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Christmas, 1937. The streets and shops of Mel bourne have been crowded with many thousands of people, guided by one inspiration---the purchase of Christmas presents. Although there has been a decline in recent months in the prices of wool, wheat and other products, Australia is, still in a buoyant position financially. The swing to prosperity that commenced only a few years ago is still manifest, and many people, as well as compan ies, have had a better year in 1937 than for many years past. "'The Spirit of Progress" is not exclusive to the Victorian Railways. Like the train that bears that name, Austra -lian industry is going forward, and more Australian goods' are now. be ing consumed than ever, before. Many years ago-and not so many at that-Australians - were almost ashamed to give Australian \productt" as presents, but so notable has been the progress of .our secondary indus tries in recent years that pride in our products is continually increasing. Indications point to n new record in Christmas shopping. So many re cords have been established this year in matters that reflect our growing. prosperity that it seems only natural for more goods to' be sold now than' in the past. Some people have been very worried during the last three years by the complicated interna tional situation, and findl little com fort in our increasing prosperity-or in anything else. Clouds -still hang over the whole world, but now there seems to b'e no immediate cause for fear. The more friendly relations between Britain and the United States may have a lot to do with the maintenance of peace. That, per haps, is the- happiest-,thought for Christmas, 1937.