiuH sleep

\ mother truer rcyer d reit on eortn

Or proied to her children her inw mother s

yv orth

But mid t all our sorro« one hope do^s remain, We lo«ed and furvcd her nell

"sidlv mis>ca -Inserted by hu 1 vine dangnter and sen in lnyy Hermine and tovhdr Henschke

DE BLEIIK.-Ia lowng memory oi Mr P De


'Ti<¡ jiiot one vea«- to dar.

The time has o.u ckly fled

Since Mrs De Ruchr was called awav

Aad numbered with the dead -Inserted bv a fnerd

H \LDtN-In loving remembrance of my dear husband a id f \thcr, \y ho died September 27, 1913

A precioia one from iv> lias gone,

A yoiec ne ImeJ is still

\ plac is vacant m our home Wh'ch ney cr can be filled

We cornet c!a«p thy lund, dejr Ltthci.

Thy face vie cmtirt oce

But let this little to en tell

He «.till ¡emembe- th c

-In-ertcd bj his loyrr-g wife and «on. Will

BESSEL -In loy mc me-norr of our dear son and brother Pitrr, yyho died al Nelson strict, "it Pew« tvptcmbr- 27 1004

Ti oi are not forgotttn. Peter dt«ir,

Nor v,ilt thcu o-r be

So Ion" a«! life and mcmorv la^t

li' will -ememher thee

-Inserted bv his parents, «letm, and biotner«

MCI10ILS-In Joying mcniorv of mv dear brother Art who pa «ed ayvay September ¿1st,

1910 aged 2f> vc-rs

Gone is ney brother I loved «o dear, Silent t"*c yoice I loved to hear Too far away for fight or piecn

But not too fur for mv thoughts to reach

I could not place your hands upon your breast,

1 could not k's« vour brow But in mv adnu cr heart I allow

Dear Art ha« left us now

I do not knoyv the r>«,in he bor», »

I did not see him die

I onlv know he pare»d a-TI

And did not rav good bye

-Imerted by his loving sister Hi*»

JONES-In loving mcmorv of mr near grand mother, Mary "inn Jones, who died September 26,


Two vears have passed away, and Hill I miss you

»lords yvould fail my love to tell, But m heaven yve hope to meet,

Isis doeth oil thin~s -nell

-Inserted bj her loyng granddaushter, Elsie

\1 Ison

RO'S -Iii loving me-norv of mv dear husband William Ro»s who passed away at Macclesfiela on 2Sth Sopteirbcr, V\2

For I know whate cr befall me, Jesus doeth all things well

CHAPMAN -In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away 27th September 1901  

When days are long and friends are few,   Tis then dear mother, we long for vou.

-Inserted bv her loving daughter and son-in-law,     Jane and William Goodgame.

PETTET -In lovirg memory of my dear father, who dii-d at Meninzie, September 2b 1909

FathT i«- co-e, but not fo-iottcn,

As it dayvn« another year

In my lonely hours of thinking

Tliou2hts of father are alwavn dear

-Inserted be his loving daughter Alice ?69<lv

CV>\ -In living memorv of our dr-ar husband and father lehn Cox, who died at Clermnts Gip Scpt'irber "6, lil 2

No one In ITS h"*» much ne m «« him,

F-itnd* ma/ think the yvoind is healed, Tlev little knev, the sorro»

Dee» yuthm our heirt« ccncolrd

-Ii-ertpd bv his ln-mg wife I ann Cot, Cijslsl Tro'ik, and children. Sarah Toni ard Jack


COX -Ia loving mcrrorv of <rir dear ¡rrindfathcr, ivh3 died ot Cleramt's Gap Scptr-nbcr 20 l')12.

Cn tie m mind, raticnt in pam

Oi r di-r aT"ndf"fhrr I-f* i « h avon to gam

-Inserted bj his loving g-nnddacghtcr«, \ cn ar 1 I I«K 299rt\

TRUSCOTT - In loving memory of our dear grandma, who died at Clare on September 26,


If love and care could death prevent.

Your life on earth would still be spent .

-Inserted by her loving grandchildren Edgar and May. 269dx  

rQI"TRrS.-In loving remembrance oi my dearly loved httl« bov. William Alan who dud st n la klava, *.> tcmber 20, 1<K7 ag d 5 years 2 mon.hs

The midnight «cars are shining

I pon his lnrrH griye,

Wh"re sit«ping witr-mrt dreaming, Li"«- n«v 1 rv 1 lo«-ed «. d *r

Dearest Alan, thou hast left me,

f f ft a ncrld c pani in i car", Gore to hiaven to b an angel,

And a crown Oi glin wear D'il ng mi'd "nd g ntle,

nt«rc «¡«-d loyilv -s he Power«

Thm frcoi firm ha«f <irh i-»d d

But to bloom in Fden s hoyver»

-Inscrtt-d bv his loving mo her, E. cqunes. Bala

ki iv a

T Vi LOR -In loving memory of m v aear hus band and father. Thom«* Fen-y. who passed ayvay at Pcimv trret, Semaphore on september 26, 1911

Just three years ago to day,

How quicklr it ha« fled

Since my dear husband wa« called ayvay

And numbered with the dead

-Inserted bj his loving wife and c' 1 dren

STEPHENS -In fond and lonrg memorv of our dear daughter and si-ter, Hilda, who passed away at Parkside September 27, 1913 aged 27 j ears

and o nimths

Long days and night* she bore her pain,

lo yyait f^r cure w«s all in vain

But God alone He thought it best, To ease her pain and giye ber rest. \ She is gone but not forgotten,

She was always kind and true, Never murmured at her i-uffenng«,

No one knew wnat Bha went through

-Inserted by her loy ng parents and sisters, ~tvi Emily, Doll, and brother in law, M


STiPHrXS-In loving mrmorv of our dear sister Hilda, who died Scptimber 27, lilli

She (adid like a flower,

That ushered by slow dceav,

Kot cal'Cd in an untimely hair, «

B t slowlv pmrd awav

-Irra~t"d bv her loi ing aster and brother in law, .

\ 1 and A 1 Tiirnfr

STEPHENS -In loving memory of our dear sister, Hilda, who died 27th September, 1913

Her wcarv hours aid days oi pam,

Her trotrbled nights are ipzst,

The ever patient, worn out -rame,

Has found «weet rest at la t

-Inserted by hei loving sister and brother In law,

A and E. Rucell

STEPHENS.-ID loy ing mcmorv of our dear «l

ter, HiltU, who pas. ed awav on September 27,


She suffered much, but murmured not,

Physicians yycre m vain

Till God above In His greit loy o

Relieved her cf lier pain

-Inse ted bv her loving brother and si«ter în lavr. Ern and t-nilv

AWDEfW«. -In lovirg memorv of lanes, be loy ed hn»band and father, who passed away on September 27, W13

A pat ent sufferer at rest

Giye us the wings of faith to n«e

Within the veil and see,

Tile «amts above, how creat the r joys,

How Dnebt their glo-ies be

-Inserted *iy his loving wife and family

ANDERSON -In loving memory of our dear father James Anderson, called home September

27, 1913

The saints of God, Ine's vovage o'er. Safe landed on that blis'ral shore

No stormy tempests now thev dread, ?No roaring billows li t tnF r head, O, happy saints lor ever blc«t.

In that calm naven of their rest

-Inserted bv his loving daughter and son in law,  

P and J Dexter

HUCTS -IP loving memorv of dear Emma, who p-s^d awav September iê 1010

No sp-ce of time no lap«e of years,

Can dun our levrd one's nast, A lovT'g mcmorv hold« it dca.,

Afcci or« ho'd it fist

^-Inseitcd bv *-«r toying mother in law. C Huck» ari sor and daughter G and R Hucks

HI CKS -In lr« mg mi mon of dear Emma, yvho passed amj Scpli «liber Is, 1910

Leay« nT>7 yys»hrr fioyyrr« may die, If r*hi"rs forget you ney er y ih i

-Inserted bv her loyang sister is law, Chu



MR B1STOW and FAMUY desire to sincerelr

TH \NK all kind Friends for letters of svra palby, card«, teleeram«, and floral tribu'-c« in their sad bereavement al«o the Sister and Nur e» oi the Sisters" Hospital N v and especially Arch 'eacon O Ni I Dr« Todd and Gunson for their kind and nnren ittmg attention

THE HLSBAVD of the Ute Mre Ä V

TEAKLE of Lobethal, niohes to sincerdy THANK all kind friends for the floral tributes and kind expressions oi E>mpj.hy in his ]-U sad


MR and Mrs. FRANCIS of Fncounti- Bpv7>T'''h

to TH \NK the many I neilds for tve r kimi sympathy and floral tributes on the death of Mr« Robm-on a' o Dr Pit-hor and Nurse Reid, tor treir unr««rrittmg attention


Edwar'stown dr«iri« to TIIVNh all kind friend« for expression« of svmpathv flo-al tri

bute« and help in their recen* «ad bereavement, alfio doctors and nu-es of Albert ward