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S (Continued,.) 'Left' as the only inanron Pitcairn Island with Tahitian women -and a swarm of half-caste children, Alex ander Smith, takind his real name of John Adams, became the miracle man of the Pacific. Old,Lblasphenming schooner cap tains still talk with reverence of the bloody mutineer and murderer, the son of a Thames lighterman, who re claimed the little hell of Pitcairn and mnade it the home of Christianity and of civilization. CHAPTER ,FIVE. Smith, gathering the women and children to him, told them of God, and how, in a dream, God had in structed him to cleanse them of their sins, and help them to lead a new and happier life. He told them that Alexander Smith had died, and that now he was to be John: Adams, their leader, priest and comforter. This stranded tar, with only the Bible and Prayer Book to guide. him, taught his flock not only to observe the Sabbath, but tried to conduct the Jewish feasts and festivals as well as he could, from the pages of the old Testament. Morning and night prayers were said, and grace was said before and after meals. Adams read the Bible to them every day, and they all gathered un der the Banyan tree for public wvor 'ship on Sundays. V With. his own hand, this man, whose only education had been gar nered front the papers picked up in the streets of-Londan, wrote simple and beautiful prayers. His morn ing prayer for the Lord's Day is still preserved in his own handwrit ing. Thursday October. Twenty years passed by, the mut iny of the Bounty had been fergat ten, and those on Pitcairn had never sighted a sail or a ship. Sonic of the mutineers' first children had reached the age of discretion, and were joined in wedlock by their pat-. riach, John Adams, who used a ring made from a sea shell. The. number of children that .had been born to the mutineers was 23. Fletcher Christian left only three children ; John Mills two ; William McCoy three; Matthew Quintal five; Edward Young six ; and John Adams had four. John Williams, Isaac Martin, and William Brown left no children. Thursday October Christian, son of Fletcher Christian, married the native girl, who, as the .ten-months old baby, was landed from the Boun ty in a barrel. He was the only member of that generation to marry a pure native, as the others all inter married, and by so doing he has en

dowed 'his descendants with a-greater; amount of Tahitian blood, the Christ ians still being the darkest people on Pitcairn to-day. The curtain which had descended upon the drama of the Bounty in the year 1790 was raised again on September 29th, 1808, when the Am erican ship, the, Topaz, stood in shore. The next boats to visit Pitcairn were two frigates, the Briton and the Tazas. When these vessels sighted the island they thought they were the discoverers of a new land as Pitcairn was not on their charts of that locality. When the island ers saw the two frigates approaching they thought they were coming to take away the last mutineer, "their 'beloved father," as they called John Adams. Ten years liter an English whaler (the Cyrus) put in for water. John Adamns, who was now well advanced in years, with a wife who was blind, asked if any member of the whaler's crew would volunteer to stay on Pit cairn. Captain Hall asked for a volunteer. John Buffet, a young man of 26 years of age, stepped for ward. A youth' named John Ev ans, aged 19, asked to be allowed to remain with Buffet. This the cap tain refused, but Evans deserted the ship, and, being of small build, was able to hide himself in a hollow tree until the ship left. These two men brought the first new blood to Pit cairn. Buffet married Dorothy Young, daughter of the mutineer, and Evans married Rachael Adams. 2,000 Miles in Boat. Five years later an adventurer, George Hern Nobbs, accompanied by an American named Bunker, arrived at Pitcairn Island from. Valparaiso, in a launch, having come over -000 miles in an open boat. The boat in which these two men made their ad venturous voyage was run ashore, broken up, and used in building Nobbs' house. Next year the last of the mutin eers passed quietly away in the arms of his old blind wife, deeply mourned 'byhis peqplo;. "'. "In Hope" is the simple epitaph upon the plain white stone that marks his resting place. Alexander Smith had been forgotten for twenty years, and to-day the name is never heard, nor is it recorded.'. But as long as the old man sea shall hurl himself in fury upon the battlements of Pitcairn. and the north wind con tinues to hide the island in its treach erous haze, there is a name whose glory will never die, and whose works will always remain---John Ad ams. (To be continued.)

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