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FOR HEALTHY COWS USE SNIKE' D IENCH. The Drench that Keeps Cows Fit! SYKES'S DRENCH, perfected after years of scientific study, is made from the purest in gredients. When given to every cow after calving, preventsc BAD CLEANSING, . MIIlj FEVER, and other ailmcistf which are a source of trouble to the farmer. Follow the example of Success ful Breeders. DRENCH YOUR ENTIRE HERD THIS SEASON. i/6 packet. 17/. doZen, BETTER BUY THE DOZEN. SYKES'S REMEDIES SOLD DY All Streeeper an ChatIt. WANTED KNOWN.-Job Printing of every description executed at the "GUARDIAN" Oe..

54 CRUISES (From Melbourne) 21 DAYS FROM 17 and I GNS. JUNIE 28, FIJI, Orama JULY 26 AUG. 23 PFi, '0d*' 'Otrante' Lecal Dennys. Lascelles Ltd EGAN,:COOKE & CO (Members of Real Estate & Auction eers' Institute of Victoria.) LICENSED REAL ESTATE AND BUSINESS AGENTS. Solo District Representatives fore PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE CO. LTD. (Life and All Classes of Insurance.) GOLDSBROUGH, MORT & Coy., Ltd. NEPTUNE OIL CO. LTD. (Petrol, Kero, Motor .Greases, Veedol Oils, .e;). VITA LICK, Stock Lick Special ists. COOPER'S. (Orchard Sprays, Red Oils, Amazon iose,,&c.) 40 PERCY. STREET, PORTLAND. Box 73. Phone 191. ------------cl E. P. WARE a Speialty at.Jenkin's, Bontinck Street :(opposite ;Post Of fce.) .. -

PERSONAL NOTES. The many friends of opr well known townsman, Mr. A. "J: Tayloir will regret to learn that he is at pre seint an Inmate of the:Portland hos pital. Everybody will hope that, under the care of Dr. McKellar and the nursing staff, he:.wW be helped towards a speedy recoyy': . Mr. W.. Diwell, .ohao':hl beep ~n ployed on the erectinoi, of-the,:.! w Star Theatre,. is at present reciper-' ating from the effect?s'of a .naty"ie tedent which befel him :tvo or tli>if4 weeks 'back '. iHe wais' helpirigA't shift some heavy stone blbcks,.froj, one position to another, and slipcilod on a greasy board. . The bluestone fell on.' his leg, pinning him 'totthe ground, and he suffered severe i1l juiries:as aresult. The -doctor or dered complete rest of the member, and theo patient is now makinga~nra pid recovery. :. Woods' Great Peppermint Cure' For Influenza Colds. : V. Jennings PALMER STREET, PORTLAND. (Late of Jennings and Rooke.)' Will do ll your Carrying quiclkly and effectively at the shortest .no tice, and at a minimum cost. If you want to have your Furni. ture carefully removed If you require Supplies of Wood, Gravel, Sand, or Water, I am able to supply all your requirements. ",,: L. F ePherson Baker and Pastrycook PERCY STREET- PORTLAND. Bread Delivered Daily. Small Goods a Speciality. PHONE 150. TOMATO. SEED. CENTRAL NORTH. COAST, spec Lally selected Tomato Seed.' Mar hio and Low Branch,' 7/0 per oz.; Break-o'-Day, 5/- per oz.; Austra lian Earliapna, 3/- per oz. Govern mont Certificate for. cleanline?s,. L. 'P. MbilH,Valla, N.S.W. Permewan Wright Ltd. ARE BUYERS OF POTATOES. Get in touch with our Agent at PORTLAND, MR. W. M. WILSON, or phone Hamilton Nos. 81, 167 or 254. F. E. LEVY, Hamilton Manager. DRESSMAKING! MRS. V. A. LANE, 110 Percy Street, Portland. COSTUMES-Day and Eveningl .Wear. Made to Measure at Prices th? t Suit You. Three Machines, therefore all Orders promptly executed. Children's Wear a Specialty. " H. McComb ' PAINTER & DECORATOR. GAWLER STREET, PORTIAND. Estimates. Given for All Classes of Work.

F. A. HOGAN Aqents for. STAILOPING FIRM A SPECIAL REPRESEN. TATIVE WILL VISIT .. PORTLAND ON Thurs., June 17 f Have YOUR' NEXT SUIT Hand-Tailored brb "BYERS' " High Class Melbourne Tailors, and be sure of a Perfect.Fit, Cut and Finish. BYERS' Spec lal Representative will be pleased to'show you all the Latest Win ter Materials and Now Season's Tonings. ': You'll be thoroughly pleased 'with your Smart Appearance wearing a BYERS' SUIT. APPOINTMENTS CAN NOW BE ARRANGED FOR FIT TINGS. F. A. HOGAN Men's Quality Mercer 51: Percy Street - - PORTLAND.

Western Province Election MAINTAIN THE LEGISLATIVE CCUNCIL AS AN EFFECTIVE HOUSE OF REVIEW BY VOTING [1] CAMERON [3] Rodda [2] Willias?on Polling Day: SATURDAY, June 12th VOTING IS COM PULSORY. - OltR INFORMATION RING HAMILTON 20. PERCY STREET--- PORTLAND. Timber Merchant, Builder & :Contractor. Is prepared to carry out all Classes of BUILDING AND CON TRACTING at the shortest possible notice and th¢, most Reasonable Prices. a R Estimates Given. ALL CLASSES OF TIMBER SUPPLIED. PHONE, 90. -. Overcoats For D ,d and 1id OVERCOAT TIME is HERE, AND QUITE HON 'ESTLY WE BELIEVE WE HAVE THE COAT YOU. WANT 'AT THE PRICE YOU WANT TO PI'AY. ;, '..: , SEE TILE BIG RANGE OF ALL. TIIE LATEST. STYLES PRICES RANGE IN MEN'S -:--FROM.'%3/6.%.. Your > y ... , ' TOr _ BOYS' "COATS IN EX Topcoat pO I (,LUSIVE;, N: LN I S LI' .. "!·• T W-E E D:S;;, SMAIRTLY ;i" GI CUT AjD:.., RIGHTLY PRICED FROM 18/0 DOUBLE BREASTED IOPCOATS . . Scarv es: ., AN EXCLUSIVE ; . RANGE OF SCARVES . TO SELECT FROM. THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS ARE1 MEN'S BLACK PATENT PU MPS, " .r' 5/1 ' . MEN'S FANCY HALF IOSE .. .. ./- PER PAIR A'F Men's Wear 451 Percy Street. Portlatnd. 7-If;: TUESDAY& WEDNESDAY, JULY 6 & 7. Hours: 4 till 0 p.m, Tuesday, and 9 till 1 p.m. Wednesday. CONSULT "C. & G." QUALIFIED OPTICIANS AT MAC'S HOTEL. Appointments may be made with Mrs. F. Jenkin, News Agent. "See W.S.W. and Your Eyes Won't Trubl-u." w. s. WHINERAY VISITS PORTLAND .eeleg andI Western FRIDAY, JUNE 18th, 1937 District's Leading From 2 to 6 op.m., at Richmoand I OPTOMETRIST. Hotel. Iate Mlrchn?t'ls, Opticlan, tppointments at Richmond IMelbourno and Geolong. Hotel. 123 Ryrie Street, Geelong.