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ods' reatPepperminlt Cure. or Children's Hacking Cough Sare g Rood assortnient of en Seeds for Present Planting. Some. Portland Grocpry .,; e, erc Stroot.



MOTORI- Six cylinderi 2 11/i6 ni x: 4 I n., piston displacement 145 cub. ins. R.A.C. ration-I17.3.i.8 hp'i. -Block casting integral witha crank caso. L-head type. IHudson. super. six design . crankshaft,- 2 .5/32 ý in.: dinm., 3 Mtair.. bearings. :Split skrt:;: aluminium : pistons.. nCamshaft and lI; accessoris driven by adjustiblhe il V1 ent. chain. Roller ,tappets;'.:,:4 point suiispension.', "Theimosyphon:-. cooling iwith' hand control shutters: on radiator. Lubrication by circul-,, atiig splash with geared down pliui ger pump American. Bosch: electlri cal system.. Full automatic sipirk" advance. Constant velocity : elf regulating carburettor. '': Steel fly wheel. CLUTCH.-Multiple disc citch - cork insertb, running in oil. :: : - TRANSMISSION.- Unit with e' gine. 3-speed and reversi, alumin-':. lum case. ,Hyatt bearings on main', shaft. Neutral lock. Spicer un-; iversal joints and tubular propellor' shaft. REAR AXLE.- Semi floating. Tim.-', ken bearings .,throughoit, fully! ad justable. 14k in. diam: brakes . : SPRINGS.-Semi.elliptic, specially' designed for ballon tyres. :;.Front,. .30 in.longx' 2 in.wide' Rear. 6Siin; long 'x 2 in. wide. Patent adjust-.' able c;.'?.ckles enable 'wear to?biio:

aken; up, thus preventng shackl. squeaks ani d rattles: WiHEELS.Wood. Full baloon tyres. Carrier, for spare at rear 1of car. WVie wvhoels extra.. ' STEERING; Wormi and full, wore. wheel specially designed for. ballon .tyres.;."dlametor steering , heel, with aluniniuni. spider. ,'PETROL TANK.=At .reair. of car. Stewart vacuum feed to carburettor. - CHASSIS LUBRICATION.--Hudson *patented olors. WHEEL BASE .11Ob inches. BODY TYPES. Roadster,. 5-pus songer . tourlgt , an d 5-passengr coach. STANDARD EQUIPMENT, IN. CLUDES:Headi Lighlts with dimi mers; dash lanip;. tail lamp; electric horn' ispeedometer; clear' vision glass screen,'hood and side curtains (opening with; dioors;) ';balloon type jacik, pump; and full kit of tools; HUDSON pioneered the use of the Ballon Tyrqs, aiid the Hudson-built ESSEX is specially designed for the improved riding conditions conseq uient upon their usd..- This is an im portant' point. .There `are many cares quite suited for the altered rid ing action, of. "Balloons" Specially easy terms obtainable and only 8%/ is added on the unpaid portion from time to time, and only fire insurance on the unpaid amount.

Fo £#2;39. SUPER Six HUDSON Seven Passenger WONDERFUL VA-LUIE --£99- THE BEST VALUE IN CARS. :i.. O . B lMOTO RS, CAS'TEIRTON S"Enterprise House" :CAMPBELL AND M'LEAN Are Now Showing, New. Whiter Goods NEW DRESS GCOODS in FLANNELS, R OP PS,. ROYALSi ETC. Also some SMART -SHPES in GENT'S O:VERCOAIT.S In the Latest Tweeds. INSPECTION INVITED. Campbell & McLean, PERCY STREET, PORT.LAND CORECT GLASSES AreYo yes :· sRight.? S The name of MARCHANT'S has always been associated with the best SOptScal Service in Victoria. OPTICAL ASERVICE ,Visiting PORTLAND : rm FRiDAY, 6th. MAY. fomforfit- egance,Accuracq " '" MA a:o c~Llt4 C St.From 2 till 6 p.m.. 2 -0 C11IS-SELH- E Appointmients at Martoll's Pharmacy. Vision and Health.-It has become a well established fact that e'yestrain is responsible for many cases. of poor health, and that nothing but correct ' l!y made glasses can overcome the trouble: Often people are wearlng wrongly made glasses, and it is advisable toiscek the best advice.possible. r' Marchant and Son, of 230 Collinis St., Melbourne; have the record of 80 years suiccessful work, and their pirenotint ish :' still is to render the best optical service science can offer.

FOR SALE OR TO LET. Six Acres, situate ; Barkly Street. 4.Roomied Brick; Cottage (partly furnished). Sheds. Apply W;YATT & CO. iEor the beach Fly; Swats and Mosquito Killers :Two' Useful lines. At' Waratab .'Cash Stores;.

FOR SALE.', Ingoing 'CLAREMONT" GUEST HIOUSE i uly equipped and well, furnished:. ;Full'. Particulars and* price fron W YATT & C . 0 Cd ,: First idfoCughColds Inlu onz8a.. ,

RAD IO Bo Prepaied for the long Wintcr Night.i, adul. hav yourt. Amuse menot rind ntertainmnent in your wniollomne. THE ASTOR FIVE." q .· " ..:. !··- ' f CASH: PRICE, £20. Acccet ile , S 1/0. cakcrs from £2 extra. Easy to. Buy: Take advan::ge of our Time-Payment System. All Radio Goods stocked at City,Prices. %I Radio Expert fronm Australia's Largest Wir less House in eharge of the Department. Let uts instal Your Set' in time for you to hear the Duke, open the new Parliament at Canberra. Call and Hear the "AS TOR FIVE"-in opforationt, uiid you will be surprised at its clarity. MAX A H.. CAMXPBELLMV PIONEER, HOUSE SPORTS DEPOT. PHONE 17. CI- d ;CASH( PRICE, £21,. Aerric~lie', fl I '12/Jo. j'~cakeo from £2 extra, Enay tlo Buy' - Tiik- 'idviin g:t e otL olur TIime lnylnient Syateic. ~All' Rad'io Goods stocked aXt Csty Pracasr Rnd~io~ ]xpert froln Aoatrgdliii's Lurgest Wirulolei lfouio in v·)iiirgc of the Depairtment. 'Let us. iiwtzi~l Yuiur Set' hi timne for you to hear the Duke~ oreli the iie\\ Pr~irihrint a~t Cniiberraw. CuI1~ltl midIlmir the "AS. TOR PIVD in lor~ci Luil li ~n >u w'.dI bc %ulprilad iltr It Unity. -PIONEERHOUSE SPOR·TS DE.POT. PhIONE 17.

Seasonable Lines. For Easter Specially obtained for EASTERTIDE CHOICE SALT SALMON, 1/9 Ib. Red Salmon, 1/-, 1/9 and 2/. tin. Pink Salmon, 1/3 and 1/6 tin. Hsrrings in Sauce, 9d. and 1/2 tin. Kippered Herring;, 1/2 tin. Fresh Herrings, 8d. and ,1/.tin. Kippered Snacks, 3d. anid Gd. tin. Crab Meat, 2/. tin. Sild, 4d., Gd., ad., and 1/.tin. New Zealand Whitebait, 4/6 tin.. DRIED FRUITS VERY:. SCAR-CE. r Dried Peaches, 1/3 lb. Dried Apricots, 1/9 Ib. The Very Latest for Cake Decoration. TINTED COKERNUT, 1/6 Pkt. Six Distinct Colors Try It. EASTER SPECIALS IN CROCKERY. A Very Choice Assortment of English Teapots. Numerous Designs to choose from : 2/- to 7/9 each. Delicate English Teasets s£2/2-,, £2/7/6, £2/10/-, £3/5/-. English Porcelain Plates-6in., 6/9; ?in., 7/3 Sin., 7/6; and lOi0n., 10/6 doz. White Embossed Toilet Sets, 27/6 ea. DON'T ·-MISS T.HESýE. White and Gold Cups and Saucers, 3/- 3.dozefl; Odd Cups, 2/3 .1dozen; Solid, Serviceable and Cheap. SENSATIONAL "FOWLER" OFFER. No. 2 Bottling Outfit, with 12 Bottles filled with Berry Fruit, for £3/15/6. Delivered.. This Offer Cannot Be Repeated. Call and Inspect L THE "LATEST IMPROVED" ONE.FIRE STOVE. 2ft. inlsize £8/1S. An Ideal Cooker and Economical on Firewood. --- ALES, WINES & SPIRITS Bottlid English. and. Colonial Ales and Stout, Bottled and Bulk Colonial Wines, Bottled and Bulk Imported and Colonial Spirits. Popular Brand Lowest Prices. Anderso arnd Co. JUMLA BT PP3TLAND3 Ring 'Phone No. 9. Postal Address-Box 47. PIONEER HOUSE Autumn & Winter Goo ds: NOW SHOW ING ANT I'-c rL' 2gS~8 T ~~a;i4~~3~1YoS ~ - 8~~3i~:4~.. P2~-eOe~is r·,7 i .

Special Purchase Carpet Runners, Sofa Squares and Hearth Rugs at JOHN CAMPBELL'S, PIONEER HOUSE, PERCY STREET.

Lond8onas & fe BENTINCK' STREET,, PORTLAND SUtEIiliOl s GUEST HOUSE. One Minitel from Station and Bench.; . :Excell nt'Acomnimodation. Tauriffi £/d / per week. S ihone, Portland 171.. E., KENZIE, . ' Proprietre'". DANCING. MISS NORMA MACLEOD has re turned from Melbourne, .and. in pire pared to Tench the following Now Ball-Room Dances:-Fint Chnrles. ton, Black Shuffle, Waltz and Firench Tango. Also New Fnncy Dan'ccs. CLASSES, commencing on MON DAY, MAY Oth, will be held as fol lows: Monday, 8 p.m.-Beginners', Class. Wednesday, 8 p.m.-Advanced'Class Thursday, 4.30 p.m.-Children's Fan cy Dancing. Private Lessons arranged for. All classes to be held at Union'Bank. jG TERIL LOVE HATH NO MANI Sea AU GCST6"I SEWING MACHINES (in good or der), Seltzogene, Stoves, Window Sashes, Blow, Lamp., Malcolm's Second Hand Shop. : Schunko's selection of New Year's Gifts Is as good as you'll find in any city shop,' and ;the prices aro to ul'. all.