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O- bituary. MRS..G. K, BEST. One of those extreniely ad occur. rences, which .periodically hupper and spread .sadness over the c.om munity, occurred, in - the death of Mrs. G. K. Best, which took place on Sunday morning (says the Warrack. nabealc "le'ald.'!) The family has had ceaseless trouble for some con. siderable time, one sadnces coming on top-of another witlh a flreqa:nry few people have had to withstand. Not very long ago Mr. Best lost his brother by death, and this was fol. lowed soon afterwards by the sad loss of a 'promising son, which ce. curred only two Imonths ago and is still fresh in the minds of the plo. pie. - Mrs. Best; who was 1ot in a good state of health during the ill ness of her son, insisted on nursing him, which she did most devotedly during his lengthy illness, and his death left a great weight of sorrow on her mind. This, no doubt, as sisted to weaken her constitution, and recently she became ill. On Saturday morning an operation was imperative. This was successfully performed, hut on Sunday she sud. denly collapsed and passed away from heart failure. H1er death, following closely on that of his Iro ther and son, is a heartrending blow to Mr. Best, who through all his trouble has- shown a great deal of courage and fortitude. The late Mrs. Best, who was a nitive of lHey. wood, was 53 years of age anld was one of those good-natured, kindly. hearted and lovable mothers who in. variably gain'the respect and esteem of those with whom they come in contact by their sweet nature and godly Christian character. She had made many close friends in Warracknabeal who are sorror. stricken at her sudden demise. The late Mrs. Best was devoted to her home and family, to whom she gave the best of her life, and had broight up her children in an atmosphere of godliness and Christian homeclinesi. She had proved a most devoted and loyal wife and helpmate throughlut her married life, and her tender, lov ing, and true motherly characlerbL tics will ever' remnain a leatiful memory to her .orrow-stri:l;cen hus band and family. In addition to the recently deceased son, the family comprises- another son 18 years of age and two girls (twin-) aged 12 with the husband left to mourn the loss of a loving and devoted mother. To the grief-stricken husband and sorrowing family the deepest sym pathy of a wide circle of friends and acquaintances is sincerely tendered, and deepened by the overwhelming sorrow that .has been the family's great misfortune in so short a time. Tile remains were interred in the Warracknabeal cemetery. The casket, which was covered with beau tifu! floial tolens, was carried to its last resting place by Messrs. G. Ber ryman (Heywood), H. C. Bevan, F. Best (Heywood); Lyle Mlrslhman, S H. Toll and Matthews (lleywood), and the pall-bearers were Messrs. A. Blake. A. Symes, .K. Schreck, IL Nicholls, S. Sharp, II. Gil!, L. Becan, bI Todd. Among many mute to kens of sympathy were beautiful whleqtlis from the members of the Methodist choir, Methodist Young Ladies' Bible Class, rMethodist Young Men's Bible Class, and imeilmbers and adherents of the olethodi· Churt The death has occurred of M31 Hannah Barr, who, at the ripe old ago of 80 years, passed away at her residence the Lyons P.O., on Friday evening last. The deceased ladv was well known and highly re spected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances throughout the Lyons and Greenwald districts, of which she was a resident for over fifty years. She, with her husband, kept the first and only hotel in thet. part of the State, and since er hus band's death 25 years ago catered for the wants of the travelling lorse and bullock teams to and from the South Australian border. Dinners and tea were available at all limes to the travelling public, until the ad. vent of the motor car. There were eight children of the miarriage- William J. (Portland), Beatrice (Mrs. Baulch, Koroit), Ethel (Ma. Creen, Ouyen), Alex, Ernest J. (Lyons), Lottie (lMrs. Barber, Branxholme), Herbert and George (Lyons), to whom we extend our deep sympathy'in their sad Iereaove ment. The funeral cortege (which was an exceptionally large one) left the Lyons P.O. on Sunday afternoon to proceed to the Heywood cemetery, it being joined on the way by largo number of Heywood residdnls The service at the graveside vas conducted by the Methodist minister at Heywood, while the mortuary r" rangements were carried out by dr, B. L. Wilkins, of Portland. Another old Portland native hIs passed away in the perso of Mir G. Wright, whose death took place et Hamilton recently. Deceased '5 born at Portland and resided here till her husband pre-decesed her about twenty-seven years ago, after which she removed to lanmilto· She was a daughter of the late al. James and Mary 1taunain, andl hs a sister residing at Ilamnilton, while two sisters and a brotl.her live It Portland. lHer husband's parenti were anlong the early pioneere of the Bridgewater district, and 'll were highly respectede, as wav the diceased, who wias well kIno"" to a large circle of acqunaintances "ro children, Mlary andl Jumes, survive their mother. The remainls were, conveyed to Portland and lail 10 rest beside those of her Ilusband, Rev. Father Cain, of All Sain conductina the burial service, a" Mr. Greed, of Hamilton, lhaving the Inortuary arrangements.