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The Brownl?g Fatality at Narrawong. MAGISTERIAL INQUIRY, The death by drowning of two lads at Narrawong was reported in last issue of the Guardian. On Monday an inquiry was held before Mr. D, N. McLeod, J.P., when the following evidence was taken: Mary Saunders deposed: I am the wife of Frederick Saunders, and reside with him at Narrawong East. The de ceased, William Thomas Saunders and Charles Albert Saunders, whose respee tive ages are 14 and 10 years, are my children. Between half-past 3 and 4 o'clock on Satorday last they said to me that they were going to bathe in the swamp. They took a towl and left. The swamp is about 200 yards from our residence. There is a small waterhole at this side of the swamp. A younger brother, six years of age, accompanied the other boys, and he returned about 6 o'clock the same evening and informed me that his brothers would soon be home, I called to them to come home soon after Benjamin (th. younger boy) returned and one of them answered, but I could not understand what he said. On calling again soon after 1 received no reply. My husband returned from his work soon after 7 o'clock and I then asked him if he thought there was anything wrong with the boys, as they had not returned from bathing. My husband then went to the swamp to look for them. I did not see the bodies until the following morning, as my husband did not like t' let me see them. The bodies lying here now are those of my boys. I was under the impression my boys had gone rabbit ing after bathing. They were in the habit of bathing in the swamp referred to. Do not think either of them was able to swim. Frederick Saunders deposed: Am a farmer residing at Narrawong East. The deceased are my children. I saw them last alive about 2 p.m. on Saturday last. They were then working with me about 50 yards from my residence. Soon after they left me, having finished their work. I returned home between 6 and 7 o'clook, and in consequence of what my wife told me proceeded to a waterhole about 200 yards from the house. On arriving there I called for my children, but received no reply, and on looking at the water I obh. served froth at one ,particular spot, Having a fork in my hand I removed a portion of the froth and pulled up a little cap, which I recognised as belonging to one of my boys. I then put the fork down again and brought up a felt hat belonging to the other boy. Believing that my ehildroa were in the water I di. vested myself of a portion of my clothing and entered the hole. The water being about seven feet deep had to struggle to regain my footing, but did not then find the bodies. Then sent my younger son, who had followed me to the swamp, for a longer fork, with which I brought the bodies up. The size of the hole is about five feet by five feet and the depth about seven feet, the sides being perpendicular. The bodies were clothed and had their boots on. Immediately on recovering the bodies I ran for assistance and met James and Robert Papley, who returned with me to where the bodies were. We then endeavored to restore life by turning and ribbing the bodies. James Papley said he saw William Thomas' arm move slightly, and I observed froth issuing from the said William Thomas' mouth. No one present understood ths proper method of restoring animation in cases of drowning, and we did not succeed. We removed the bodies home and renewed our endea vors to restore life for the space of half an.hour. Then placed a mirror to the lips of deceased, but could detect no signs of breathing. Alfred Benjamin Saunders deposed that the deceased lads were his brothers, and that he went with them to bathe in the swamp on Saturday. They all went into the water, and after the bathe put on their clothes. We heard mother cal ling us, and my brothers told me to go home and they would follow when they had two more skips with stones on the water. I went with my father on Satus. day evening to where the bodies of my brothers were found; it was in a water hole on the edge of the swamp, It is a deep hole. Bobert Pspley earroborated the evi dence of Frederick Sanaders in reference to the ecorts made to restre amination. The presiding magistratj reture4 the

following rerdiot: From the evidence taken this day before me, I am of opinion that W. T. Saunders and C. A. Saunders met their death through drowning at Narrawong East, and from the evidence I feel certain that the boys met their death through accident.