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Local and General.

A Good Staht. — Miss Amy Castles, the new Victorian singer, who is starting for the old country, is luoky. Three concerts for her benefit realised £1720— £250 at Bendigo, £570 at Melbourne Town Hall, and £900 at the Exhibition Buildinc.

University Examinations. — The annual junior examination in connection with the University commencing to-day. Mr. Forsy th Oheflins is secretary for tho looal centre, and he reports that 21 candidates sat. The schools represented being: — All Saints' Colleges, St. Stanislaus' College 5, Convent of Mercy 5, Superior Public School 1, Wyoming School 1, private tuition, Dubbo 1. The Long -distance Telephone. — The telephone connected Bathurst with Sydney was opened to the public this morning and the first private message was sent down by Hon. F. B. Suttor, from his residence, Bradwardine. Mr. Suttor conversed for some time with the Varney Parkes, Post master-General, and at each end surprise was expressed at the clearness of the voices. Everything said could be heard very dis tinctly. The connection will, doubtless, be appreciated by those citizens who may have important business to transact with residents of Sydney, although they will have to pay for tho privilege, and long talks will be out of the question under the charges made. The Rbpebknijum Vote. — Mr. Dulhunty, Returning Officer for the Bathurst electorate, seeing the importance of having as complete a vote as possible on Referendum Day com municated with Mr. Critchett Walker, the head of .the electoral department in Sydney, suggesting that a booth be opened at the railway- station. Many persons who will be travelling on that day will doubtless be unable to record their votes at booths which would be soino distance from the stationsi but if the opportunity was offered for them to vote at the station they would undertake their journey armed with1 their elector's right. On Saturday Mr. Dulhunty received a reply to tho effeot that his suggestion had been acted on, and that the Bathurst Rail way. Station had been gazetted as an addi tional polling booth. HeRR AlUEBT FltlEDENTHAI. TO VISIT Bathubst. — Our art loving public will bo delighted to hear that Horr Albert Frieden fchal, the world-renowned pianist, who is now touring through Australa, and at present astonishing the Sydney publio with his mar vellous playing, intends visiting our town, and will give only one concert hero, assisted by tho highly distinguished soprano, Madame Jenny Lynch, lato from London. It is by a mere chanco that Herr Friedenthal is able to visit our town, as he finds a few days to spare during his season in Sydney and he will combine the visit of our town with an excursion to the Blue Mountains. According to critics about his concerts in Sydney, we aro suro that the evening will bo a most en joyable one, and it is to be hoped that the public of Bathurst will largely patronise this concert.