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x x = x x : £1 A YEAR £1 .Will bring "THE GUARDnIN" x into yu?'home regularly twice weekly. Fullest Accounts, of local happenings, district news, X Council meetings, etc, You x.;an't afford to be without it. x x X : + ;. • +?e 2:? :+:? ;+:? ?

IS THE Bitter THAT YOU'LL, PREFER btainable at Richmond Hotel DRAUGHT-I/. PER BOTTLE : 12/. PER DOZEN. Capitol Garage J7T your Service! The ilost Service for the least Outlay. YES I AND WE MEAN EVERY WORD OF IT I1 When it comes to ^Enginoering,; there isn't a job we can't manage, d, what's more, manage at. a price that will leave you well satisfied. Fether still, were ALWAYS ready,. to give you all the helpful advice ae can, without any obligation at all on your part. Now, frankly, is there any good reason why we can't do as much for you as we're doing for so many other people; round here 2 No? . Well, come right along to us with your next job, and let u back up our claims. You'll not regret having given us the oppor tu?lty. WE ARE EQUIPPEP TO DO THIS WORK FOR YOU. 0UR SERVICES FOR: YOUR BENEFIT INCLUDE: General Re-conditioning. • Oiling and Greasing.' General Repairs. Genuine Spare Parts. Electrical Service. Reliable Accessories. Battery Charging. Free Air. Oxy-Welding. Free Advice. ASK OUR ADVICE. WE ARE ALWAYS PLEASED TO HELP 1 AUTHORISED DEALER FOR GENERAL MOTORS. BRITISH CHEVROLET, PONTI,AC AND BUICK CARS, AND CHEVROLET TRUCKS. DAILY RETURN SERVICE TO PORT FAIRY TO CONNECT WITH MELBOURNE TRAINS. RETURN SERVICE EVERY FRIDAY TO MOUNT GAMBIER. Phone 168, Percy St., Portland Listen in to 3BA Hamilton Thursday Morning next SPEGIAL SESSIOF ATTRACTIVE MUSIC AND SONGS. SPONSORED BY------ BHaOLDm BiE0DITCH CENTRAL GARAGEI RA.C.V.' SERVICE STATION. end Your" Favorito Songs and Selections to me to bes Broadlcat. PIHONE 83 PORTLAND.

rell a Story. DO YOU FEEL NERVY, irritable . and generally out of sorts; back,.; Or doyou experience urinary troubles; getting up at night, or stiff, inflamed muscles or joints ? .These discomforts warn ycu of. weak kidney action; they show that poisons are accumulating, in the blood instead. of being filtered away. Your troubles will soon vanish and the risk of rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago and renal dropsy will disappear, when you have re stored the kidneys to health by tak ing Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. Men and women find this special kidney tonic equally effective. Look for the Leaf Trade Mark. Doan's BacKache Kidney Pills Professional Notices. "MR. E. L. QUAYLE. L.D.S., B.D.Sc., SURGEON DENTIST. May be consulted at Percy St., Port land. Hours-10 to 5. Phone, 108 .Mr. Quayle will visit Heywood on the first and third Wednesday' in each month. W. R. EGAN, M.VI?S.. LICENSED LAND SURVEYOR, 49 Percy Street, -Box 73. '°:PORTLAND. ; Phonae191' STEAMERS' SAILINGS Weather and other circumstances permitting. MELBOURNE TO PORTLAND and PORTLAND TO MELBOURNE. S.S. WANNON.. - Cargo only-WEEKLY. - For Sailing Dates and, Freights, Apply to Agents: DALGETY & CO., LTD., Phono'No. 80.' " Portland. Portland Plant Farm. Fitzgerald St., West Portland. FLOWER & VEGETABLE SEEDS OF ALL KINDS. BULBS IN SEASON. Now on Sale at our Percy Street Shop:-? POT PLANTS. HEDGE PLANTS. Pines, Seedlings of all kinds. Cabbage and Cauliflower Plants 10/- per 1000. SPECIAL LINES: Roggli Giant and Scotch Challenge Pansies. Tomato Plants, including "Sensa tion," a wonderful staking variety. All Varieties Tomato Plants, £1 per 1000. . VicTlery1 PROPRIETOR. CO RREOTGLASSES MARCHAN'SI OPTICAL SEVt, .COEFORT, ELEGAIUC *S NEXT VISITi PORTLAND, MONDAY AUG. 17th, all day, at Richmond Hotel. (Appointments may be made at Mr. Martell's Pharmacy.) HEYWOOD, TUESDAY MORNING, August 18th. Hours, from 10 to 11, at Coffee Palace (by ap pointment.) PRICE versus QUALITY. Quality for Quality, my price will be found fully competitive--inerior work is dear at any price. When necessary, Mr. Merchant will visit and test clients at their homos. MARCHANT, OPTICIAN.-i56 COLLINS ST., MELBOURNE.

Gardening Column.., -- ------.. (By J. W. Robinson, of the Ormond Plant Farm Pty. Ltd.) Late Planting. When it begins to get towards tlhc end of July, many people have al erroneous idea that it:is getting late for planting deciduous trees, shnbs and roses, but as a matter of fact, 'if weather conditions are :right, it Id one of the best times for' plantiai, as the ,sap isN jist ;beginninlg. to inove, aid~d. the plants or trees shoulid tak, hold of the ground almost at once: Speaking of roses, although they have-been shortened back when you receive them from the nursery, it Is not to say they have been pruned: They will' require fuither cutting back before or just after planting. Miniature or Polyantha Roses.A I haive ofte before stressed the point regarding the planting of these ex-' tensively, but this will bear stressing again, as there is no flowering plant that I know of that gives a longer anid more continuous show of flower than these little gems of the rose world. To get the best effect they should be massed in colors. A good splashl of dark red, .carlet, flame, or pinlk is much better than a mixture of these colors, besides which planted in one variety the growth is even and a much richer effect is obtainied Bede of miniatures edged with some annual which will go with the colol gives a much better show than beds of mixed or one color annuals, to say nothing of a much longer flower ing period, and the plants are per manent. Sl~ring or Early Summear Flower. ing Sweet Peas.-Sweet peas sown now should flower in the late spring and continue on from then for some time,' especially if the flowers arc continually picked. Although the winter flowering peas are useful in as much, as.they come in very early, they are, not to be conipared for beauty, length of stem and size of flowers with .the s spring flowering types: ? Somoeof"'- th}e ":mor'e recent' varieties of these are magnificent. but to get the best results, fairly rich soil must be used and soil that has been deeply dlug. A liberal supply of either well rotted stable manure or well decayed cow manure will show a marvellous improvement in the size of the flowers and the length of the 'stems,: and the foliage will be more robust. Stocks.-The early planted stocks which are known variously as winter. flowering, Nice or Beauty of Nice type, will soon be coming into flower and some may have already flowered. This would give some people the idea .that it is too late' to, plant stocks; but the same type of stock'can still be planted iand will give good re sults. These stocks may be obtained in separate colors, such as pale pink; deep pink, salmon pink, flesh pink, dark purple, crimson, yellow, .etc., and beds planted out in these colors separately or in combination such as a row of one color andl the next row of a contrtisting shade or something that will blend well with it, give I better' show .than plantcd in it mix ture.. l?lMany people will ask the question: !'Are they double stocks 1" Practically all the stocks sold are sup posed to be double stocks, although there are always bound to be some single amongst them ; not that s thir matters, as personally I consider that a few singles lighten up the lied anil take off the heavy appearance which wouldlbe obtained if every flower was double. If a strain could be ob: tained to give all double flowers, ;i would soon runi .out, as there would be no singles to produce seed. For a lower growing type of stock, with compact growth, and which usually gives a bigger percentage of doubles, those known as the Giant Perfection Ten Week Stocks are good. These are piobably not quite as good for cutting as. the others, but they arc as good, if not betterus bedding plants in the iarden. They have the midvantage of doing better in the warm weather than the Nice type.

THE KITCHEN GARDEN. The lengthening days remind the home gardener that sowing time is approaching, and preparations should be made to ensure that seed beds are put in order for the reception of the ce'ed when sowing ldays arrive. The ground has previously been turned over during late autumn or winter and the elementt will have to a cer. tain extent broken down the ridges, but advantage should be taken of drying sunny (lays to break up thor oughly any lumps and dig all oved again and thoroughly pulverlse it so as the seed bed will be as fine as pos sible, thereby providing ideal condi tions for seed germination and sub sequent development of the various vegetables..

Where animal man?ire is not read ily obtainable, bone fertilizer will prove a -most excellent substitute, pure bone manrce 'being preferable to -bone and superphosphate. It should be applied at the rate of 4 to 8 ounces to a. square yard, and it has the advantage over. artificial manure ini that it possessessesinore en cluring qualities, whilst it stimulates ,! steady growth without genertiting coarseness,. Gardon cropis are meantime so to speak standing still. They will, however, profit by being carthedcup and the soil loosened around 'them before earthing ls proceeded' with. '+*h tends to encourage growth and more especially in brassicas such a? broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., ,the improvement will be immediately noticeable.' Peas which "are get "ting under weigh will be much beno fitted by being staked ; even the .dwarf varieties respond to a little ex tra care' in this respect. Small, itwi?gy stakes to 'which the tendrils can' cling are most suitable for them, and the result' will be most satisfac tory. Peas allowed to lie on the Igroumd readily, mildow and speedily rot. In a • border sheltered from strong winds and having a northerly aispect, provided the soil is dry and riable, it will. he found advantag cous to sow seeds of vigttables ae soon as possible, just a little of each of the most useful every day varie ties which will inature. loig before the main" crops which it may or may not be possible' to sow for many weeks yet. Sow.-Beans (broad), pes, (Greenfeast aind English Wonder), lettuce. (Webb's), cab?age (St. John's Day), " parsnip; spinach (prickly), radish,. turnipi '(White Stone.) Plant.-Asparagus,.- artichokes; rhubarb, herbs, potatoes, cabbage and lettuce.

* 'it Will Pay You to See us First WHEN BUYING A MOTOR CYCLE I I B.S.A., PANTHER,' ARIEL, RUDGE, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, `;iROYAL ENFIELD, MATCHLESS, and many other Popular Agencies. All Models in Stock. " mmediate Delivery. Large Range of Guaranteed Used Machiries Iof' all makes on liand. + ' :Generous AllowanCe on 'Your Present Machine and Easy Terms. You are Sure of a Good .Deal and Good Service, from Us.. PHONE OR WRITE TO WEST ERN ' YC CL ES ::, 4::: "8018 :.82 LIEBIG STREET, WARRNAMBOOL: 'I > '.: ,"And Representivo' will CGall: The Largest Motor Cycle Firm Outside of Melbourne. "'Always Ahead I ! Phone 578.

Singer Sewing Machines THE WORLD'S BEST. Particulars from G. ANDERSON, 42 Collins St. (Phone 186) Hamilton or Address C/o Mrs. Jenkin, Ben tinck Street, Portland.

ROSE TIME. All our Roses are budded on free growing stocks, and mostly have 2 year growths; and all are sprayed as a preventive for black spot before sending out. BUSH ROSES, 2 year heads, 1/0 each, 156/- dozen; 1 year, 12/- doz. 2 STANDARDS, 27/6 per dozen. FULL STANDARDS, 3ft. stems, 32/6 per dozen. CLIMBERS AND RAMBLERS, strong 2 year canes, 1/9 each, 18/ per dozen. MINIATURE; POLYANTHA 2 YEAR ROSES, 1/6 each;;15/- doz ; £5/10/- per&100. 1-year, 12/- per dozen; 90/- per 100. We often receive orders for varie ties we do not grow, on standards (although we have them in bush) ; also for discarded varieties. When ordering, mention a few extra names, or leave the selection to our Rose Expert, who " lives amongst them, and is conversant with the most desirable sorts. Write to us if you require Fruit Trees, Shade or Shelter Trees. THE ORMOND PLANT FARM PTY. LTD., ORMOND, S.E.9, Victoria. J. W. Robinson, Managing Director. City Depot : Empire Arcade, 200 Flinders Street, Melbourne. E. BURGOYNE (Licensed Plumber.) WATER SERVICE, SEPTIC TANKS, HOT WATER a specialty. TANKS, BATHS, BASINS, &c., Snupplied and Fitted. Estimates given for all Classes of Work. Workmanship Guaranteed. Local Agent for Bryan Bros' Wind-., mills. Phone: Portland 6. Local Agent for Queensland In surance Coy ; Fire, Marine and Ac cident. SH. McCombe PAINTER & DECORATOR. GAWLER STREET, PORTLAND. Estimates Given for All Classes of Work. THE UNION TRUSTEE COM PANY OF AUSTRALIA, LTD. (Established 1885.) Authorised to act as EXECUTOR, TRUSTEE, ADMIN ISTRATOR, ATTORNEY. AGENT, ETC. Subscribed Capital £250,000 Paid-Up .. .. £187,50'0 Reserve Funds .. £60,000 Cash Guarantee held by State Government £50,000 Victoria.-3833 Collins Street, Melbourne. New South Wales-2 O'Connell Street, Sydney. Queensland-898-400, Queen St; Brisbane. Trust Money to Lind. Correspondence or' Personal Inter views Invited. Write for full information. Directors : Sir James A. M. Elder, K.B.E. (Chairman) ; Sir David Orme Mas son, K.B.E, (Vice Chairman) ; Lel and J. Greene; Alex. F. Bell, C.M.G.; J. V. FPirbairn, M.P., and James C. MacKinnon. Pastoral and Farm Inspector Mr. A. M. Nicolson. SAMUEL COOKE, General Manager. J. McEWAN CARROLL, Manager. STOREKEEPERS & TRADERS. BOOKS and ACCOUNTS well and accurately kept. Income Tax Returns compiled. R. McLEAN, 82 Julia Street, Portland. Shp 'at DIMOND'S Cash' and Cay Sto?r. Further Redeteioms Ia IVRY iae

'-P tland Plaster Sheet Works," PLASTER SHEETS, CENTRES, MOULDS, VENTILATORS ANi. PLAQUES IN ANY SIZE OR ANY QUANTITY. FIXED IF. DESIRED. BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FACTORY. The Public are invited to inspect before Buying. WHEN BUILDING SPECIFY PORTLAND . PLASTER SIEETS, ::. Best of Worknmanship Guaranteed. ..1. E. l lE Hienty Street, - - - Portland PHONE 22. e"ONVIN ING a tse rmart of a obuter w he had ae. the The"MN GN KEY"Grubber ""a1 gad ~1947l a W meun. ad u ad a *USa a s itv 11 ass t1 With the pagr at 260 men porUtablllly. simple. SUqP d6 ,. mad ule l ion" raai . ha mseed up Lt oOat w rd- hae U"ttin r aGeagr 6. sadaairdlad is dtall. ad la tully equipped with col Wkr fa~r V Itm eIl o ,mrm owi fro asa aor uumae. The sanduad gelp. 1ma0-1a4 SarIi DuL eolShortenme. mad pacmia .enupe .wl .wlla0. For ieasmct Crontie thea to only SThe"MON KEY"Grurbber KNOW THEM ALL FROM y.TME JACK PEOPLE TREWIHELLA BRO5. PTY. LTD. TRENTHAM VIe

I I I. I I. * £ Z xI SUPPORT .YOUR TOyN.4 z x x DON T go to the City. x Purchb o Yoar Goods ýYoMaIy k and Keep the Money in your x ilHome Town. x x x x x *x x

ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF VICTORIA. PORTLAND CENTRE. All Motorists in the District should join tho R.A.C.V. and obtain the Free Road Service, Motor Car Insurancu, and many other advantages. The Club safeguards your interests. Committee : Town: Alex. Anderson, J. C. Fitz gerald; N. G.' Gregoir, G.' B. Frost, R. A. P. McLeod (president), E. L. Quaylo, R. *T. Sllvester, A. J. Taylor, and H. C. Williamson. Country : N. S. F. Hedditch, S. H. Malseed, A. C. Read and T. A. Taylor Yearly subscription on joining, £2/2/- ; thereafter, '£1//-. .f you want any information or have any complaints, write to the lo cal centre. Help Us to Help You. District Road Reports and Club Journal'cii be seen at my omflce: R. T. SILVESTER, Hon. Sec. JOr4ES' MIOTOR SERVIG E. DAILY. PORTLAND-MOUNT GAMBIER. Car leaves Cosy Cafe .at 4.15 p.m. Daily, arriving Mt. Gambier, at eG p.m. J p~m,. ?Fare10/6. Book Your Seats at. Cosy Cafe. Phones: l'aitland 106 Mt. Gambllei 220. TO LET. FIVE-ROOMED VILLA, close to Shops and Beach. Apply-. . Egan, Cooke & Co. 40" Percy Streeot Portland. Phone 101. * P.O."Box VS. EGAN, COOKE & CO. (Members of Real Estate & Auction. cars' Institute of Victoria.) - LICENSED REAL ESTATE 4ND BUSINESS AGENTS. S6lo District Representatives for: PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE CO. LTD. (Life and All Classcs: of Insurance.) GOLDSBROUGH, MORT & (goy., Ltd. NEPTUNE OIL CO. LTD. (Pejtrol, Kero, Motor Greases, V(tedol Oils, &c.) VITA LICK, Stock Lick Sp'clal ists. COOPER'Sr '(Orchard Sprays. Red Oils, Amazoti Hose, &c.) 49 PERCY STREET, PORTYAND. Box 73. Phorse 191. TOBACCOS & CIGARETTIES of the Best Brands at Jenkin's, Ben tlnek Street. You will be well repaid by a vlsit to the Cash and Carry St are, .llla. Street, whose Castomers{ are as. sured of the lest Servieo.

The Tailoring Of Trousers. Is a matter upon - which we Invish much care and thought. They are correctly cot, and fall faultlessly from I I I` the snugly fitting waisthband. You'll approve of the COMPLETE SUIT when yon . I order from ou. James Wright Ladles' & Geat.'s Taller. PORTLAND. Suits trom £Le/e/.. miimmmmmmmmmmmppe BALLARAT PIG MARKET. Every Wednesday. THE LEADING SALESMEN. Crawford Dowling. PTY. LTD., Incorporating COLES A.ND PUL.LUM. ?.: Eatablishud 1850. Telephone 363,0, Our District Agents are:- MR. OLIVER WHITE, Porthlnd. MR. FRANK II. MOORE, Heywood MR. C. C. BUCKNALL, Drik Drik. Pigs insured to their full value ag. ainst accident, injury or death dur. ing transit by rail and delivery to Sale Yards. Trucks will leave Portland North for Ballarat, picking up at Gorse, Hoywood and Condah, on MONDAY, AUGUST 17.1936. And Monthly Thereafter. CLARKE AND COUTTS. GROCERS & IRONMONGERS. PERCY ST., PORTLAND. Try our Pure Coffee, also Special, Blend of Red Tea. .. James Railton's Seeds & Seedliin.s Agents for:- Neptune Red Spraying Oil, Neptune Lime and Sulphur. ' Neptune Arsenate of Lead, -Also Black Leaf 40. Ocean Assurance Company. Daniel Harvey MANUFACTURER OF ALL CLASSES of ORCHARD, FARM & ROAD MACHINERY S FRUIT GRADERS, Ac. D. Cross AGENT. GAWLER ST.- PORTLAND Ndw Machiery .and R.-placement. Parts Always. Stocked. INSPECTION INVITED- Printed and pubiished by 0. O, Pet tit, at the "Guardian" Olee;, Ben tick Street, Portland, Victoria.