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Wanted.--10,000 Xmas Puddings. The State Relief Committee is making an. appeal to the housewives o fVictoria to make 10,000 Christmas puddings. This Committee is help. i ing very materially to provide the actual necessities of life for thous ands of unemplloyed men and their dependects,- and the residents of Victoria, generally, are rallying to the .aid of the committee. Mer chants, manufacturers, farmers and the general public are providing the means to feed distressed people. whose far,, however, has been up to the present restricted to the barest necessities. And now the women folk are offered an opportinity~'?"~ help in a way that will provide less fortunate pedple, with proof that Christmas time is indeed a time .of goodwill to men. "Trade in Portland Week." If the anrticipations of the lbcal Traders' Association Committe, handling the niovement are correct, next Wednesday will see the whole of the local business places being dollee up for the big event of .-the year, "The Trade in Portland-Week." That evening, at 7.30 p.m., when the white way lighting is turned on, and the other traders light up their win dows, surprising displays of all kinds will be thrown open to the public gaze. Biargains to tempt the niost exacting customers will be shown; ant it is expected that local folk gener ally will turn out to see for theop selves just what all this publicity is about. Children at the local school are- already very interested in the essay competitions, which close on Thursday nert, the results being pub lished in this paper on Monday next, Practically every trader in Portland has joined in the scheme, and the promoters are very pleased with the results so far obtained.' The chief slogan for the week is "Portland Goods for Portland People. 'Trade in Portland." Another general slo gan that will be extensively used will he "Always trade where your wages are made." Following the, usual trading . cu~s-i som the Stafr iii releasing a ..oatutie; "On Approval'. fdrbTrade in Po?llanti Week." Members of ;the Centenary Com mittee are advised that at meeting is to be held to-night in the town haill, to discuss progress report and general bIusiness:. 'We learn that one of the first re sults of Trade in Portland Week is the :publishing of 'a new paper. in Portland, a copy of which will be dis tribited into every. house in Portland during next. week-end.