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"HOME, SWEET HOME." A railway journey very often is a tiresome duty, but such could not be said of the ride on the long, splen didly equipped train that swiftly brought the home comers on Tues day. Well over three hundred ex iles boarded the train at Spencer Ft., and everyone was in high festive mood eagerly looking forward to a happy time in the old town. The secretaries of the Old Boys had very commendably reserved a few com partments for the convenience of re presentatives of the Henty family, of whom several made the journey. A sensation was caused when, as the train was moving from the platform, an elderly Old Boy was seen rushing along the platform, and had it not been for the promptitude of Guard Lear in applying the brakes, Mr. G. Dusting would have been left be hind. Many of the passengers in dulged in singing to pass away the time ; others had a quiet game of bridge, but the majority were busy passing along from compartment to compartment renewing friendships made in the early days of their so journ at Portland. It was found that the exiles were coming from all parts of Australia, and one from as far afield as San Francisco, Cali fornia, U.S.A., in the person of Mrs. Wm. Archibald (nee Eva Barton). Several octogenarians were on the train, and three noticed in a few moments were Mr. Geo. Tytherleigh, Mr. Tom Miller and Mr. Bill Frost. At all the larger stations along the line a fresh lot of ex-Portlanders boarded the train, and these were greeted with rounds of cheers by the Melbournians. Many thousands of trains have pulled into the pier station over the last fifty years, but it may safely be said that Tuesday's special carried the brightest, happiest and most cheerful cargo that had ever been brought to Portland. The exiles are home and happy. The names of those who re turned on board the train were:- Mrs. H. Alexander (nee Jessie Dusting), 63 Creswick St., Foot scray ; Miss Mary Anderson, Dande nong ; Mr. S. Andrews, 126 Grev ille St., Prahran ; Mrs. A. J. Ash fold (nee May Allen), East Mal vern) ; Miss Annita Balfour, Vic toria House; Miss J. Bannam, 270 Bridport St., Albert Park ; Mr. Chad: Barclay. 270 Bridport St., Albqrt Park ; Jessie Barclay, 270 Bridport St., Albert Park ; Miss Brows ter, Henty St ; Miss U. Beauglehole, 48 William St., Brighton ; Mrs. Al bert Bedson (nee Issie Harvey), East Brunswick; Miss B. Bennett, Sun bury ; Mrs. W: E. Bennett ; Dr. Bis hop ; Mrs. Bostock, 96 Darebin St., Thornbury ; Miss M. Bostock, 96 Darebin St., Thornbury ; Mrs. C. Brame (nee Maddock) ; Mrs. H. Bor wick (nee Maddock) ; Mrs. W. Mc Leish (nee Maddock) ; Mrs. C. Bras sington, .19 Harold St., Hawthorn East ; Mr. Joe Brown, Box Hill ; Mrs, L. C. Broune (nee Doris Patterson ; Mr. J. C. Burnett, Camberwell ; Mr. E. Callander, Eaglehawk; Mr. S.



Cathels ; Mrs. W. J. Chaffer, 71 Youngman St., Preston ; Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, Fairfield ; Mrs. L. Clark, 52 Croydon Road, Surrey Hills ; Mrs. A. Coates (nee Howard), 17 . Wakefield St., Glenferrie ; Mr. F. G, Conrau, 12 Coronation St. Brunswick; Mrs. G. Conrau, ; Miss F. M. Cox ; Mrs. A. J. Falkingham Mrs. E. Creed (nee Nelson) Mrs. Cumberland (nee Patterson) Mrs. H. Darby (nee Frost), 21 Vail Street, Armadale ; Mr. F. Davis, Hampton ; Mrs. F. Davis ; Mr. E. A. Davis, 'Nassau," Coburg ; Mrs. C. H. Dowling (nee Wyatt), 492 Lr. Mal vern Road, Darling ; Mrs. Diener (nee Seaton), 64 Malvern St., Mal vern ; Mrs. J. Dimond (nee Tot Pot ter), 9 Walker St., Prahran ; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Doherty, Brisbane (Q.) ; Mr. and Mrs. O. Dolphin, 123 Wil liamstown Road, Seddon ; Mrs. W. Donovan (nee O'Brien), West Mel bourne ; Mr. J. Dunbar, Morrinson St., Hawthorn ; Mrs. W. J. Dunne (nee Lizzie Stevenson), 7 Yuille St., Ballarat ; Mrs. Arthur Dusting (nee L,ouie Patterson), Richmond ; Mr. G. Dusting, 70a Ormond Road, Moonee Ponds ; Mr. R. M. Dusting, Deer Par;k ; Mrs. Susan Dusting (nec Pat tortrin); -Footscray,; Mrs. Percy Dus ting, .12 Ripert St., West Footscray ; M1rs. J. H. Falkingham (nee Ann Jones) ; Mrs. G. J. Fordham (nee Esther Frost), 438 Lygon St., Carl ton; Mr. Thomas Forster, 111 Hot ham St., East Melbourne ; Mrs. A. Fraser (nee Tot Spikin), 62 Moore St. Footscray ; Mrs. W. C. A. Free, Leitchville ; Mr. and Mrs. W. Frost. 172 Camberwell Road, Camberwell ; Mrs. Stan Glasson (nee Floss Wad more), Caulfield ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Graves, 202 Lennox St., Richmond; Mrs. J. Gunner (nee Tot Lister), 110 Croydon Road, Surrey Hills ; Miss Nellie Hurdie, 118 Stewart St., East Brunswick; Mr. T. Hardie, 18 Marl ton Crescent, St. Kilda ; Mrs. B. T. Harlock, Eastern Beach, Geelong; Mrs. R;. Harmer (nee Flo Guy), Gar denvale ; Mrs. H. Harrison, 11 Rus kin Road, Sth. Camberwell ; Mrs. C. Hart, Rosebery ; Mrs. Haskins, 59 Lincoln Road, Essendon ; Miss V. Haskens ; O. J. Hawkins and daugh ter, Goroke ; Miss M. Healy ; Mrs. Leslie Heazlewood, Arnold St., Sth. Yarra ; Mrs. Graham Henty Balfour, Victoria House ; Mrs. Margaret Henty, JP., 7 Peace St., Glen Iris ; Mr. Steven Henty, Melbourne ; Mrs. Arthur Henty, Devon St., Heidel berg; Miss C. Hill, 29 North Road, Newport ; Mr. Harry Hill; Mr. T. J. Hill, 320 Melbourne Road, Newport ; Miss L. Hill, 20 North Road, New port ; Mrs. W. F. Hocking, Mentone ; Mrs. E. Hornidge (nee Seaton), 14 Moore St., North Brighton ; Mrs. R. Howard (nee M. Dunne), Brougham St., Ballarat ; Miss Lily Hutchinson ; Mrs. A. C. Taylor ; Mrs. Albert James, Kangworthy Estate, Ivanhoe ; Miss J. James ; Mrs. John Jenkins, Palmer St.; Portland ; M. and I. Jen kins, Warrandyte Road, Ringwood ; Mrs. D. Jenkins, Ringwood ; Miss Ed ith Jennings, Fairfield ; Mrs. G. Jew ell, Albert Part ; Miss Irene Pill; Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Joslin (nee Christensen) ; Mr. J. Johnston, 29 Ford St., Newport; Mr. R. H. John ston, Portland ; Mrs. F. E. Kiel (nee G. Worsdell), 37 Coppin St., East Malvern ; Mrs. Kittson, 82 Kinkira Road, Hawthorn ; Mrs. Knight (nee Alice Arkell), Sandringham ; Mr. J. Lanegon ; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lear : Mrs. .J. Little (nee Ellen Leary), 61 Claremont Avenue, Malvern ; Mrs. D. Livingstone, Hurd St., Portland Mr. A. C. Long, Bendigo ; Mrs. A. Cr Long (nee A. Clay), Bendigo; Mrs. P. Lonsdale, 15 Charles St., Seddon : Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Long ; Mr. Angus Martin, 35 Macgregor St., East Mal vern ; Mrs. O'Connell (nee Kate Shine), 28 Nelson Road, Sth. Mel bourne : Mrs. Allan McDonald Rly. Station, Millgrove o; Miss Flora Mac Donald. 104 Darebin Road, North

cote ; Mrs. J. McIntyre (nee Vi Beg len), Preston ; Nurse Mclntosh (nec Esther Feary), Erasmus St., Surrey Hill ; Mr. Harry Maddock, Chiltern ; Mrs. Marchment, 110 Pearson St., West Brunswick ; Mrs. R. Sanderson (nee Irie Matthews) ; Mr. T. H. Mc Guiness, 45 Alfred St., Prahran; Mr. A. M. McCann ; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maddock ; Mrs. A. Martin, "Sandilands," Portland ; Mrs. L. Moulder, 11 Bailey Av., Preston Mrs.. Murray, C.W.A. Camp, South Portland ; Mrs. John Nugent (nee Mary O'Brien), Albert Park ; Mrs. Smith (nee Kitty O'Keefe), 475 Col lins Street, Melbourne; Mrs. W. Pearson (nee Winnie Frost), 172 Camberwell Road, Camberwell ; Mrs. A. M. Parratt, 49 Urquhart St., Hawthorn ; Miss M. Pratt, 13 Chats worth Road, East Prahran ; Mr. J. I. Pearson, 35 Bay Road, Sandring ham ; Mrs. A. S. Morton, Elwood ; Miss Amelia O'Brien, Camberwell ; Mr. Frank O'Brien, Camberwell ; Mrs. Arthur Rafferty (nee Roy Looker) and daughter ; Mrs. P. Rawlings (nee Frost), 30 Thames Street, Box Hill ; Mr. Thomas Rob inson, 60 Castlemaine St., Yarra ville ; Mrs. Ii. Rowlands (nee Nina M. Heazlewood), Oakleigh ; Mr. Ar thur Rogers, 75 Glen Huntly Road, Elwood ; Mrs. T. Roseman (nce B. Gorton), 59 Shaftsbury St., Coburg West ; Mrs. Quinton, Kew ; Mrs. W. Rolph (nee Lily Guy), Sydney ; Mr. John Sampson; Mrs. G. H. Saward (nee Carrie Clark) ; Mr. E. G. Sedg wick ; Mrs. Shrives, Caulfield ; Mr. R. A. Sibte, 11 Brougham St., Box lill ; Mrs. D. M. Sims, Orbost ; Mrs. Arthur Sims (nee Beryl Heazle wood), Lang Lang ; Mr. Frank A. Smith, Bundaberg (Q.) ; Mrs. E. T. Smith (nee McDonald), Orbost; Isabella Smith, Hawthorn ; Mrs. A. Southern (nee Annie Osbourne); Mrs. F. Spence, 16 Erindale Avenue, Ripponlea, Melbourne ; Miss L. Stewart, St. Arnaud ; Mr. H. C. Staf ford. Williamstown ; Mrs. I. Stevens (nee Gavin), Port Melbourne ; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Stuchbery, 38 Lan dale St., Box Hill ; Mr. Albert Tay lor ; Mr. O. M.- Taylor, Portland ; Mrs. Tangey, Toorak, Melbourne ; Mr. Edward G. Terrill, 712 Inker man Road, Caulfleld: Mrs. E. G. Terrill (nee Annie HIousen), Caul field ; Daisy Theisinger, 21 Hunting tower Road, Malvern ; Mrs. L.R. Tindale (nee Gladys Kurtze), Lans downe Road, St. Kilda ; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tonkin, 7 Sydney St., Arma dale; Mrs. A. Touts (nee Campbell), 11 Abergeldie St., Dulwich Hill, Syd ney ; Mrs. J. Trenear, Pascoe Vale Miss Trend, Canterbury ; Mrs. Tul loch, 73 Albert St., Nth. Williams town : Mr. George Tytherleigh Mr. R. J. Tytherleigh, Caulfleld Mrs. G. Tytherleigh ; Mrs. Upton (nee L. Patterson), Abbot St. Sand ringham ; Mrs. W. Vinicombe (nee Eileen Barton), Bentleigh, Melb. ; M. Wadmore, "Glen Iris," Melb. Mrs. Warbreck, Brunswick Heads, N.S.W. ; Mrs. L. Williams, Ballarat ; Mrs. Williamson (nee Fanny Frost), 45 Victoria St., East Brunswick Mrs. E. Woodhouse (nee E. Holmes), Plenty, via Diamond Creek.