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Portland Horticultural Society. THE AUTUMN SHOW. The above society was favored with lovely weather for its autumn show, which was held on Wednesday, when one of the hnest exhibitions of chry santhemums ever seen in Portland was made, but in other blooms the show was not equal to many that have taken plsce in Portland. The wet and bois terous weather experienced here during the earlier part of this month is con sidered t' have materially lessened local entries in flowers grown in the open, but however true that may be with those flowers, the poorness of the display in pot plants cannot be attributed to the same cause, and the falling off was so noticeable that it would be well for the committee to consider what is the reason of this, and endeavor to rectify the matter. One of the most attractive shows on previous occasions has been pot plants, and the scarcity of exhibits on Wednesday was most striking. In the vegetable section the competition was not large, but the vegetables shown were .without exception of a first-class order, and deservedly attracted a good deal of attention. In fruit, the show was again good, apples being abundant, and of a very fine nature, but some of the awards did not appear to meet with the approval of all. In preserves, the number of exhibits was about equal to those of previous shows, but the fruits were presented in a more taking form, and generally looked more attractive. In the confectionery line some toothsome plates of scones and pastry generally were shown, but here the quantity ap peared short. The devices were all again fairly well represented, while the same may be said of the made up flowers, still we have seen far better flowers and greater display than on this occasion; indeed with a few exceptions the work did not display anything new or very original, but there were several exhibits that must - have given a great amount ot labor, both in gathering the flowers, and also in arranging them. As already stated the show of chrysanthe mums was a grand one for Portland. This is chiefly due to the Hamilton exhibitors still some of the Portland growers. particularly the Messrs. C" se, were very creditably represented, and their bloom compared very iavorably with that of the visitors, and were successful in securing several prizes. We hear a protest has been lodged against one of the Hamilton exhibitors of chrysanthemums on the grounds of not being an amateur. The poultry, pre pared as for freezing purposes, appeared to be a fairly good sample, but the ex hibits were not numerous. There was good competition in the table dressing, and on the whole this work appeared to meet with favor by the public. The evening was a most unusually quiet one in the hall. There was no m-sic to en liven the proceedings, scarcely a member of committee appeared to interest him self, while the attendance of the public was small. We must add that the exh:bits were staged very creditably and with due regard to making the best possible show considering the somewhat limited goods at hand for such a large room, We have made, as usual, the cus tomary request for the loan of the books used for the show to enable us to secure the prize list, but for the first time in our recollection-extending over something like 15 years-we were denied the loan of them, and would only be allowed to copy the necessary information under circumstances that would put us to con siderable inconvenience, consequently we have to thank our cocnemporary for the following prize list. We may add that the treatment we are receiving from thosein charge of this show is of such a nature that for the future we will not attempt to give the particulars without there is an improvement upon existing arrangements. We are denied admission to the room before, or even during the judging, and now to further impede us the books are even refused us, save as we have stated, under most inconvenient circumstances. We blame no one in particular, but simply make the state ment 1ublic, so that the members of committee may kno, how we are being inconvenienced and hindered from doing a duty we owe to the public generally. The following is the prize list : CLASS A.-Two d.v. Primula-Mrs. Cruae, I. CLASS B. --One Cactus - Mrs \V. Tulloh I; one Lycopia-Mrs Grant, I; three d,v. Fern-Miss Must, I;one Fern-A. Kennedy, I; one Caladium A. Kennedy, I. CLAss C.-Tweclve d.v. Cut Flowers -Mrs. Redfern, 2 ; six d,v; Cut Flowers -Mrs. Redfern, 2; three d.v. Cut Flowers A. Kennedy, I; Mrs. Cruse, 2 ; three d,v. Verbena-F. Stuchberry, r; three d.v. Carnation-Mrs. J. F. Corney, I ; 3 Cut Shrubs, ornamental foUlige-A. Kennedy, z i Floral Device, Miss Huxley, ; Mrs. W. Tulloh, z2; ornamental basket-Miss B. Corney, I; Miss E. Must, a; ornamental cross - Miss A. E. Bennett, a; Miss 1I. H. Valker, a ; wreath (white)-Miss Bennett I; Mrs. W. Tulloh, a; wreath (colored) -Mrs. Stuchberry, i ; bridal bouquet (cluster)-?Iiss C. Wilson, I: bridal bouquet (shower)-Miss H. H. Walker, a; hand bouquet (shower) Miss H. Walker, i ; Miss C. Wilson, ; three ladies' sprays for shoulder - Miss Huxley, , Miss C. Wilson, a ; 3 button hole bouquets-Miss E. Must, i; Miss A. E. Bennett, 2; 3 button-hole bou quets for children under 4-BMiss F. Tulloh, I , Miss C. Campbell, 2; ornamental basket of flowers by children under 14-Miss W. M. Stuchbery, a; 6 Dahlias-F. Stuchbery, 2; best Rose J. Hale, 2; 6 d.v. Show Chrysanthemum -E. Friend, r: R. Watson, 2 ; 3 d.v. Show Chrysanthemum-- Crawford, a; D. Watson, 2; best Show Chrysanthe mum-A. Kennedy, I ; 3 d.v. White Chysanthemum - R. Watson, I: A. Kennedy, a: best White Chry'san :hemum- R. Watson, I ; twelve distinct variety Japanese Chrysanthe mum--E. Fr,.nd, t ; R. Watson, 2; 6 d.v. Japanese Chrys22themums -- E. Friend, ; A. Kennedy, 2 ; 3 -V Jap anese Chrysanthemums-R. Crawforo, i; A. Kennedy, 2; best Japanese Chry santhemum-E. Friend, i; collection Chrysanthemum-E. Friend, I; best incurved Chrysanthemum in show-A. Kennedy, I; best decorated dinner table-Miss E. Must, I; Miss H. H, Walker, a; bowl of Chrysanthe

mums-Mrs Cruse i, Miss B. Corney 2; wreath of Chrysanthemums (colored) -Mrs. Cruse I, Miss A. E. Bennett 2 ; shoulder spray (all Chrysanthemums) -Miss Must r, Miss Anderson 2. CLASS D.-One Climbing Plant-Mrs J. E. Corney I; one Coleus-Mrs J. Grant i ; one Fern-Mrs Cruse ; best grown window plant - Mrs W. Tulloh i ; three distinct varieties Fern-Mrs J. F. Corney i; one begonia -Miss E. Gold smith r. CLAss F.-- Rose--J. Hale, I, 3 d.v. Marig 'lds-J. Hale, 2 ; 6 dis, species cut flowers-Mrs J. F. Corney, a; W. Campbell, 2 ; 3 dis. species cut flowers Mrs H. J. Campbell. I; J. Hale, 2; 6 d.v. show Chrysanther.ums - R. Diwell, I; E. Friend, 2; 3 d.v. show Chrysanthernums-R. Diwell, ; Cruse Bros., 2; a whaite Cbrysanthemum Cruse Bros., z; 6 d.v. Japanese Chry santhemums-R. Diwell, r ; E. Friend, 2; 3 d.v. Japanese Chrysanthemums - R. Diwell, i; E. Friend, 2; a Japanese Chrysanthemum--R. Diwell, i; collec tion of Chrysanthemums-Cruse Bros., z; E. Friend, 2; 3 stalks Chrysanthe mums-Cruse Bros., i. CLAss G.-Twelve desert apples, R. Vickery I and 2; 2a cooking apples-J. Hale I, R. Vickery 2; 12 - keeping apples-Miss Bennett I, J. Hale 2; 12 dessert rears-Miss Bennett :, J. Hale 2; 12 keeping pears, J. Hale a, Mrs Cruse 2; collection of apples, three of each-J. Hale I : a o pounds round potatoes -J. Dawkins I, A. Dawkins 2 ; a lb dessert tomatoes-J. Dawkins I; 24 pods French beans-J. Hale a; 6 dry onions-F. Stuchberry r, J. Dawkins 2: 3 cucumbers-Mrs Redfern I. Mrs J. F. Smith 2; 2 vegetable marrows F. Stuchberry x, Mrs J, F. Smith 2; 2 pumpkins-A. Dawkins r; F. Stuch berry 2; 2 Turks' caps-D. N. McLeod i; 12 turnips-Mrs J. F! Smith, 2 ; 12 carrots-Mrs J. F. Smith I; F. Stuch berry 2; 12 parsnips-F. Stuchbery, ; D. N. McLeod, 2; 2 white cabbage Mrs J. F. Smith, I; A. Dawkins, 2; 3 beets J. Hale, I; F. Stuchbery, 2: col lection of vegetables-j-. Dawkins, 2. CLAss H-Three lbs salt butter-Mrs Redfern, a ; Mrs J. T. K. White, 2 ; sIb. fresh butter-Miss H. Sharp, a ; Mrs Cruse, 2; I loaf home-made bread (white)-Mrs Redfern, I ; Mrs E. McMullen, 2; r loaf home-made bread (brown)--Mrs Redfern, 2; I tea cake Miss Redfern, ; x sponge cake-Mrs E. McMullen, ; Miss H. Sharp, 2; 3 scones--Miss Campbell, I; Miss E. M. Henry, 2; 6 tarts-Mrs Redfern, z; Miss E. M. Henry, 2 ; 6 v. jam--Miss Must, z; Mrs IT F. Corney. 2; 6 v. bottled fruit-Miss Bennett, I ; Mrs. Lyne, 2; 6 v, jellies- Miss Bennett, ; Miss Must, 2 ; 3 var. pickles-Miss Ben. nett, a; I bottle tomato sauce-Miss Bennett, z; Mrs J.; F. Corney, 2; col lection home-made sweets-Miss Bur nett, I ; Miss Anderson. 2 ; pair of fowls suitable for export--Miss Campbell, ; Mrs Redfern, 2; pair ducks suitable for export-Miss Redfern. i ; Mrs Redfern, 2. Special entry.-A. Dawkins tolbs kid ney potatoes, highly commended.