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Heywood (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.), The garden fete held here in con nection with the local Church of En gland, on Saturday. December 18. proved to be a great success. The weather was not as bright as could be hoped for. but the friends of the church turned out well and spent their money freely. It was pleas ing to note the blending of the va rious denominations, and it was quite evident that the j'int efforts to buy and to beagreeable were the main factors in making the fete such a success. The fete was under the direction of the Ladies' Gui!d, of which Mr- and Mrs Baxter were president and vice-presidcent re spectively. The ladies work d ex tremely well, and the work displayed on the fancy and clothing atall was of the best and most useful quality. The- various stalls were very busy throughout the day, and it was quite late when the people decided to go home. During the evening Miss Morris, of the State Sch)ol, supervised the Maypole display, which was splendidly performed by the children of the school. Miss Morris deserves to be sincerely con gratulated on her work. She was assisted by Miss Teague, of Port land. The Heywood Brass Band, under the capable direction of Mr J. Best, also rendered invaluable make the evening so pleasing The waxworks, under the manage ment of Mr C. Baxter. were well . patronised, and proved an innocent source of much amusement.' The character of Mrs Jarley was ably sustained by Miss Sincock, of Greenwald. Ice cream and bananas were dispensed by the secretary. Mrs Whitewell, and Mrs J. Bell at the refreshments stall. lire R. Owens, always a good worker, was ably assisted by the Misses Cain and Pettit. The shooting gallery was controlled by Mr Edricb. and much money was brought in through his efforts. The fancy stall was managed by Mrs Turley, Mrs J. Bell and Miss   Dye, who found plenty at their dis- posal to make a fair return, their stall bringing in about £20. The vegetable stall was supervised by Mrs Hodge and Mrs Murray, of Et- trick, assisted by Miss Sincock. Sweets and soft drinks were in great demand, and the Misses Owens (2), Saunders and Whitwell, assisted by Messrs Rundell and Lovell. found plenty to do. Mr T. Anderson worked hard at the cop per, and .proved himself- of great value. Various ladies assisted in dis posing of different articles, and Mrs Swinson had quite a busy time with the " dips." Almost £50 was so cured for the day, and it is hoped that £60 will be reached. The gen tlemen conpected' with the church and other friends rendered great help in erecting the various stalls. A painful shock was experienced by the people of the town when the news was- received of the sudden and unexpected death of Mr Ernest S. Righetti, at Cora Lynn on Sun day, 19th December. The deceased gentleman was the second son of the late Mr and Mrs Serafino Righetti, of Heywood, and brother of Cr L. Righetti, the present presi dent of the Shire. To the widow of the deceased and his various rela tives, to whom his death has come as so sudden and painful a blow, we tender our heartfelt sympathy in their sad bereavement. Despite the hot weather immedia tely preceding, quite a. large num ber of people assembled in Heywood on Christmas Eve. The streets pre sented 'quite an animated scene. and the shops did a brisk business, with Santa Claus deputies as chief patrone. The ' small fry " were, of course, very much in evidence. and excitement ran high amongst them, great being the speculation as to what Santa Claus had in store for them, whilst shop windows which displayed toys. sweets, etc., so dear to the hearts of boys and girls, bore the imprint of many flattened noses and tiny finger prints. The town- band. under the baton of Mr W. E. Thomas, M.LA, dispensed joyous and pielodious strains, which added much to the gaiety and pleasure of the occasion. It ,is not every town hand, by the way, that can boast of an M,L.A. as leader, nor that can present such p record of continuous and effectlye service. We are proud of our band, as we well might be. New rear's was in the main a duplication of -t. irit.-o ...cheery goodwil and contentment In evidence, despite the high cost (,f living, strikes, etc.. etc., common to the times. Altogether a very happy holiday season was experienced, pubdued only by the thought of those who since last Xmastide have passed -trifr our nbidest apt tbp Great Beyond.