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First Issue August 21, 1 84 2.. With which is in*rJrorated Published at Portland I'verV M r a,,y Wednesday and Fri:.ay Evening. 'PHONE No. 39. FRIDAY. AUGUST 8. 191i9. Those interested in the upkeep of the Portland Cot in the Children's Hospital;,- and the general welfare of suffering little -ones, are notified that the annual meeting of the Port land Wattle Blossom League is to be held on Monday night in the Town Hall, The Ministerof Lands on Monday stated that up to 30th June last 53,054 soldiers had returned to the State; of whom 32.311 were dischar-. ged: Up to the 31st July 7,768 dis charged men had applied for land qualification certificates, and of this number 4.722, or 60.78 per cent had been granted certificates, while I039 still liad to appear before the com. mittee, To the end of July the pur chases specially made by the Closer Settlement Board of land for sold ier settlement totalled 175,413 acres at a cost of £1.862,242 Assistance by way of advances for stock and improvements to the amount of £331,916, had also been made to dis charged soldier settlers by the board, ) A census of the Australian popula tion is to be taken in 1921, The Minister for home and Territories, Mli Glynn. referring on Saturday. to the departure of the Commonwe lth statistican. Mr G, H. Knibbs, to attend the international statis tical conference in Europe stated that Mr Knibbs would inquire into the best methods of conducting a census in other coun tries, Hie would probably arrange to borrow a Power machine for the Australian Census. It was claimed that this machine would not only add up totals, but would classify in the same oberation, dividing the people into males and females, mar ried and unmarried, and so on. If the machine did what was claimed for it Mr Glynn stated thatit would mean a saving of £10,000, or £12000 to Australia in connection with the census. . Mr George H. Albert, who had been missing from his home in Hamilton since Saturday, was dis covered at Byaduk yesterday by U, Messrs J. L. and T. Brown. The le old man, who had completely re lost his memory, wandered to Mr rd, Gersham:Harman's and that gentle ad man found that he tallied with the us description that had been given of him in the " Spectator "on Tues day, Mr Albert was brought back to Hamilton by Messrs Brown in 11 their motor car, and appeared to be in fairly good health, In connection with the University ) Conservatorium of Music, candidates for the September practical and * Theoretical Examinations are remin ded that the last day of entry is Thursday. Auguit 14, Light general rain over many parts of the country districts has d dispelled fears of a bad. season. There are-indications of the rain con tinuing and becoming general. The z. Acting Commonwealth Meteorolo gist considers that the rain will ex tend eastward throughout Victoria, sr and the Riverina, 5 A presentation and social evening ,y was tendered to Mr and Mrs O, D. Evans in the Branxholme Sunday 'o School hall by the members and friends' of the Church of England congregation, Dr. Magee in the unavoidable absence of the Rev Gair presided, and-presented Mr and Mrs Evans with a handsome clock as a mark of their esteem and apprecia tion and the good work done by the departing guests in the interests of the church, Mr Evans has sold his n business, and will shortly be leaving s for the metropolis, Sister Edith Cameron, sister of   a Mr E. C. Cameron, of Hamilton has been admitted as an associate of the Royal Red Cross. In referring to the services she rendered the "Her- ald " says - Sister Edith Cameron, A.R.R.C. now a charge sister at Mont Park military hospital, re- turned to Melbourne last March, after three years' military service abroad, She is the daughter of the late Mr Ewen Cameron. M. L. A., who represented Glenelg. Prior to her enlistment she was a Melbourne hospital sister, and had charge of the surgical ward. Her war service included a period of duty at Heliop- olis, 12 months at No 1 Australian casualty clearing station, France, a term at Rouen, and also at South- hall, England, THE Portland Football Associa tion having granted permission to the Queens in the Sailors' and Sol diers Mlemorial Carnival to sell re freshments at all matches for the remainder of the season, a draw resulted as follows Local matches: 1st The Navy. 2n:1 France, 3rd Great Britain, 4th Soldiers, 5th Victory. Foreign matches--lst Victory, 2nd Great Britain, 3rd Soldiers, 4th France. 5th The Nlavy. To-mor row's match, Imperials v. West Portland, will be the first local match to which the draw will apply. To-mnorrow at 2,30 pm. Messrs J. L, Wyatt and Co will offer for sale on account of Misses Grant and Upton, furniture, etc, Particulars. are advertised, David Martin, of Portland, retired farmer, who died on June 8. 1919. left by will dated Febru:ary 41,919, I I real estate valued at £1,350 and per sonal property valued at £3,236 to his widow and children,