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OUR LETTER. BOX. The Old Lifeboat. To the Editor, "Portland Guardian." Sir, Some years ago I, with   other visitors to Portland, gathered   round the lifeboat in the Portland botanical gardens, and many and vague were the speculations as to why it held that place of honor. My memonry supplied a dim recollec- tion of a wreck in which this boat played a part-that of the Admella. So that it was with interest I read in a recent issue of the Portland "Guardlian" an account of this same wreck, and of the tablet, shortly "to be erected with the story of its many exploits." I hope that on this tab- let will appear the names of those who went to the rescue of the sur- vivors of the Wreck of the Admella. on the Carpenter Rocks. They have all "crossed the bar," but many of their descendants probably are with us. And it seems to me no deed calling for more courage and forti- tude has ever been attempted in our history.- I am, etc., W.W.W.

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