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Sundries for Winter Wear --0- Clothes semn to have grown very affectionate over the past months (writes Georgia Iivers, fashion ex pert of the "Australian Journal") ; more and more of them show an in clinatlion, to clasp their owners round the nIck. I cannot remember a time when there were so many high a:,, charming neck lines.• If l. were k,,ing away for a. trip, and wanted to travel as lightly 'as possible, 'I'd' choose for, my afternoon frocks two 'fairly high, close-fitting neck bands. and then pack a box full 'Zof all the collars I could lay my hands on. Elven the coats are following the same idea. Quite a number of them are buttoned across ,ltheo hel with a delightful swagger, and ill 1.1. ;capes, of course, fasten at the neck Speaking of capes,' have you yet bought one of the long rubber ones They are not made of the ordinary rainproof material, but of smootl' rubber, like a -bathing-cap, and car be bought in' practically all colors; They aro very popular at present, probably because of their lightness and cheapness. Being long, they give plenty of protection 'from th! rain. • They are finished at the neck wvith a flat neck-band or a tiny collar, and I have seen quite a number worn over tweed over-coats for extra pro tection. I should imagine they would prove very handy to golfers, for they could be rolled into almost no space in a bag, and could be eas ily flung over the shoulders after playing a shot. Though a full round might be tiresome in a floating cape, they would be decidedly preferable to soaked shoulders should a sud dun shower come down. The Collar Craze. As for collars, the city teens with them. Tiny rolled things like our grandmothers wore-the sort of col lares that the word "natty" might have been invented, for-large, branching affairs, firm to the neck, bult spraying out in scallops or squares over the shoulders, heavy, wlite quilted ones (these are par ticularly smart just now, and, worn with cuffs of the same material, should make almost any plain, dark frock look distinguished), ruchings. collars, stocks, bibs made of every pleatings, Chinese collars, Peter Pan nmaterial from lame :to linen, big bows at the base of the neck, flowers jalbots-these are only a few of the varied neck-lines that are making th newly-dressed windows look so very chArming at. present. v'oollen Jackets Follow Suit. Sports clothes have joined in this follow-the-leader game, and very few V leecks are seen on the newer tables. ' The Puritan pullover is a very' demure affair. To its rount' neck is . attached a narrow frill of white or contrasting wool. Below this, in front,-. are two 'other little frills, one exactly above the other, while smallero ines are inserted in the sleeves to give the impression of a cuff. We.. have all grown so used to the word "pullover," but'we will have to drop it, if sports clothes con tinue as they are going at present, for most of the new woolies do not pull' over the head but button to the necks, which makes them very handy indeed, for, if you don't wan' to give the impression that you are hbout to stride out into a wild and windy blast, you can leave the top butbons open, insert a dainty front and feel ready to preside over an af ternoon ten table. 'The gypsy jacket 'is a charming thing. ' Made in brilliant colors and buttoned to the neck, it has a hand kerchief scarf knotted in front and slipped through two little slots. Others have scarf collars fitting tightly to the neck with the end of the scarf falling to the waist. Others, again, are finished with charming collars andi cuffs after the style of a frock. More Recruits. Even the evening frocks are trend ing in this direction. The high boat necks lend themselves to very 'effec tive shoulder-.rnaments, and the oc casional collared neck 's as chic a thing as any' first-with-the-latest maiden coull ldesire. It really ap pears as if we women were dloing penance this autumnn for the scanty beach-nttlre for which we were re proved so severely last sumnmer. What a pity that all penances aren't such piretty and apllroprinte ones