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F'ashionable Dress MOST FAVIUItI D FIOR THE PRESENT' SEASON. Our.:elect'on for the Winter \ Seaspn is particularly fine, Fabrics ofa recagnised quality that can be relied upon for good service. As prices .still are advancing, we urge that early selection is advisable. 54 inchi Heavv Cloths, suitable for Coate and Costumes, in Brown, Navy, Mole and Grey at 10/6. 48 Inch Velour Cloth, in Navy, Mole and Light Navy. atl16/6 yard 40 inch Black Watch Tartan, at 10/6 and 121/9 yard 48 inch serges, in Saxo, Brown, Navy and Black. Special value at' 18/6 yard 54 inch Creme All-Wool Gabardine, something Special. for Costumes, at.22/6 We have just opened up all the NEWEST SHADES In Crepe de Chine, Mastic, Pretty Dark and Light Navy, Pink, Brown, and Black fo* . evening wear. 40 inch Heavy Tweeds, in Greys only, at 3/9 and 5/3 yard Velveteen, in all colours, from 3/11 to 8/11 yard Ladies' Dark Tweed Coats, latest cut. Collar and Belt, at 601- each Ladies' Dark Wool Tweed Coats, smartlycut and well made, at 47/6 to85/ Girls' Tweed Coats, all sizes in stock, from 37/6 to 60/- each Ladles' Heavy Tweed Costumes, for Winter wear, from 651- to 5/-. Ladies' Gabardine Costumes, Now Styles, and well cut, at only 4716 to 85/ PORTLAND STORES, PTY. LT'rD. Percy-street--- lost box No. 6. 'Phone No. 5, Winter__ Goods )NOW S-HOWITNG- AT, Campbell and McLean's PE3??:?O' 8 RE IJEuIT. * * * * SPECIAL VALUE IN " * * C Drees Goods, Blankets, SIrLadies' Coats, Golfers. - If.' PIONEE Ea HOUSE. 4ohn Campbell IS NOW SHOWING A SPLENDID SELECTION . OF DRESS G00DS.-.--This Department is specialized, Good value is shown here in Fanuncs for Sunmmer Wear in both Wopl and Cotton Dress Material. - MANCHESTER DEPIARTMENT - RIliable Goods only Stocked. Paramount Values in alicokse, Sheeting, Table Lamask, Towels, Fortare, Cretonnoe. Thoea lines were bought some timaeago and ashow upwell against present prices and I am giving my Customers these advantages. - SHOWI ROOM GOODS - Choice Millinery" Flannels and Roady-to-Wcar lote--the very latest and up-to date. This Jeapartment will display elso a fine aseotment of Maids' atld Children's Millinery, Ladles Costunne, Frocks, Coats. SKlTs- The latest etyles, well madd and finished. BLOUSES--Jap Silk, Crope do Chine, Voile. MUsLIN-These are dainty and very special value. The famous S"Warners" Corsets, rust proof, all sizes in several styles. '. CLOTHING DEPARTMENT - Menos and Bova' Suits-Theo value herl Is excellent. Felt Hate. Fashion Sllirts,: Tenni Shirts, Wearing iNirts, Odd Value, unprocurablo to-day at the prices. - Inspection Invited, --. ' 'Phone I7, I JOHN CAMPBELL, Percy St. '

The OMEGA Watch The IValrh/f/falrh/ru Alrri Worldfamod for accuracy ·rd perfct g ooraruction. 4 NVcel urn 7 ewer, car )ý++eb,11 - ddOldrby myI Seld v h utmet guarantCee. Stewart Dawson's Swamalom St.. M.flourne.

WELL AVD STRONG. \Vhat a grand thing It i' for women to bo well and Itrong p The Ladios' College of Ho1allh ha b-oughb forward a home teat moot that hao restored thousande to hnelh at. a trifling cost. Thoe interoetedl can nd out all about it If they seold tWo p eun. 1lllps to oDept, 46. Ladles Collogu of health,' cllpa. beth stroat, Melbourne

SHIPPING. Steameor's Sallings. (Weather and other circumstances per mitting.) Melbourne to Portland S.S. Casino, Early, Portland to Melbourne S.S. Casino. For Salling Date, apply Local Agent. Passenger. Fares,--Sngle Saloon only Melbourne. 15s; Port Fairy, 4s 6d; War rnambool 6sa C. G. CATHELS, Agent at Portlahind, Telephone No. 3. Queen Carnival, A GENERAL MEETING of the Queen Carnival Committee will be held in the TOWN HALL on MONDAY EVEN ING, the 21st instant, at 8 o'clock p.m. HUGH KEILLER, Hon.Sec. DENTISTRY MR. W. 0. TRURAN ,Recor1ed by Dental Board of Victoria.) GAWLER STREET, Portland, MAY BE CONSULTED DAILY. -.ARTIFICIAL TEETH, CROWNS, BRIDGE WORK, Painless Extractions GOLD FILLINGS A SPECIALITY Uours-10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Heywood Visited Regularly.. Date of next vislt i TiURSDAY, JUNE 24th, ALL DAY. Shire of Portland. NOTICE TO RATEPAYERS. NO person will be entitled to be enrolled in respect of any property unless before or on the Tenth day of June all sums payable in respect of any Rates made three months or more before such day In respect of such property have been .paid. The Secretary will attend at the Shire Office, Portland, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, on the days 2nd to 10th June (Sundays and holidays.excepted) to receive Rates. T. E. TULLOB, Secretary. Portland. 17th May, 1920. BALLARAT PIG MARKET. EVERY WEDNESDAY. :Coles & Pullum, S. ALESMEN. L.REASONS why you should consign your A Live Stock to Colos and Pullum: 1. Ballarat is the Biggest Market. 2. Coles and Pullum do the biggest business. +. Our District Agents save you all consignment troubles. 4. We act strictly as Selling Agents on Commission only - not as private . ealers. Our district Agents are : Mr. V. L. WATSON, Portland. Mr. FRANK MOORE, Heywood. Mr. C1 C. BUCKNALL, Dartmoor.; NOTE Sheep and Cattle Sales, Every Tuesday. Pigs, Every Wednesday. Dairy , and Store Cattle and Horses, Every Friday. SPECIALLY NOTE A truck to take Pigs for the Ballaral Market will leave Portland North on Mon day, 7th June, 1920, at 2 p.m. Intend. ing consignees please arrange with Mi Watson without delay. E. Learmonth & Co Auotloneers and Valuers STOU.K STATION AND FINANCIAL AGENTS, HAMILTON, CASTERTON, ANL JULIA STREET, PORTLAND. TOCK SALES : - Heywood, Condab Digby, Doergholm aud Mysmyn mon Clearing Sales conducted in any part ol Sthe State. :. Loans Negotiated at lowest rates. Representatives and Agencies:- I'Portlaed--Mr G, IH. Moore. Casterton Braneh.-Mr. James Henry, "n'eywood- Mr F. H. Moore. Condah-Mr It. McKenzle. Dartmoor-Mr C. C. Bucknall MR., HAROLD LEARMONTH, Sworn . Valuator'for ThirteenlCountto in the State of Victoria. Newspaper Notice, ONlN and after Monday, April 5th, Sthe "Ago" and "Argus "will be lid per copy, Saturday's issue 2d as at present., No further quarterly accounts will be allowed, unless paid in advance. Satisfactory arrangements can be made with the undersigned. : All overduo.accounts must bhe npaid before the 14th of this month, or delivery of papers will cease. GEO. C. LEAR, A'thorised Agent, Portland. MR. H. H. PANG Chinese Herbalist, FROM HAMILTON, W ILLi io ?VSITING PORTLAND. on FRIDAY, 08th. from I p.m., until SATURDAY, igth instant, till a p.m. May be Consulted at MAC'S HOTEL. All Diseasoss asuccessfully treated in oither sex, internal or external, Charges Modorate, VISITS 1-HEYWOOD FRIDAY, 18th inetant. Hours 10 a.m. till 12 Noon, ". m.. t Commercial Hotel, ', , • ' ·.. r .

Australian Mutual Provident Society. Victoria Branch : 469.463 Collins Street, Melbourne. NOTICE. IT is the intention of the Society, after One Month from this date, to ISSUE. under the Companies Act, No. 2631, a SPECIAL POLICY, in place of Policy No. 888858, on the Life of ERNEST EDWARD BOND, dated the 9th July, 1918, declared to have been lost. Melbourne; F. T. BRIDGES. 16th June, 1920. Manager. Horse Clipping. Horse Clipping COMPETENTLY and PROMPTLY EXECUTED at F. A. FRANKS' T.ivery S etaOlea, BENTINCK STREET, PORTLAND. Diggers' Pictures. Ir" Friday, June 18th, " " BILL APPERSON'S BOY," Featuring JACK PICKFORD. " THE CLIMBERS," Featuring CORRINE GRIFFITH. Prices--l/-, Children Half-price. Reserved Seats, Gd extra; K. S, ANDERSON, lion. Sec. MR. PARKINSON0 Surgeon Dentist, G AWLER STREET, (Next Dr. Slecman's) PORTLAND, May be Consulted Daily at Surgcry, d Counipton House, Percy Street, Hours-9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Heywood visited every Thursday Hours--10 to 12. S 'PIONI No. 44. Salon ." Royal. C. E, BOURBAUD, -Hairdresser and Tobacconist, PERCY STREET. flHE above has much pleasure in informing I the people of 'ort and that the 8aloon will be OPENED for BUSINESS on the 6ith DECEMBIIE, and hopes to receive a fair clhur of patronage. The business in the Saloon will be cnhducted on the nas t Ilygionlo piinulplu, All towuls ir will be slerilised by a now process. -For the comfort of waiting patrons the Saloon is furnslhed with Upholstered Theatre st Chairs, ld TOBACCOS, 010ARS, OlGARETTES of the Peet BIrands. to RAZOR STROP., COMBS, BRUSHES, SOAPS, and numerous other Tollet Articles, and FI.IIING TACKLE kept in stock. Razo's Promptly and Carefully oet. You Wv11i be Provided with Every thing CLEAN and UP-TO-DA.E? at C. MITlI'S (LATE AI.F.) 0 JULIA STREET, PORTLAND. ?HIAVING, HAIR-CUTTING, Eto., by tL eofleient hands. RAZORS GROUND and SET, @'D IBILLIAIRD IROOM1 U1 STAIRSl 2 TABLES. 2 TABLES., A Visit Will Satisfy, : Painless Dentistry ARTIFICIAL TEET'rH, GOLD CROWNS, GULD INLAYS, BRIDGE \VORKI, ETC. MR HI;cL, rL r (Bay Street, Port Mdlbouao.)- -Recoeded be . Dental Board of Victoria, WILL VISIT PORTLAND on Monday and Tuesday, June 14th and 15th, hAt BUarclay St., SOUTH PORTLAND, ALL DAY. t. Andat MAC'S HIOTELon TUESDAY, be April 14th, ALL DAY. de BEYWOOD, WEDNESDAY, June 10, 1 p.m, to 6 pm. MRI. K. JOE, -C INSSE HRBiBIS'T, Milton Street, Hamilton, UCCESSFULLY treats Rheoumatism, ' Disordrs, etc., ihd all External and In. ternal Dlsonees. , MnJOE WILL VISIT PORTLAND EVERY MONTH, NEXT VISIT-2 p.m. WEDNESDAY, 80th , June, till 2 p.m. FRIDAY, 2nd July. . Shire of Portland. BRIDGE CLOSED. NOTICI Ia hereby given that the Bridge over STOKE RIVER at DIGBY is CLOSED against traffle whilst repairs are being effected, SR,'L, NANKIVIELL, 8th April, 1920. Shire Engineer,

AUCTION SALES. Furniture Sale. j ES- WEDNESDAY, 23rd JUNE At 2 o'clock. P IN THE AUCTION ROOMS, GAWLER STREET. T L. WYATT & CO., and F. MAR J SHALL & CO., Agents, in conjunc ioU, acting under instructions trom the Master in Lunacy, will Sell by Public Auction, on the above date, the contents of a 5.roomed house, including Tables. Chairs, Couch, Whatnots, Lamps, Pictures. Hearthrugs, Sideboards. Bedsteads, Organ, Bedding. 2 Cheats Drawers, Wash stands, Were, Clocks, Dresser, Crockery, Linen Press, quantity I of Linen, and Sundries All in good order, 0-- Terms-CAsHI AT SALB. "Claremont," In the Estate of Late CAROLINE McLEOD. TO BE LEASED BY TENDER FOR A TERM OF 3 YEARS, A SPLENDID Seaside Residence (2-storied), Containing 13 Rooms. Spacious Veran dabs, Large Stables, 2 Acres of Land, situate in JULIA STREET, PORTLAND. Tenancy Agreement may be perused or copy obtained, together with Tender Forms, on application to J. L. Wyatt & Co., Portland, TENDERS CLOSE g" SATURDAY, 26th JUNE, 1020. CONDAH. Saturday, June 19th, 1920 Starting at 11 a,m. Sharp. CONTINUATION OF UNRESERVED SALE ON THE PREMISES, CONDAH. DRAPERY, GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES, HABERDASH ERY, CROCKERY, AND SUN. DRIES. Sowing Machine (Hand and Treadle), Perambulator (Gondola Shape), Racing Saddle, Ladies' Bicycle, Good Dairy Cow (Calvo August). ON ACCOUNT OF MR. P. PITCHER, STOREKEEPER, WHo is LEAVING THE DISTRICT. Pf LEARMONTH & CO. have received .. instructions from Mr P, Pitcher, Storekeeper (who is leaving the District)' of Condah, to Sell by Public Auction, as above The Whole of lhi Stock and Trade as General Storekeeper.l KENTBRIUK. DATE TO NAMED IN AUGUST. 300 CATTLE 300 A E. SMITH & CO. will Sell by Auction . as above. BRIDGEWA'I'ER MONDAY, 5th JULY 1920. 300 CATTLE 300 SE. SMITH & CO, will Sell by Auction * as above. s- Further Entries invited. FULL PARTICULARS LATER. Mr. C. A. Goble (Proprietor Centreway Blouse House, Colllns-street, Melbourne, will be SHOWING SPECIAL LINES in Ladies' Blouses, Golfers, Underclothing, Also Latest Models in MILLINERY, in the Sample Rooms, MAC'S HOTEL, PORTLAND, Next Saturday, June 19, 1920. SPECIAL VALUES in DAINTY GOODS Board and Residence, COMFORTABLE BOARD and LODGING Apply Miss BURSTON, Percy-street, Portland unds, Bad Logs, toc. is. Od. and _ s. ls. pe. pot L,'orywhoro. ,

Wialtel, Lost, Folnd, To Let, to. U .SOCK Land, good position ; cheap. 1?) Wyatt & Co. C?OMFORTABLE little home. cheap £120, . Neat villa, good positlon £440. worth inspection, Well built residence, in cholce position, £750. Apply Wyatt and Co. ·F R SALE-PONY, SPRING CART, " and HARNESS. All in good working condition. Apply, J. BEAbIES, Hurd-st. SHIPPING AND FAMILY BUTCHERS OsnoURNE BROs , Percy Street, F'ortland.

For Influenza Colds take • Wood's Groat Poppormint Cure;

For Chroolo Chest Complaints, Woods' Great Peppermint Cure.