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INSPECT OUR NEW STOCK OF QUILTS. Prices from 10/9 each ; ldouble size. I. F. AITKEN. ALADDIN LAMPS, burn u. nI<"r C'ent air. For Sale at Malcolm's Sccond Hand Shop, Porcy Street.

TOBACCOS & CIGARETTES of the oest Brands at Jenkin's, Ben Snclk Steet ,

EXCESS FAT AND SCIATICA Short of Breath-Used to "Puff and Blow"

NOW GOES UP HILLS LIKE A STEAM ENGINE '" lun?ertnll weeks; . ago I had an tawvful attalk of ;ciatica in inly Thip. ;.'1. took; a large dote of Krllscheu , Stltis ever'y motrnhig, ianti after a week ltho plan ditsalllppe d. and sintt. thn,|lit hits not, iretirne!, thlanks to IlCrusehenI. VWeldl. when I taw Svwhat Kruitheltui halI:dine for m tiy hip, I salild to tyself : ' What about try ing -to loso some over-weight.' I am 5 ft.. 11 ins. in height, and lat at. in weiglht, or 70 lbs. more tha I should be. Well. this Iast. 13 weeks I have taken KIruncihen Halts regularly, and I ftoI it different Ibing. My wind andl action it prrnvtd wonrherfully-can tgo like a s?t?!lt enrginlle' tip i hill-wtthelrela I usedi to puff and btl low. uand had no breathl. Now I l?'ever know I anl on a hill. thely art all the sameu, aid I lam tint nearly as stout Iu I waIH." -It. H. (Curious. you muay tlhinkt,this double feert. of Krutuhen in ridding thel titer of sclatIca and excess fat, too. C(urious until you realise that. sfitit ica and exoesa fat are twit brothers. They have their commont canno In sluggish eliminating organs whllihhallow waste prodntlle tto i nll.ct.t and generalo dtnngerour, body poiJlsou . Amongso t fthose lpoI.sons itH rlic achl, which is invariably ansoinated with cilitica, rhIumatism, and kindred

complaints. Nature 1'Endr avourb to' irli Eve the EVLHt E-n lof hlkis p0olUon brii oiiher ling wiiiE materiall bEv storinlg It upI ill 1he tiHHEEI'M in fIic farmEEE of flit. '1hu six iiilts itn IEuseliEn sillEElnt.c tUirn inlt Prilull n organsE tIA prlopelr eElimiln-E ation 'IEE!v rllliS 1lo Jp'tIleE Of WiIletQ n Iiu ter I n lEIEiEI IaIwxpclhled andI to hIe tialnslflorme'IE by thu body'E cIErlEisj v i lit, PXEtEHH hlish. YOUr nslide, is kept cIela anlt serIIene; ulril acid is IlafIfolId noE CIEIEErP to frmE., 1 EtPEIEEE ch~niEEEEEIIPE morEEEEEvLeE, ITEEIEEI theP EdEIEir EIItoI of CIVleaI, refrt'eIeEZE bloodl to EIveEEy cell of youIr sYstemIE, conveVPIt inlg every veinE of VOle into aL tine torlrEnt of enecIrgy, tIlling every IlIhjE. oIf vIII) with thllatt " KrurpoEunn feeling " of filtcM. KE'EESChIeCE Heitl is ohtaElnlbhle of all UIluwiete nud Storcs at 3/11 per bottle.

( rte .` , (ý ý ýý ýý: ý ý .;' V

THE UNION TRUSTEE COMi PANY OFi AUSTRALIA, LTD (Established 1885). Authorised to act as EXECUTOR, TRUSTEE, ADMIN IS'T'RATOR, ATTORNEY, AGENT,. ETC. Subscribed Capital .. £250,000 Paid-Up .. .'. £187,500 Reserve Funds .. £56,000 Cash Guarantee held by, . State Government :£0;000' Victoria.--33 Collins 'Street, Melbourne. New South. Wales-i2 O'Connell Street,. Sydney.' : .Queensland--3i8 400 Queen St., Iriahnne. --., Pastorall, Frm anr: Stock: Inspe - tor-Alex. M. Nicolson : Trust Money to Lend. Correspondence' or Personal Inter views Invited;:: Write for full information. Melbourne Directiorte -- Sir James A. M. Elder, K.B.E. Chairman); Sir Daviid Ori?i? Miiss i on, K.B.E. (Vice-Chairman):; H. M.: Strachan, Bowes Kelley, Sir Rob'ert Gibson, K.B.E., 'Leland J. Greene, Sir George R. Falrbairn, K.B. .SAMUEIE, COOKE, Ge'neril Mcancgir. I CARit. ONI, & CU. L *I. I ents. STEAMERS' SAILINGS. Vcathler' and ,other circumsta:ncc permitting. SMELBOUR4E TO PORTLAND and. PORTLAND TO. MELBOURNE. .I S.S. CASINO-WEEKLY. (Passengers and Cargo,). For Sailng Dates, Freights aind - Passages, Apply to Agents:-:, DALGETY &'CO.," LTD.;: Phone No. 80. Portland,' BALLARAT PIG MARKET, SEvery Wednesday.. THE LEADING' SALESMEN. Crawford Dowling. PTY. LTD., Incorporating COLES AND PULLUM. Established 1856. Telephone 368, HIGHEST PRICES AND PROMPT RETURNS.". . Our District Agents are:- MRt. OLIVER -WHITE, Portland. MR. FRANK H. MOORE, Heywood MIR. C. C. BUCKNALL, Drik Drik. Trucks will leave Portland North I for Ballarat, picking up at Goriib, IToywood and Condah, on- MONDAY, JUL.' 11 th, Aund Fortnightly thereafter. NOTE Sheep and Cattle". Sales every Tuesday. Pig Sales. every 'Wcdnecsday'., Store and Dairy Cattle eveluy`Fii. day. W '.G Walpole LICENSED PLUMBER AND GASFITTER. Water Services laid on at the Cheap. eat Rates consistent with :good work. manship and Best .Quality Materitils. Hot Water and Septic Tanks a Spec. iality. I BATHS', BASINS, IK, &c., and all Plumbers' Requisites in stocl Workmanship Guaranteed, . and Estimates given Free..: ' ' No Job too big or too small. PERCY ST, PORTLAND. Phone 122. For. Perfect' Eye ComfortF---o EfficIent Service : Conlsult : FRANKi WRIGHT THE RELIABLE OPTICIAN GAWLER ST. (Next Mr. J. Kean PORTLAND. Mrn Wright will be in attendar?~c - - EVERY ' THURSDAY' ".j -,. EVERY THIURSDAY ?-: (Other Days by appointment only) Fron? 10,30 to' 43.80 p.m,. , LET 'WRIiGHT PRESCRIBE CORRECT .GLASSES. Rel?s'abl:e Clharges, :All Work G' :'uaranteed. , JH. AVERY, .Local Rjires'onta tiv In 'attedndance ' daily. GAWLER ST., PORTLAND;? (And? ait Cox St,, Port Fiilry.)." ICEI ' ICE"i'!' Having. been appointed' A' A NT for the HAMILTON ICE WORKS, I sin prepared to supply orders at.the shortest notice-Big or Small. B. AMOR, Portland. WHY BE WITHOUT A BED. ROOM SUITE, when you can pur chase a nice 3-piece from B.' F. AITKEN for £5/10/6 ?

F. , DIMONI, I GENE AL M.E. FCHANT I OILS.. BRAN. PAINTS. .:' ::':?.. POLLARD. BRUSHWARE. KEROSENE. GROCERIES., GLASSWARE. IRONMONGERY. FLOUR. " CHAFF.. CROCKERY. TINWARE. BENZINE. -. ETC., ETC. CUSTOMERS WAITED ON DAILY FOR ORDERS. PROMPT DELIVERY I I Phone 51. 11111- 111 11 1 i,1 1I-IIIIIIIImlll l: Weatherboards that will weather the _ weather Winter and Summer they're on the job, and they need to be good to stand "'u to the ele ments year after year. We carry" large stocks of good seasoned ;weatherboards of all kinds, and - can supply any quality at a mo _ ment's notice. 'G.E. ERREY & SON - ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS. HENTY STREET. Tel. Ptland. 109.. llulllIIIIIIIIIIIllulll ulI11 1 $ IIIIIIIIII Il$[I l llll $lllllI I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII SWIFT DEATH TO CATARRHII Yesterday's Trains are no good for To-Day's Journeys." Old ,methods have not 'arrested Catarrh's devastating' Toll.'-: .'A.New Scientific Dis:overy to Combait Deadly Catarrh. CATARRH- A -CUR E The use of this latest antd most wonderfuiil scientific: discohvely instantlyI loosens tie mucus and opens up the .whole of the;,delicate,., passages, : soothing the tender; inflamed lining of the nos08, throat, lungs and .stom ach. With the germs killed, inflammation: gone, quickly comes the blessed restoration to health arid strength. ',CATARRH-A-CURE, i un like any other remedy for this dangerous -and practically. universal swift. death-dealing complaint, is supplied to sufferers on, the hard-and fast. gunarhntec-NO CURE, NO PAY. NA/' Linament for Riheumatism.Also Sole'Manufacturer of "GOAN J. H. M A R L 0 W, Herbalist. OBTAINABLE ONLY FROM J. H. M A R'L O W, Herbalist. 40 RAGLAN STREET, J. I-I. M A R L 0O W, Herbalist. DARLINGTON, offl Ahrcronlllh St., SYDNEY.. ·I, :;'? ? W,:'!. " ?.? ' iM fAih . A ~f ' ' RIAL CUERa ACUUM PUMP DIESEL OIL ENGINE, RUNS MOREI SSMOOTIHLY. CLEANS MORE EASILY. MILKS. MORE RAPIDLY. SAVES MORE MONEY. Write inow for Catalogue and full particulars.of- (1).-The Imperial Cyclic Reciprocator. (2).-The Spelcial Vacuum phimp which eliminates the Vacuum Tank. S(3).-The. Claw Pulsator, which renders a separatte Vacueni Pipe unnecessary., (4).--The quick, gentle action? (5).--The Price Reduction" of JO r pei.cent;ot wh:ich l;rigsthe ALL SIZES FOR i 4 I DAIR S CATALOGUES T.REE & i ; .... Got Full Particular' .' A 'H: MicDoniald :& Co Pty. Ltd S-HOROOMS & WORKS--566574, Bridge Rd., RICHMONDI, I; Vie -:'!' B'Lnches at Sydney, South Brisbane, Adelaide and, perth. H.R. MUSGROVE & .SON 1,:;icensed Pilumbers & Gasfitters H.ot Water & Sanitary Engineers AL WORK COMPLETED IN MODERN AND UP-TO DATE STYLE, WITH DESPATCH AND THOROUGH WORK; MANSHIP. NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL, AND DISTANCE NO OBJECT. . . 'LET US. QUOTE YOU FOR CONNECTING 1OUR PRE. MISES TO THE TOWN WATER SUPPLY Workshop: Bentinck St. (Next Sailors' Rest) YOUR ENQUIRY, WILL RECEIVE OUR' PROMPT ATTENTION;.

""ONV1NGING was the remark of a doubmter when he.had se~ the rThe" M ON KEY"Grubber de l a M i-ased stump from the ground wist roots ltact-a thorog The handiness and simplirity of the qupment. and ema of opersA S an e r to him. With thn power of 260 s. mrPorability a sturdy desire and eilcleecy demonstratsd. he summed up in that one aoid The "Mooker" Grubber is standardised in detail, and Is full equtpei Or, hsel wie roel? to ftlr oer l acren from an tithor slump Th standard " uoles Imt ammorn SSh Block. Rote Shorlen.r. and pecial seure rope eTol For Efficient Grubbinl there sI onlr The"MON K EY"Grubber KNOW THEM ALL FROM THEZ JACK. PEOPLE TREWHELLA BRO5. PTY. LTD. TRENTHAM V •,y, PERFECT 1¶5VISION IA IANT. Qunlifleb Opt(ictatt GEELONG- /123 Ryri S. MELBOURNf E- 156 Collimu SL The ,World's Best Eye-Glasses:; Mr. S. 'I'. Marchant, of Collins street, Melbourne, and ltyre 'St., (;uehlog, after careful investigation during • his recent overseas teur thruugh Aimerica, lEngland, and the Continent, secured the very latest I:y'cghlt '"el' tiol, Appiarl tus, .and Ophthalnl.c Lenses. lie is nelt able to offer his cli:ents the benefit of I olilsg experience and the idlvantage if knowledge gailled, broad. lie will in future personally visit Po'r. land; bIringing with himn Dr. Woolf's wonderful ski-optometer with other quianeit. niever ipreviously' used outside thle' Metropolis: :PORTLAND.-MON.DA'Y, AUGUST 15th. (At Richmond Hotel) : A,'"pitmenieits Hmily be nmade at Martell's Pharmacy. JIHYWOODi:-TUESDAY, AUGUST 10thl (10 a.m. till 2.p.m;.) D)ARTMOOR:-TUESDAY, 'AUGU ST 10th (2 till 5-p.ni.) RICHARD S & CO. Ilallaitat. The most famous Studio in Australia. ~ Bouquets Veils, Wreaths, Etc.;, supplied in Latest Styles. New Bclikgrouncls otec., for weddin,, Photos. ENLARGED PHOTOS A SPECIALTY.:,, Rich ards and Co. ATTS 'R 10 Sturt Streeoot, Ballarat (opposite our old Premises.) THE DRAPER. PERCY STREET PORTLAND. Wishes, toi innounce his . SPECIAL REMNANT WEEK . S:: PECIAL REMNANT' WEEK, SPECIAL REMNANT WEEK, NOW ON. { NOW ON NOW ON. . ' ..: NOW ON. ... .A .LARGE ASSORTliENT OF I?'1ANNELS, -TWEEDS, . WOOL. DE-CHENES,.ETC., IN HA&DY LENGTHS SUITABLE FOR KID. DIES' AND:. LADIES' FROCKS;, AL ' TO BE CLEARED AT RIDICU LOUSLY LOW PRICES. SHORT. LENGTHS OF SILK;' COTTON FUJI, CAMBRICS, CAL ICOES, SHEETINGS, ETC., THAT MUST BE CLEARED. WATCH OUR `WINDOWS.. PORTLAND BOX 56. . PHONE 73. . PERCY STREET PORTLANP (Lab Oshotrne Bros.) Family and Shipping Butchers. ;:Meat :Always aStdocked in Season. : Slaughtering Dono Daily. 0:'i:: Or'Motto Is--"Strive to Please and Civility." : Or lel. e by Ir in'Cerefully Pacted antd attended to. Glyvt sa Triril. . . .All Blildings;'Shop, Factory and Slanughterhouse Reneqedw and AP provedl.of ~i the Inelhectors of the.Publle H-ealth Departmenti: 'TERMS 'MON''HLY . Phone 46. :

NOT'ICE. RIFLE PRACTICE takes place at the Ranges, South Portland, on *Every Monday," Wednesday and Saturday until July 81st, 1982. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. A Red Flag will be hoisted at the mast head of a flagpole near the targets one hour before and during the time such rifle practice is to be carried out. All ships and boats should be kept at a distance of at least half a mile from the line of Are for a distance of 8,000 yards from the beach. By Order. S. TAYLOR, Ciaptain, Portland Rifle Club. 22/8/81. QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT. Speoialist Taxation Returns, Busi ness investigation, etc. Lowest charges. Confidential. Enquir ies "'Accounts," this office. .

DARTMOOR GARAGE. vi, Nv.,. Spencer. Sole District Agent for Ronsl3dho Tippet. Repairs of all descdP' tions guaranteed. Agent for : Overland Vic. Prop. Willys Knight. ' Whippet Cars. Depresion Prices : Shoeing, R7/ Removals, 4/6. BLACKSMITHING ALSO DONE. NOTICE. "WE, the undersigned, wish to not ify the public of Portland and Dls? trict that we will undertake BORI ING by the day or by the foot, and trust we will receive a good share of patronage. :'JENNINGS & SPIKEN, Gawler Street. Portland.

Beecham's Pills' are good for MEN Suffject to LIVERISHNESS .VCery Ialln1 kinows, whulat it is to feel Liverish. Thnlt \ "Codted" To"'cnc -e ..the feeling thaI 'Life's no g.ood ' ..the lanck of in Icrest in work.. lhe inability to fai"y Complexion and Dull, LaIk Lustre Eyes and Irowning feces. Thesn signs are far 1io cvmrolliin. Me- I You need Beechnnm's Pills, Ito I And you will Ire surirised what a difference they will make to )(lJ. You should never he liverish. It shows hant you are llhI;wing ur ysem to become Lax and Irregular, 'uhorig uu may not suIrpert it, your Elim-. natory Organo orw nt rmin, their duty. t'utko t?teeth uii'o ''Ot-N|t;It'1' null l,,I etter 1 trC I| ruirrtu I r I,.l' thurl Plr a rify ul W. L et" 31 tI1'1.- Systr i nd :Iltlluxtsm fot l Lift I Y * 0 1 Let us Tailor lour 0 Costume It wsill itI perfectly, 0 be author ative in a style , and Fave that a tailored in SiviIttality ' which 3is ticrguisfie s a it from th e metiocre: a een -?0 Choose from a 0oo) Suits rom £6-10-0 @OOIBftlOO@ @ (e'S rti?8flt3,f@ GOLF BALLS and all Golfers' Re uisits atv insh';oBentinck Street (o a the way to the litnks.) RABBJT, TRAPS, T'onts, Sleep-out, andi Beltiki g.-'Mal"' olmhhn , o?Se. d lind Shop, ,