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His Excellency the Governor will for Imally open the Agricultural Show at


Sir Samuel Way reached Melbourne from Sydney yesterday, and will leave by the express to-day for Adelaide, arriving here to-morrow morning.

A special congregation of the Adelaide University will be held at the Town «Hall ou Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock for the puipose of conferring degrees on visiting members of the British A&ioeiation for the Advancement of Science. It is hoped that the Chancellor (Sir Samuel Way) will be able «to be present to confer the degrees on . the distinguished' visitors. The following gentlemen will receive degrees:-Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Charles Lucas, Professors Hud- son Beare (who was one of the first gradu- ates in arts at the Adelaide University, and is now a professor at the Edinburgh uni ' versify, Sallas, Penck, Brown, Jun ¡gersen, Juritz, von Lusejiun, Ellior , Smith, Coleman, Howe, and David (of the ' Sydney University).. It has not yet been « finally decided «what particular degree each

member will receive.

Air. Henry Gullett. ALL.C., died on Tuesday morning at his residence, Wah j roonga. New South Wales. Not long ago he met with an accident, hut it was hoped that he was recovering, and the news of his death was received with surprise, as well as deep regret. Mr. Gullett had a [long and distinguished career in Australia j as a journalist, and was at one time edi-

tor of the "Daily Telegraph," and. later on, one of the directors of the company. He was appointed a member of the Lcgis I latiré Council in July, 1908.

Commander S. A. Pethebridge, secrctary to the Commonwealth Defence Department, reached Adelaide from South Africa on Monday by -the Ascanius, and left for 'Mel- bourne" by the .express on Tuesday after- noon. He has been on two months' holi- day -leave, and ha»' just returned from Cape Town, where he went to meet his wife on .her way out from England. Commander Pethebridge will resume dirties in Mel- bourne on «his.arrival, feeling much bene- fited by his holiday.

At a recent meeting of the Echunga District Council Mr. Alfred von Doussa was unanimously reappointed clerk. During his 43 years' service as clerk of the council Air. von Doussa has attended P50 meetings, and never, through - ill health, or any other cause, had he

bc-en absent on ne.

The position of assistant «tatiorrmastcr at the North-terrace railway-station, ren- dered vacant by the promotion of Air. H. Davies to the Port Adelaide office, has been secured by Air. W. Pickering, of Pmnaroo. The latter officer han been located at Pinnaroo for about four years, and has been associated with the railway ,-ervice since 1SS5. He was, previous to being sent to Pinnaroo, in charge of the Tarlee station for several years, and is a popular officer.

Mr. Alfred Day. of Echunga, the pre- sent chairman of the Echunga District Council, lia.«, «been connected with that body for 24 years. He has acted as chairman for l8 years.

The trustees of the will of Air. Frederick Sison have intimated that the following charities are entitled to legacies:-Minda, Orphan Home, and the District Trained Nursing Society. The treasurers of the institutions named should apply at_ the offices of Messrs. Alonîden & Sons, Eaglc Chambers. King William-street, Adelaide,

for payment.

There are many good stories told of the third son of thc'Kiug find Queen, who re- cently celebrated' his fourteenth birthday, apd who is'regarded as the humorist of the Royal Family. On one occasion his cider .brothers were discussing their future careers. The Prince of Wales boasted that he intended to .be a great general. Prince Albert said he intended to win un- dying fame as an admiral. When the two boys had exhausted the glories of their own careers they turned to their younger 'brother, who had been listening quietly and patiently to the intended exploits of his ciders. ""What are you going to do, Henry ?" he was asked. Prince iHenry thought hard for a minute, then" he said quietly, "I think I'll just stay at home and point out to people all the great things you arc doing-in case they don't notice them." "

Al the 'Foresters' Hall, Port Adelaide, this evening a complimentary social anti présentation will be tendered to Mr. W. W..T-eslie" by his old scholars. Air. Leslie conducted one'of the first- educational in- stitutions at Port Adelaide, and is now 90 years «of agc. '

Alderman Frederick Johnson, the Mayor of Charters Towers, a brother of Mr. Frank Johnson, an ex-Afayor of Ade- laide, has «been' selected by the Liberal Association as a Senate candidate for Queensland. Mr. Johnson's- father came to South Australia in 1853, and for some years was an alderman of-the City Coun- cil. He was subsequently returned to the House of A-ssvembly for West Ade- laide, and held the seat during two Par- liaments. Air. Frederick Johnson was born in Adelaide in 1857. He was edu- cated at the Prince Alfred "College; and was one of the scholars present at the opening. He was indentured to the iron- mongery trade. Air. Johnson went to Sydney, and in 1880 landed in Towns- ville. In 18S3 he started in business as an ironmonser and building contractor, and has continued the business since. He was elected an aldermau of . Charters Towers in 1856, and was mayor in 1894, 1903, and 1913. in addition to the pre sont year. Mr._ Johnson unsuccessfully stood for the Kennedy division at the .Federal elections in 1903 and 1906 against the Hon. C. Afc-Donald. At the last Slate elections for Queensland he stood for tile Queenton seat and was defeated by the sitting member, Air. Vernon Win- stanley.

At the meeting of the Liberal Union at Murray Bridge on Monday night Mr. AIcEwan, on behalf of the delegates who attended the conference of the Afurray district, presented the Hon. J. Cowan, AI.L.C-. president of the branch, with a handscmely-frauied photograph of the


Miss Alarie, A. Tuck has been absent in

France for about ten years, and will re- turn to Adelaide by the 3 [edie on Friday morning. She spent the whole of her so-

journ in 'France at art study under the di-, rcction of Mr. Rupert Bunny, one of the ' most noted . portrait painters of the day. | She has exhibited for many years at the Paris Salon, and has received their hon-

orable mention. AJiss Alarie Tuck iS re-1 presented in our Art Gallery by the large canvas. "The Fish Alarket." She intends

to- hold an exhibition of her work at an, early date. |

A gathering of railway nieh in the way |

and works branch of the South Australian

Kailways was held at the Prince of Wales H«3tel or Saturday night, to say farewell ",o Air. J. Stratford._who has reached the retiring i!*e. Air. W. E. Dennis, foreman of the works and buildings branch, who

presided, suggested that in the case of em- j

ui«"i.vr.s reaching the retiring age the de-

partment should give a certificate of merit, I

which would be much appreciated, ami would cost but little. Air. Hart proposed "Our Guest." and spoke of Ids excellent qualities as a man, and the faithful ser- vice he had rendered to the department.

Alcssrs. Grafe, Denton, «Saint, and Guthrie supported. The toast was accorded musi- cal honors, and Air. Stratford was pre- sented with a purse of sovereigns by Mr. Harrison. Air. Stratford responded. The opportunity was taken to present Mr. Al. Hart with a, marble clock on the oc- casion of his, marriage. Air. Alclnnes, in making the presentation, said that t-o much had been done by the recipient »'n helping deserving cases, that they thought it was time for the swing back of the pen- dulum, and 'the pecas-ion of his marriage afforded a splendid chance to show their appreciation of his efforts -in the pa<-t, and to congratulate and wiih him every hap- piness and good luck for the future. Air. Hart thanked the donors for their expres-

sion of goodwill. "The Officers" was pro- « posed by Mr. Saint, and responded to by Mr. Arthur Robertson. "The Visitors" re- ceived a hearty welcome at the hands of Mr. Bain, and the toast was ac-lcnowledged by Air. Walter Lodge. AFessrs, Alclnnes, Bain, and Davis contributed songs, and « Messrs. Joyce and O'Toole recitations. Air. Locke supplied excellent music at the

piano. |

I Air. Edgar Notlage, of Alsop-strt>»t, '

Semaphore, who tliod last week from the effects" of injuries received in a fall from hi* bicycle in St. Vincent-street. Port Ade- laide, had lived in the district for 38 years. | He resided at Alberton until about nine | months ago, when lie removed to I5cnm I »hore. Ile was well known :icd hi_hly re-

spected. . The deceased was born at Alea- do ws South in 1862. and was a .-»on of tin-» 3ate Mr. Charles Notlage. Al the acre of 14 he entered the firm of Messrs. Jone Bros., which lind been established only a few months. His excellent business abili- ties made bira invaluable to the linn, and he reniaiiied with them until his death. He

was an active worker in connection with the Early Closing Association, and gave much time and assistance to the cause. He was vice-president for several years. Ho also took a very active interest in all af- fairs for the advancement of the town. Ho left a widow. At the Port Adelaide Coun- cil meeting special reference was made to the late Air. Nottage, and a letter of con dolence was ordered to be forwarded to his widow.

The death occurred on Tuesday of Air. Thomas Carthew, aged 74, an old resident of the Barrier. His father, Air. J. Car- thew, was New South Wales Government Inspector of Mines. Mr. Carthew left a | widow and a grown-up family.