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Wreck of the Casino. Ten Lives Lost. Whilst lying alongside the Apolo Bay jetty on Sunday morning, thl well-known coastal steamer Casino, on her way from Melbourne to Portland, struck the bottom of the .ocean, owing to the rough seas, and broke her back. The captain pulled off some distance from the pier in the hope of saving the ship, but this was found hopeless, and two boats were 'immediately laun. ched. In all, nine persons were saved out of a total complement of 0 on board, principally owing to the her. oic efforts of the people on shore. Sufficient of the crew remained on board in an endeavor to beach the vessel, but in the effort to turn the !ship's head to-the shore, the heary breakers broached her and she heeled over and eventually sank. Several managed to regain the ship, but, only one-the cabin boy-. was eventually saved. The captain reached the shore, but collapsed and succumbed to exhaustion. * 'Those who were lost were: Captain M, iddleton, Messrs. Dye. ny, Foley Senr., Murray, Mulcahy, Thompson, Cowan, Clarke, Kirk. patrick, the stewardess (Mrs. Gill, who had been in service on the boat for the past 40 years.) Two passengers were on board the vessel, one being the daughter of an employee at the Richmond Hotel, wvlo was -nmaking her return trip from the city to Portland by the vessel, while her mother returned by rail. -These were both rescued. Theo disaster has :.created wide. spread regret, as the Casino was so well known'right around the Vic. torian coast as a most trustwothy, and safe craft, having been on thLe trade service'for. just on fifty years., The Amy Johnson; one of the Port Fairy fishing fleet, has been u??ileart :of:sincei last Friday. She: l'eftherhomit:e port in charge of idi:,' Os a td t# go fishing is tithe .vibcinity ofiBridgewater Bay, an passed .he Cape Nelson lighthous:': irn a westerly direction. The last seen of the. little vessel was on Fril day: evening off the Cape Northumin berland lighthouse, travelling east ,wards, and grave hopes are enter.:. tained as :to thee safety of the boate..s ' Mr.iDarlei,. the ovrner of the crafti was. in Poo tlind yesterday, andd' he ? is greatly; concerned- for the ·el.1 fae: of: those ,on board,', Mr. Olsee being?,!a 'e:ati ,teive of.his' No ,signs the boat or its occipants are to be seen along the conast;, aid: earch psr.: ties;are still patrolling .the vicilnity of:: Bridgewater ;:Bay; and its sour roundings in the hope that the nio;'e may :have 'beachedd the' craft, in in5 ,effort to escaie 'the storm. It is 'quite po.ssible that :they ,:may bharei returned to-the;' vestward?inan en endeavor' to ',seeksheler at BA 'port, on thie Softth ,Australian side;