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Infectious Diseases in Animals. To SOME persons science is a factor in the economy of existence that seems to have been created for the special purpose of setting comfortable people on the fidgets. Its votaries are ever discovering so many enemies to existence in every mouthful we eat and in every breath we breathe, that we are sometimes led to wonder how we contrive to exist at all without a scientific analysis of eve:y morsel or drop of food and drink we con some, and a respiration of specially pori fled air warranted free from bacteria, microbes or other invisib!e (to the naked eye) organisms that are said to flourish under almost any conditions. " Bother it a!l," some are disposed to say, " where ianorance is bliss 'twere folly to be wise." Bat an equaily weighty maxim is that prevention is better than cure, and again the bliss of ignorance in this case seems to as to be of that nature characterised by the term "A fool's paradise." Sc:eace docs not make and promulgate discoveries to disturb the community. but rather to teach them how to make life more tolerable, and sufficient har alreadv Se-n prove, to show that wete the theories swhich the sanitary scientists put forth gonerally practised there would be an incalculable alleviation of the ills to which we are to'd flesh is heir to, but which undesirable inheritance might be diminished without any great grief to the legatees. Two interesting and at the same time remarkable instances of the manner in which danger may be present nnsuspected come to light from Warrnambool. One of these is mentioned on our fourth page, and briefly is that an autopsical examina tion of a cat belonging to a family in which there were cases of diphtheria showed almost unmistakably that the animal was uffering from the disease, and there is every reason to believe that the human iufferers contracted the disease from the

anima'. Thus from a new and cnex pected source comes the danger of infec tion. The cat from its habits may be more apt to encounter the disposing causes of diphtheria. and in most houses I children and cats are allowed to nestle together without re.traInt. Thediscovery moad in Warrnambool may have the effect of awakening mothers of fami:ies to a startling fact of which they have previously had no suspicion and throw a light on outbreaks of diphtheria in honseholds where, as in the case of Albert Park, the sanitary conditions are not such as to or-ginate or foter the germs of each diseaes. It may be mentioned here that a resident of this town had a cat that a a few weeks since presented all the symp tmes of diphtheria, and now there seems every reason to beilere that she had this disase. Fortunately there were no yvang children in the house ; the animal was not coddled and no other results folowe]. But not only in the cat has the Warrnam bool vet., Mfr J. Desmond, well kotwno in this town, discovered the symptoms of diphtheria, but a pet mriet ex. amination on a common fowl disclosed similar signs of the existence of the disease. Other fowls were similarly affec:ed, and though perhaps the danger of contagion is not so great in the case of fowls as in that cf the domestic feline, still the know:edge that the lower animals are susceptible to such deadly diseases is not calculated to inspire con fiderce in the pub:ic mind. Tr'iy an incrase of knowledge in some instances does not seem to render our lot in this munane sphere much happier, and it seems l:kely that to erade ail the evils which beset the path of contemporary humanity that the present mode of exist ence will have to be entirely rernodelel. TrxE WnaTOn.-Monday night was another cold, wet and windy night, some of the showers cf rain being very heavy. Yesterday was a decided improvement on its predecessor, while to-day is again a genial day. Osrrecr.-.The melancholy intelli gence was received here this morning that Mr. Robert Heaney, of Condab, had died in 31elbourne. The deceased centleman's illness, the nature of which is not known here, is referred to in our correspondent's :etter, but it was not thought it would so speedily have a fatal termination. Mir. Robert Heaney was as genial a native of the Green Isle as ever ste; pd, and was probably as well-known as any man in the Western District. te has been intimately associated with the draining cperations at Gondah Swamp as a contractor, and not long since obtained a contract for draining Keoo-we-rap, on which he was engaged when stricken down by a fatal illness. The blow to the deceased's family is unnsua:ly severe, as it was not until about 21 hours before his death that they were aware of his illness. A man who made friends wherever he went, there will he ma"y a pang of regret felt at the death of genial Rober IHeaney. Smac Pr.cESIcr.T-At the meeting of the Council of the Shire of Portland yes terday Cr. A. Donald was again electel President. In this choice of a chairman councillors have again selected a gent:e man we:l qualified for the position., and we can safely predict for Cr. Dona:d a pleasant year of ofice, knowing that he enjoys the confidence and respect of his brother ca.oncillors. AciSoiura Viiroc.- Againi has our port proved very acceptable to masters of vessels requiring shelher and supplies. During the early part of Mlonday night a light was seen moving across the bay and when the anchor of the vesseI was let go it was seen the stranger had taken up a position far to the north of the canal anchorage ground, Daylight yes terday disclosed a steamer anchored about due east of the new lighthouse, and shortly before eight o'clock the captain, evidently recognising that he had passed the anchorage ground, brought his craft towards the wharf. Later it was found that the visitor was the Hesketh, bound to Fort Pirie wit'h coal, and had put in here for shelter ,z.: a supply of water. Paore-rcD VWuOL Siots Is Por.TL1S.rt -Many cf our readers, and particularly those having the interest of the town at heart, will hate been wondering at the silence on the proposal to hold wool sales in Portland and no doubt some will have already arrived at the conclusion that the agitation has been allowed to drop. Such, however, is not the case, and al though we are not in a position to en lighten our readers greatly on the matter it will be consoling to them to know that the subject still occupies attention and is still being looked into to as certain if the idea can be carried out. From the first it was known there were many difcmlties in the way, and that the question could not be settled in a few days. and until a definite reply haol been received from Messrs. W. P. Anderson & Co. whether they would take the matter up, the committee appointed at the publio meeting could do nothing. The firm mentioned are still prosecuting their inquiries to make sure if the idea is feas ible, but up to the present they have been unable to give a definitej answer. A gentleman well-known in wool circles in Mlelbourne visited this town on Saturday, and although the real oblect of his visit was not made knowun, from conversations he had with residents it is said he viewed with favor the idea, and expressed the opinion that if wool in quantity could be secured, Melbourne buyers wonuld come to P'ortland. The wool-growers in the dis. trict sti;l look with favor on the project, while locally the interest has not decreased. \We hone in a few days to be able to give more definite information on this matter. Pacrts are lying at the Pier station for the undermentined :--. Trickey, Oicer Commanding Artillery (2), J. S. Charles, Osbourne, J, Quinlivan, Mrs. Hutchinson, 3lies Clay, Loretto Convent, W. IH. Smith, Archdeacon Allnntt, Fraser (3), T. F. Williams. S.LF. or FLoC'.-We have to report that our esteemed townsmen, 3Messes. IMatheson and Wilson, have sold, through Mr. J. It. Woods of this town, to Captain Stirling, of the Brazileira, 100 tons of their choice brand of floor at a satisfac tory price. W'e are pleased thee gentle men, who have shown such enterprise, are able to find purchasers from other colonies, and we hope that this will be the first of many similar transactions. Captain Stirling generally manages to secunre some cargo from this port, and in the present instance we trust hi, specula, I tion will prove a very profitable one.

SsIrrriso DirFrcvLT.--Matters hare e--s reached a crisis in the dispute between the shipowners and officers. The ,ormer tound little difculty in secnr ing substitutes for the oficers who went out, but the Selmens Unioa and the Cocks and Stewards Union members have been cal:ed out, so that a genera: strike has occurred. This is rapidly ex tending to aliated bodies, and the pros pects of a complete paralysis of trade are imminent. In our business columns it is announced that the Dawn, Helen Nicoll. Casino and Julia Percy will not be deopLtched until further notice. ELECTrto OF PEsrIDEonT.-Yesterday at Heyrwood in connection with the Presidential e!ection, the gentleman chosen by the Council asked the connci:lors, officers and Press to join him in a glass of wine. Several toasts were drank and respondel to, and a very pleasant hour was spent. Pressure upon our space necessitates holding oves a report of the proceedings until our next issue. Pens.3me PrcLtc:-P.enemeber Cooke's Sale of Musics! Instruments; Pianos. Organs, and 10e different kinds. Show RBoms, Mac's Hotel.-Avur. 3I5CELL?.rscs.-Last night another of these excellent entertainments was held in St. Stephen's Schoolroom. There was a good attendance, and the Ten. Arch deacon Allnutt occupied the chair. The proceedings opened with a pianoforte duet by the Misses Dunbar and Lamb, and then the following programme was neotia:ed : - Duet, Misses Bennett, M" uother Can This Thy Gkcry Be"; son;, "True Ti:l Death," Mr. A. Simp son; song. '" Laddie," Miss Ward; reci tation, "The Lifeboat," Mr. B. Davis: song, " Floating on the Wind," Miss Jarrett; duet, Messrs. Simpson, "I Would that my Love "; solo, "P Remember Thy Creator," Mrs. T. Tulboh; Flee, "Whete Art Thoa. Beam of Light ' pianoforte solo, Miss Spence; song, " Big Ben," .Mr. Simpson; song, " Dear Heart," Miss Ward; instru mental duet, Messrs. Smith and Harvey ; song, "Better Land," Miss Jarrett ; duet, "Oh wert thou in the could blast," Messrs. Simpson: song, "A Little Mountain Lad," Mrs. T. Tulloh : song, My Queen, Mr. A. Spence. Archdeacon Alinutt then announced that there would be an interval of three weeks. It was proposed to hold two more entertainments durin: the winter, an] the next would be he:d at the time he stated. The proceedings wouvtd be concluded by a glee, " The swin whistles cold." This was givey, and the National Anthem sang by the audience. Then a hearty vote of thanks was passed to those who bad assisted to promote a most enjoyable evening, and the com pany separated apparently we,: pleased with the efforts of the performers to amuse them. Nzw B.oOn.-In our business co:umns aptears a notice which breeders of thoroughbreds should read with interest. Thi relates to a horse called Clarendon lately purchased by Mr. William Mullen, of Drik Drik. The horse in question has a very good pedigree and is said to be iLe winner of no less than 20 races. He will be rhown at the HIamiton Show and we wish Mr. Mullen success with his new speculation. Casa Dicocsr.--A cash discount ci three shillings in the £ will be allowed on all cash purchases of Is and upwards daring the month of August, at " The New Lead," Julia street, Portland; W. J. Fraser. tr'trietor-A--nr. PornuteLD Pctic.-- Remember Croke's Sale of Musical Ins:ruments : Pianos, Organs and 100 different kinds. Show Rooms, Mac's Hotel.-An'vT. Po.riLuso PcnLrc:--Reember Cooke's Sale of Musical Instruments; Pianos, Organs and 1!d0 different kinds. Show Rooms, Mac's hIotel.-Anvr. The ladies committee for the bazaar offer three prizes for dressed dolls. Mrs. Wrixon will accompany the Hon. H. J. Wrixon to England. Another property in_Percy street, be tween Julia and Gawler streets has changed hands, Mr. 0. Dolphin being the purchaser. Some of our lady readers are making inquiries re'ative to the rumored forth coming Masonic ball. A fancy dress ball is suggested. Stated in good authority that £20 per foot has been paid for land in Julia street without the building, and that another property holder has refused a similar price for land in the same street. The general topic of conversation lately has been the railway proposals. Olinion seems divided as to which lite should be supported by the local league. Not one oI the re-elected councillors in the borough hare thought it worth their shile to even thank the electors for re-electing them to the positions. Why is this thus? Mr Thomas Southcombe has been eIected Mayor of Port Fairy. Mr. D. Delahunty has been re-electel Pres;dent of the Minhamite Shire.