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orfI~2113 iii a ri ZUTn First Issue August 20, 1 842. With which is incorporated z~lc 1 ottlirttdl «'trtror, -0 Published at Portland Every Monday Wednesday and Friday Evening. 'PHONE No. 39. MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 1917, THE "PORTLAND GUARDIAN." To-day completes the Seventy Fifth Year of Continuous Publica tion of the "PORTLAND GUARDIAN" which, published for the first time on August 20, 1842, holds the honor of being The Second Oldest News paper in Victoria. The long and faithful service to the public is an honorable one. Many coangratula tory tributes have been received by the "Guardian" to-day on its long, unbroken connection with the his tory of Portland. With the com mencement of another year, current events in connection with wheat stor age and shipment; the opening of the Mt. Gambier Railway, and increased agitationfor railway connection with the North, give promise of a revival of the " good old days" when Port land was, rightfully, the Principal Port of Victoria. ----~ MILITARY BAND. - There have been in Portland during the week end Lieutenant Fredman, the Re cruiting Officer for Wannon, and Sergeant Coyle of Queensland, who is the official organiser in connec tion with the visit of the Military Band which is to conduct a Memorial Service in honor of Portland's fallen soldiers, on the 2nd of September. Yesterday the visitors conferred with the local Red Cross Committee and arranged matters in connection with the billeting of the 15 bands men, all of whom are members of the Sportsmen's Thousand, and who are shortly to embark for Active Service. A meeting of the Recruit ing Committee and the Clergy was held this morning, when further particulars in regard to the Service were arranged,

POLICE COURT.-On Wednesday, before Mr. Smith, P.M., Virtue f Lewis, a married woman, was t charged with having used in- a suiting language in a public I place towards James Charles o Robb. Mr. Williamson appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. Silber berg for defendant. After hearing evidence the P.M. inflicted a fine of 10s with 23s costs. A case in which H. G. Brownlaw proceeded c against Frederick Wright for al leged assault was conducted by Mr Williamson on behalf of plaintiff and Mr. Silberbeirg for defendant. A line of £1 with £2 118 6d costs a was imposed on defendant, MAIL,-An Expeditionary mail, c from Egypt only, is due to arrive on t the 22nd inst. t To-MORROW Messrs J. L. Wyatt and Co. will conduct a clearing sale in Hurd Street, Particulars are ad- , vertised, AN ENTERTAINMENT in aid of t Foreign Missions will be held in the k Presbyterian School Hall on Tlhurs dayv August 26, at 8 p.m, on The C Life of late Rev. Paton," by the Rev W. Tait, M.A. The stage will C represent an island of the New Heb rides. There will be scenic effects, cannibal savages and tableau. ON ACTIVE SERVICE. - Included in the last re-inforcernments that left Australia was Corporal Gordon W. t Pitcher, youngest son of the late t George Pitcher of Portland, Cor poral Pitcher practically passed all t his bou in Condah and Portland t and in 1900 went up from the Port- I land State School for a scholarship entitling him to a three years course at Dookie Agricultural College. On 1 that occasion he, with John Hill the only other candidate from the 1 Portland State School that year raised the school to the position of Premier school for Victoria, At Dookie College in 1901 Cor poral Pitcher carried off the Fink Scholarship at the end of the first session, He was Dux of each ses sion after two years in the College gained his-diploma in 1903, was Gold medallist for same yn ar and won the Veterinary Scholarship and prizes for viticulture, dairying, mathema tics, and other subjects. Leaving college he took up the managership of the Lancefield Butter Factory and was afterwards manager of the Merino and Mansfield Butter Fac tories. He entered the Education department in 1910, and he enlisted in April 1917, after being previously rejected three times, OUR EARLY HISTORY.-We have received from Mrs M, Lennox of Winchelsea, a reproduction of a pho graph of her father, the late Cap tain J. D, Liddell,who was the mas ter of the schooner " Thistle" when in November, 1834 the -lentys landed in Portland, The photograph is on view at this office. BOROUGH ELECTIONS. - Mr H. Allen, one of the retiring Councill ors of the Borough of Portland is again eligible for election and comes before the electors with a record of three years faithful service as coun cillor, and has had much general experience on the land. SALE.-At the clearing sale con ducted on behalf of Mr J. Quinlan and other owners by the Victorian Producers Co-operative Company on Thursday last extremely satisfactory prices were realised, the auctioneer Mr V, Palmer proving in this, his first large sale here, thoroughly effi- I cient. Horses sold at from £10 10s 1 to £19 10s. Springers £11 10s, Sow and litter up to £7. WATTLE DAY, - The Drill Hall will be the rendezvous for the Wat tle Day workers on Wednesday, Pickers will be at work early in the day, and, as soon as the first load of bloom arrives at the hall the pack ers will be at work. The trees are at their best and the blossom for warded to Melbourne should be more perfect than on previous occasions. Every one will be welcome to tasist, ELECTION.-In response to a req uisition a public meeting has been called for to-morrow evening when candidates for the Borough election on' Thursday will place their views before the electors,' PORTLAND'S RIGIITS.-The Coun cil of the Shire of 3Borung of which Mr. H. Allen was a member for a long period, has passed a resolution, in reply to a suggestion from the Portland Borough Council, support ing Portland's claims for wheat shipment and railway connection, and requesting their member, the Hon. W. Hutchinson, to support any movement in that connection. PORTLAND'S INTERESTS,--The HIIon. W. Manifold, M.L.C., wrote to the Glenelg Shire Council stating that he would have pleasure in complying with the Counrcil's re quest for his influence in getting a wheat storage silo erected at Portland, aurso as to completion of the Cavendish-Toolondo railway, but the dearth of, rails would prove an insuperable obstruction to the latter work for a long time. At the meeting of the Glenelg Shire Council on Thursday with every member of the Council present, it was unani mously and enthusiaslically agreed on the motion of Crs. Little and Rhodes:-'" Thart a telegram be forwarded to the Prime Minister sosuring the Government of the loyal supoert of this Council during the present critical period, and expressing trust that the Government will be success 1ful in its determination to carry out the wishes of the people in this matter to a ---satisfactory issue." Diony SotIEIrSO ' MEMOltAL. -- There was a very large gatlhering on the 11th lost, when trees wesr phmrted to form an Savenuo in htonor of Diey volunteer sol diers serving in tire A.I.F. abroadrl. Visi t'ors were present froin na paris rrf tire * su'rrounding district. .After a short nd dress by Mr G. T. Graham, anl the rling ing of the National Arnthrem, lre Suhnw, *. Rifle Downs," planitedi tile irst tree for Mr. WMcKay Shaw, nd others ftllowtr, Each tree was illottrtl to Ironor of a dlir ,feseit soldier. An adjournment wvs arb suqtuently mode to the State School, weyre the Union Jack wus llyinz, n adl whrn rd dresses wvre rgiven by Re\. F.TC. lcy nolds, Mr. R. Dunlstn, and Cr A. Mit chell, P'resident Glerlrig Shire Council, and National Anthem ngnhi sung, after which rcfreshments were dispensed by the tllIO5!

NATIONAL SERVICE.--By request from a large number of residents, the Mayor, (Cr Wyatt) has opene ' a roll of all desiring to enroll for National Service durrinj the dui ;iui, of the strike.