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Local and General.

Moitii Run. — This morning a gontlo rain sot in, but so gentle that it served simply to lay tho dust. The novelty of soaking. rain is reserved for the future. ' Woods' Great Peppermint Cure for Coughs and Golds never fails 1/6 and 2/6.

A Good Find. — A correspondent ' from Green Gully, near Sofala, informs us that a few days ago two miners working in tho vicinity unearthed two nuggets, which weighed 7ozs8d\yts. Tlmso were subsequently sold to Mrs. Hammond, the local storekeeper. Telephone Exchange. — The arrangements for the long distance, telephone are now complete, and it will be open for use on Monday next. The charges fixed by the De partment are 3s 6d for the first three minutes, and 1s 9d for every succeeding three minutes. It remains to be seen how the public will ' rush ' the bureau in order to hold their 3s 6d conversations with people in Sydney. The Diiouoht. — A gentleman writing from Forbes says that Messrs. Edols and Co., of Burrawong, and Mr. H. B. Coward, of Carrawobbity, are feeding 40,000 and 20,000 sheep respectively on wheat and straw, moistened with molasses and water.' The other pastoralists hi the district are also going in for artificial feeding, and Mr. Coward and Mr. W. liichards, of Grawlin, have ordered 100 tons of oats from New Zealand to feed their breeding sheep. ?-?????'?';. ^ Tiunsfeu oh Teaouers.— rThe. following transfers have been approved by , the Publio Service Board':— Mrv.AV. Perkins from Lake Oudgollico to Hill End Public School ; Mr. W. Bradstreet from Hill End to Lake Cud gellico Publio School ; Mr. M. Walkom, from Trunkoy^to Mandurama Public- Sohool, as pupil- teacher'; Miss L., Squires,' -to* act as house to house teacher at .Jenolan Caves and O'Grady's ; Miss M. Matthew, from Burraga to Camperdown Infants', as assistant ; Miss A. Harrison, resumed as; assistant at Bath urst.. ? -'. '.'..-'I' ...'.? .. ' . A - ValuaiujK . TitovHy.— The silver cup presented by Mr. F. A. Hall, of the Park Hotel,. to tho Football' Union in connection with tho Senior Competition, is^ now on view at -the Par.k Hotel. : It is of massive silver, beautifully ohased,-having on ono side figures of footballers at play engraved, and on the other side a blank space for the inscription when it has been won. Tho conditions are that the cup must be won twice in succession or three times in all. We anticipate that there will be somo keen fight ing for its possession. The cup was obtained through Coxon & Co. ..' -Unequalled and invinciblo Wood's great Peppermint Cure for coughs and colds, 1/0.