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By C. H.

'Dick -Lee! For seventeen consecutive seasons that name has been dhouted by many -thousands of Victorian football fol lowers with ardent and hysterical admira tion for -the wonderful skiil of that olayer.

He is the 'Peter Pan' of football— he 'goes up'— but never 'grows up.' The same smiling boyish face greeted me on Saturday in Adelaide a3 that which I saw 12 years ago, wnen I first met the cham pion— W. H. Lee. Born at Collingwood (Vic.), 33 years ago, 'Dick' is the son of the famous Victorian trainer of footballers. VTal Lee. 'Dick' entered the ranks of league or senior football in 1906 wita Coi Jingwood, and eoon 'became the idol of that team, chiefly through hia wonderful high marking and uncanny cleverness in getting goals. And to-day he still holds that ad miration from the football public of Mel bourne generally, and at Collingwood it ia 100 per cent., for he ha-s played with that team right through, his wonderful iootfoall career. The Collingwood team and 'Dick' Lee are never complete apart. 'Well, 'Dick,'' I asked, on Saturday, 'would you favour the readers of The Re gister with a few particulars of your career.' He smiled. 'You see,' he re plied, 'I am only gettiirg my wind after that atrenuoTw game, but if anytidng about me will interest your football public here, why, certainly, with pleasure. What would you like to know Bounce 'the ball!' Well, you have been playing league foot ball for 17 years. How many years during thai period have you headed the goal kick ing in Victoria? — Eleven years out of 17. ?My best total for a season was 64. My total goals secured to date is 684. That includes -to-day's?— Oh. no! I am referring to senior dab matehetv

You are handicaped to an extent ?mtik an injured knee, are you not?— (Slightly, yea. I was injured first in 1911, but I .have not missed many games. I-was operated upon. They removed my knee cap. and cut out the torn ligatures. I have had to wear a pad since, Bat the old leg still serves me and football. ' ? ??-?. , . . You have always represented1 Victoria, m interstate?— Yes, excepting on. two occa sions through injury. Had your snare of accidents, I suppose.' —Oh. yes. I have one or two football 'trademarks,' and !have often Jiad to lop about like a 'Ford on three wheels.' ?WTiat do you .think of to-day's gamer Good game, even sides, and a win for the better team on the dasrs inlay. And the umpiring?— Now, theTe are enough people ? to express their opinions upon that officer's hard task 'without me doing so. .'?- iWbat do you -think of South Australia's play 'bo-dlay?— Splendid in every depart ment, individually and collectively. Wiafc do you think of the 'straight down the centre' play, now specially adopted?— It is .the system, as quite logical, and is the quickest -way to the goals. £ - Do you think a forward is ?worth Ibis place upon Shis kicking or marking if hav ing -to be 'ied?'— Every forward should be able to get the ball. He is partially a passenger in the team otherwise. A. clever roving goal sneak is the best. Which would you say was # the moat thrilling game you ever played -in?— When -Collingwood ibeat Carlton for the premier ship in 1910. Who do you Tegard as the best goal de fenders you Ihave been pitted against?— The Victorian back man to-day Thorpe (Richmond) and the late Joe Pearce '(Mel bourne). _ , What South Australian?— Jack Tredrea. He -would always take the 'varnish' off a forward's brilliance. In South Australia we have a selection committee of eight for interatarte teams. What is your opinion of itihat?— Well, it 13 likely to complicate matters. I think our system of three worthy-selectors is -better. However, if any selectors can pick better footballers than South Australia had to day—well, they will sure be some foot ballers; super-players, as the film ads. say.