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THE HOLIDAYS. Saturday night was practically Christmas Eve so far as business was concerned, and such being the night of the year for the outing with the children in search of Christ mas Cheer, and for adults to meet old friends from near and far, and renew old acquaintances and form new ones, all tended to make the outing one of joy and gladness to the juveniles, and relatively so as applying to adults. From early even ing the streets were filled with people, but later the crowd grew greatly in dimensions, and Bcntinck, Julia, and Percy streets, in particular, were crowded to an extent not witnessed for some years previously, and we venture to soy- the gross returns to the shopkeepers were most satisfactory. The window dressings were on the whole good, but we have seen more elaboration and better dressing, especially in the drapery establishments and grocery departments. The fancy goods shops and fruiterers were well up to the usual, while the smallest window in other trades had received the annual brightening up. Of the fruit shops, that of Mr. George Fisher, Bentinck street, was the most pronounced. The fruit was large in variety, excellent, ap parently, judging by appearance, in quality, and specially well arranged, the general effect being added to by the bright flowers in large quantity and variety. His lollie window was also most tastefully arranged. The Ozone Coffee Palace also presented an attractive appearance, the bright colors of the dressing giving an excellent effect to the tastefully arranged and large display of lollies and sweets of various varieties. In the grocery department, The Portland Store Pty, Ltd. Co. again held the palm with a display most creditable and artisti cally arranged. The large windows of this establishment were well utilised with goods ranging from the scullery up to the latest in dresses and hat wear. MrJ. Campbell's drapery show was no doubt particularly good as regards quality and fashion, but did not appear up to his usual in display. Messrs Campbell and McLean were inter esting in a general sense. The variety was large, the arrangement commendable, and the effect neat and restful. The Manrlrester ltouse Ilas been seen to better advantage, but no doubt would have presented it more taking appearance on this occasion had our visit been earlier. Ilere also due thought had been given to display and arrange mint. 'The merchant tailors had good dis plays, but the West End Establishment is to beupecially commended for shirts, cloths and ties. The suitings were Iparticularly large in variety, displayed in the latest and most approved methods, and seen to every advantage. The tie window was a con stant attraction. Never previously, we venture to say, has such Ii large variety of r.eckware, and so artistically assorted and hung for display effect, been seen in this town. Mr Lineker's windows attracted much attention throughout the evening, and most colmplimlentary references were made to his neat dressing. We might also here add that this establishment boasts of the largest number of hands engaged on the board-which, we understand, means working in the shop-in the town. Mr W. T. Bennett again had a neat show of cloths, ties, anti such like, and has also a "full board" at work. The butchers ind bakers had good displays early in the day, but were apparently sold out at night. Taken as a whole the business must have proved more satisfactory than usual. The s.s. Eumeralla arrived on her excursion trip from Melbourne and Warr nambool to Portland on Sunday afternoon with it large numlber of passengers. The voyage was a pleasant oner, anl tihe pas sage enjoyed by most. 'The passengers were soon on shore, and someof the beauty spots in the immnediate vicinity of the town were visited. Unfortunately the steamer was only limited to ia few hours. having to be hack in Melbourne to carry out other engagements during the holidays, but the passengers appeared delighted with the beauties of Portland, town and bay. A number of the passengers remained for it closer acquain tance withL beautiful P'ortland. Sunday passed in the customary qlinet and restful manner for which 'ortland is famous, .antid Christmas Day was markedl by large attendances at the various churches, particularly St, Stephens' and the Methodist. where special services were held, and most suitable references made to the great historical event. On Sunday evening, after the churches had closed, the Portland Public Band ren dfred an appropriate plogramnle at the rotunda. They were welcomed by a large attendance, and the music was much alu preciated. Usually a sacred concert is Iehia on Christnma night, but tlhin year such 'wai pot attbmlpted, and' i concert wias given in the Free Library Hall. which filled up it pleasant couple of hours for a large numn ber of residents and visitors. We regret space forbids entering into details. We may, however, state the various items were well given. The funds were in aitl of the Portland Public Band--oie of our most deserving institutions--and itis pleas ing to learn the almost depleted linances received very welcome assistance. The following was the programme : 1. Selection,' "Hallelujah Chorus", Band 2. Trio, (piano) "11i Barbierre," Misses McKinnon, Fisher and Todd. 3. Song, "Queen of Angels," Mr (Geo, Lear, 4. Recitation, i'lRqbinstein's Piano Playing," .. Mr Walpole (encore) 5. Song, .. "Mary" '.. Mr F". Keil. 6. Quartette (brass) "Autumn," Messrs Thonlmas, Kean, Robins & Mackay. 7. May Pole (by request) Miss Tulloh's Pupils. 8. Song, "When Summer Tells Autunru Good-bye." i~." .... 0. Cornet Solo, "Holy City," Iwitl binrd accomllpaninent) Mr W. E. Thomas. 10. Glee, "llail Smiiling Morn." Unjiitetl Choirs. 11. Septette (brass) "Shiniilr in Goblet," 12, Song, "Dolly's Rievenge," Mlrs Wallile 13. Mandoline Duet Misses Krosclhieil, (encore.) 14. Song. "Bethlhorn," Mrs J. arrett. 15. Scarf Drill, Miss Tulloh's P'upils. 16. Song, "My in Flolk," Mr G. Lear 17. Trio, (vocal) "Protect us Thlrough thIe Coming Night," IMesdualesJ. Jarrett, Ilorsfall arnd Martin. 18. Song, 'Gqod CUoiparruy, Mlr W. Lea, 19. Anthem, "Send out Thy Liglirt," United Choirse. "God Save tIhe King." Boxing Day was one of general enjoy ment, pIleasure being found in irany anti various ways. Tie Botanic Grrdoes with its three tennis courts, croquet lawn, de lightful walks,' well kept beds of flowers, shrubs, and such like, wis a largo attrac. tion and dolight to many. Changes have been made in our gardens in very many ways, aind thie good effect of tihe several working bees, the extra labor, and the thouglihtfulnes' rand criro of thlL Cratolr, Mr W; Stychbefry, arer all host apiparent hid sitrikingly noticeable. Bosting was indulged in by many, picnic parties visited thie numerous pleasure resorts which arbound in the immediate vicinity of Port hind, and we are pleased to hear nothing of a serious nature occurrird to mar the pian sure of tile ontrngs. The cvening's entef tninmant proideld .vas'thro first apprearance of the Portlantl Picturo Company at the Library Hall. A well filled hall greeted the new bidders for public favor, rnd it may at once be said that there is every promise of good supplort in the futtlro ailso. It will reaudily bre rlndmittedr slight irrefu laritiea are 'hlmast sure to appear in a irst aittempt. Such was thire case in tlis effort, but tire mishanps were of thire merest trilling character, takenr in good part by the nurlience, which generally admiitted tihe evening lad beer a ploasilnt arid enjoyable orie. 'l'rj pictlnesscreened wero ofoa good class and'neoh to good advantage, although the machile was ni ow, rlind the operntor also now at t'h gaine. On deifect noticl, able oas the ratiLer dilr light at the open ing. T'his is custonrrry with nil these shows in riBumriIer tiresj, the light frmom Olt~t

side being responsible. There was very little flicker, the pictures were clear and the evening was pleasantly passed. The visitors to Portland during the holi days in. number surpassed previous years. The weather conditions were decidedly adverse to travelling, nevertheles every train from Friday carried large numbers of passengers, and the hundreds of visitors all found comfortable quarters. The train service on the whole, considering the de mand on rolling stock, was fairly satis factory, but that applying to the special to leave Hamilton about 10 o'clock on Saturday night appears unforgivable. This train should have arrived at Portland about 12, but instead, put in an appearance about 5 a.m. on Sunday morning. The special from Hamiltod on Boxing Day was well up to time with its heavy load. Those on board included members of the Hamilton bowling club, who had a match with the local club, the result being a win for Hamilton by nine points. The following are the scores: Rink No 1 II P. Payne, Morrison, Murden, J. L. Brown leapt] .. 19 Jones, Campbell, Maddock, Savin [capt] .. .. 25 Rink No 2 Dungy, Rountree, Bruce, Row [capt] .. 25 Patterson, 1Iollard, Sleeman, Clughorn Icapt] .. 16 link No 3 Potts, Palmer, Shannon, Lawrence [capt] .. .. .. 2 Burt. Burnett, French, Pill [eapt] .. .. .. 20 70 61 IIot water was provided for those who desired salme, and other conveniences for the comfort of visitors were also provided, Golfers have had a capital time on the local links, 'Tihese are on tile foreshore, quite close to the sea and town, the result being tlat lithe links were in colnstant use from end to end-start to finish-there and back--the round--or by whatever other designation will littingly apply to the game,