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First Issue, August 20, 1842. -0 With which is incorporated -o Published at Portland Every Monday Wednesday and Friday Evening. Phone, No. 39. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1914. BRIDGEWATER CAVES. -A corres- pondent writes :-Although occas- ionally one hears the praises sung of these spacious and interesting chambers by those whose curiosity has prompted them to view the many nooks and corners, shelly beach and minature acquariums which some of themn contain, still only a few folk outside the fishing fraternity have invaded these gro- tesque creations of nature. Having been fortunate enough on one oc- casion to be included in a boating party there, I am of the opinion that if some of the several motor boat owners here were to give pro- minence to the fact that they pro-

prepared, during the coming sum- mer season, to run excursions there, many visitors would avail them- selves of the trip, and it would also prove profitable to the boatowners. STATE ELECTIONS.-In our busi   ness columns it is announced that ad Mr. C. W. S. Paramor, labor candi date, will address a meeting at the Library Hall on Saturday, the 17th, at 9 p.m. ACCIDENTALLY SUFFOCATED.-A   young man named Edward Axly Gustus, 25 years of age, was seen by Mr D. Matheson, the caretaker   of the public baths, lying on the   beach yesterday, and on going to   ascertain the cause was horrified to   find the man apparently dead. It   appears the man was subject to fits, and was evidently seized with one, and, falling on his face in the sand, was apparently suffocated. Dr Slee man was quickly in attendance, but found he could be of no assistance. As there are no suspicious circum stances a coroner's inquiry will be tel held to-day. CAUTION.--Parents at night-would do well, writes a resident, to ex amine the pockets of their small boys and ascertain if there be Samong the heterogeneous articles . found there, a small round glass ion usually the lens belonging to a cheap magic lantern, and much prized by the school boys just now for playing tricks on each other. A number of lads have returned home from school with their hats and coats fairly riddled, caused by the concentrated sun's rays through the said lens. This in itself is annoying to mothers, but some thing more serious might result should a child's celluloid collar be , the object of their pranks. CORRECTION-We are requested by the matron to mention, with thanks, that the two sheets forwarded to the Public Hospital were from the Household Tea committee and not as previously stated. PORTLAND BOWLING CLUB.-The annual meeting of the above was held on Monday night when the at tendance was large and much in terest manifested. The election of 2 officers resulted as under:-Presi dent, the Mayor (Mr J L Wyatt); O vice-Presidents, Mr J. T. Naismith, Mr R. McLean ; hoD. see., Mr T. G. Keiller; hon treasurer, Mr I. Over end ; committee, Messrs. J. Adams, 4 R. Hollard, R. Burnett, H. French, and E. C, Dotter; auditors, Messrs. A. Campbell and R. S. Clarke. A D number of "new members were elected. The rules are to be sub jected to revision and amendment, The customary votes of thanks were passed to retiring officers. The prizes won during the year m were presented as under:-Cham pion-Mr II. French. President's -Mr A. Fielding 1, Mr W. of Hart 2. Juniors-Mr T. G. Keiller 1, Mr W. H. Jones 2. Pairs-Messrs Adams and Goldsmith 1, Messrs H. Day and W. H. Jones 2. Mr Over end's Trophy-Mr W. Ferguson 1, u?Maw-uertWee ?'m ssgrs D'n?nneli and Adams' teams is to be played off to-day. Special prize-Mr W. H. Jones. The opening of the in season takes place this afternoon, Authority to fix the highest sell ing prices for bran and pollard, but not for hay and chaff, is to be I given to the Prices of Goods Beard. OWNERS of Edison Phonographs please note that we have landed a ) large supply of the New Unbreak able Blue Amberol Records. Now is a your opportunity to select choice re n cords at ToYE BROS., "The Talking Machine Store," Bentinck street, Advt. NOT MUCII GooD for hardness of heart, but splendid for hard, rough, cracked HANDS. Besides it will heal up nasty mattery places and festering sores quicker and safer than any other ointment I ever saw, or ever sold. For Boils it has no equal anywhere. It's Barcham's House hold Ointment I'm telling you about, for I'm sure you will be glad to know there is such a fine, healing, soothing antiseptic salve, made here in Portland by your own t Chemist, and sold at ls and ls Gd.-Adv. r HEYWOOD STOCK SALE.-Messrs P. Learmonth and Co hold their usual monthly sale at Heywood on November 11. e HUGE SIIARICK'S HEAD.-Mr. Dan nevig, fisheries director, says that the trawler Endeavour, in her last A cruise, found the head ofa large tl shark in the trawl. H-e estimated SI the length of the shark to be from t 17 to 20 feet, and thinks it may have been killed by a steamer's blades or by some marine monster, ni TIE STUD.-Those who require as the services of the well-known sire th Wimmera. See advt. be DENTISTRY.--Messrs Miller ros., dentists, will visit Dartmoor on Saturday, October 24. PERSONS having claims against on the estate of the late Miss N. an Jerrett, see advt. ar sti After consideration the State Cabi. Lc net has decided that special legis lation cannot be introduced this of session to provide means whereby fri members of the Expeditionary Force could record their votes be fore leaving Victoria. no Mlii. nIlIacliANT, Consulting Optician of (;elonh, will visit an follows :--ieywood, 'Thl'ursday. ()el. 15 (I to (.:(0) at Coinm er. in ciii Hlotel, l'orlind. Friday, October 1, all day, at MIr Martell's pharmacy. A man, aged 35 years, and a little 1 girl, aged 12 years, were found a dead in the scrub at Mordialloc oi Ga Sunday evening with bullet wounds in their heads. ham "LINSEIED COMPOUND." The my 'Stocknort Remedy" for Conuals and teg lolds, Of 10 ycirs' proven efficacy, Gel

Among many visitors from otherI districts present at the Casterton Show last week was Mr H. J. M. Campbell, M.L.A., Member for Glenelg. Mr Donald McDougall, of Craigie Lea, Maroona, one of the early Vic torian pioneers, passed away at his home on the 6th, at the age of 81 years. He leaves a family of three sons and one daughter, one of his sons being Mr J. K. McDougall, formerly M.H.R. for Wannon. The Warrnambool Shire Council has been informed by the Country Roads Board that grazing stock on main roads will not be permitted. The council recently decided to pro claim all roads a common, and en force the registration of stock, but in view of the attitude of the Country Roads Board, this action is now regarded as useless. Cr O'Brien has been deputed to inter view the board on the matter. Mr. Joseph Tilley, who acted as judge of the buggy horses, hack neys, etc., exhibited at the Caster ton Show last week, had judged the horses of similar class exhibited at the Geelong Show held a week earlier. He was therefore in a position to compare the respective merits of the animals in the ring at each of the two places. His ex pression of opinion that the horses submitted to him at Casterton were on the whole much better animals than those shown at Geelong is gratitying as fresh testimony from a competent authority to the ex cellence of the horses in this dis trict, which has always been noted for the superior quality of its stock of this kind.

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