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FIGHT WITH A KANGAROO. Almost a tragedy occurred at Heywood on Sunday, 5th inst. (writes a correspondent to the HIamilton "Spectator "). Three pet forester kangaroos formerly belonging to Mr Len. Righetti, and which changed hands with the sale of Mr Righetti's premises, escaped from their enclosure and paid a visit to the main street. Appearing to thoroughly enjoy themselves see- ing the sights, they gathered round the soldiers memorial as if reading the inscriptions, when Mr Chancel- lor, their new owner, arrived and attempted to drive them back to their run. The "daddy" of the family strongly resented this in- trusion, and being a strong fellow, standing a good six feet, he put in a challenge right away. Totally ignoring Marquis of Queensberry, or any other rules, " Mr Roo," on getting his opponent down, pro- ceeded to put in the boot and to jump on him with both feet. For- tunately, help was forthcoming and the "old man " was driven off, Mr Chancellor luckily escaping with a few scratches and some torn clothes. The kangaroo was after- wards shot by Constable McNam ara.