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The Casterton "News" says :-Portlald folk to a man, woman, and child, were out on Thursday last to exhibit their town and especially their fine harbor in the best -light, to crowds of people who came from all quarters to participate in the day's festivities. There wur, no splits in the local caml. 'r'lcre was absolute unanimity -?l in the husire to'make the most of the oc casion, in emphasizing tle outstanding at. tractions of the western harbor, and the locality generally, which Portland people, In loyalty to their own, hold greater than those of any place in the world, This fine spirit of local patriotism had its reward in the swing which, in spite of thedampening intuonce, of heavy shobwers of rain, carried all the funvttl15i to Al suesnsfull Ipue, anu

left a highly favorab!e impression of the town and its people on every one of the visitors. Among the offlicial guests at the functions was Cr. J. Ross, President of the Glenclg Shire. In connection with the Henty Memorial celebrations at Portland on Thursday, the Committee and teachers of the Ilenty State School were anxious to provide for conveyance of the children free to Port land, but found that sufficient funds were not available. Miss Henty, Merino Downs, however, kindly came to the rescue and financed the trip for the children,for which kindly act children, teacher and committee are very gratified. The Coleraine "Albion" says :- "During the whole course of its 80 years of quiet existence," (as a metropolitan journal puts it) Portland had never seen so many mem bers of Parliament assembled in the town as were present at the Henty Memorial Celebrations on Thursday last. Amongst the visitors attracted to Port land by the Henty Memorial celebrations was Mrs Lennox, of Winchelsea, daughter of the late Captain Jas. Liddle, who was master of the vessel which brought the Ilentyd to Portland from Tasmania. Mrs Lennox resided in l'ortland with her parents in 1856.