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His Excellency the Governor and the '. Countess of Jersey paid an official visit to ; North Shore on Wednesday (13th), where i they met with a very enthusiastic ' recep- < tion. Lord Jersey turned the first sod , of the North Shore railway, in the presence ¡ of a very large gathering. The spot j selected for thé ceremony was not far . distant from the wharf, where a platform

had been erected, which was gaily decorated '. wita flags. His Lordship was presented with a silver spade, engraved with the following inscription :-* Presented to His Excellency the Earl of Jersey, P.C., G.O.M.G., Governor of New South Wales, by the people of North Sydney, on the occasion of his turning the first sod of the extension of the North Sydney railway to the deep waters of Port Jackson, at Milson's Point, May 13, 1891.' After the ceremony a procession of carriages was formed, and the party proceeded to the park at the tram terminus, where the vice- regal visitors were received by the Public School cadets, and later on entertained at a banquet, all the proceedings passing off in the most pleasant manner. It was quite a gala day for North Shore, and the inhabitants seemed to have thoroughly

enjoyed their holiday.

* *


Lord Ancram, the subject of our portrait, who is at present on His Excellency's staff, is the eldest son of the Marquis of Lothian (Secretary for Scotland in Lord Salisbury's Administration). Educated at Eton, and afterwards at New College, Oxford, Lord Ancram took a commission in the Third Battallion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers, in which corps he holds the rank of captain. Lord An cram's mother was the eldest daughter of the late Duke of Buccleuch, E.G. Though but a compara- tively short time in the Colony he has made many friends here, and won by his amiability, the esteem and regard of numerous visitors to Government House. Oar portrait is from a photograph by Messrs. Kerry and Jones.


The Intercolonial Lawn Tennis Tourna-

ment was concluded on Saturday after- noon, when there was a very large and fashionable attendance. The weather

was perfect, which, no doubt, tempted many out to the grounds, and the contest between the Intercolonial rival champions was closely watched. In the ladies singles, Miss Dransfield beat Miss Blax- land. The prizes, which were exceedingly handsome, were, at the conclusion of the play, presented by the Countess of Jersey to the successful competitors, amidst great enthusiasm.


The sad news of the sudden death of Sir John Robertson cast quite a gloom over Sydney, and was a great shock to everyone throughout the Colony, for he was known by name, if not personally, everywhere. The remains of the veteran statesman were accorded a public funeral on Sunday, the 10th. inst., the cortege being of immense length (ex- tending for nearly two miles), and was the largest ever seen in Sydney. Wreaths, crosses, and other floral tributes were sent from all parts of the Colony, and the bereaved family have received almost innumerable letters and messages of sympathy. The Countess of Jersey wrote a most sympathetic letter to Lady Miklouho-Maclay, Sir John's daughter, who was residing with him at Clovelly;   and Sir Henry Parkes also wrote   expressing his own deep sympathy and that of his Government, in the sad loss which had fallen upon her and the other   members of the family.

* *


The prompt action of His Excellency Admiral Lord Charles Scott* C.B., in pro- viding several sailors of the Royal Navy as a carrying party connected with the funeral of the late Sir John Robertson, K.C.M.G., together with the marked atten- tion paid to the remains by turning out the steam pinnaces of the fleet to escort the ' Premier,' Government steamer, from Wat- son's Bay to Circular Quay, was much appreciated by the public. As the ' Premier/ with the body on board, passed the ' Orlando * at Farm Cove, both officers and

men stood bareheaded whilst the band played the «Dead March in Saul.' His


Excellency sent a party of blue-jackets to join the members of the Defence Force under Colonel Spalding, C.M.Gr., in pro- cession, as well as being present himself, with Captain Barlow^ D.S.Ö. Captain St. Clair, R.N. ; and Flag-Lieutenañt Fitz- gerald. Captain Davies, R.N. ; Lieutenant Luscombe, R.N. ; and Paymaster Heed, R.N., were also present. The friends of the late knight felt gratified at the Naval and the Defence Forces of the Colony being



An exceedingly pretty * Rose Dance ' was given at Need's rooms on Friday evening by six married ladies and fifteen maidens, all of whom carried bouquets of roses and autumn leaves, and had the same flowers on their dresses. The supper-table was decorated entirely with the choicest roses, the legend of the ' Rose Dance ' being written in letters of roses down the centre of the table. The idea was both novel and effective, and the hostesses were congratulated on all sides upon the

success of the ball.

St. Vincent's Hospital was visited by His Excellency the Governor and the Countess of Jersey on the afternoon of Tuesday, the 12th inst., the distinguished visitors being received by His Eminence Cardinal Moran and the Lady Superior. The Countess, upon her arrival, was presented with lovely bouquets. Every part of the Hospital was visited by Lord and Lady Jersey, who showed the greatest interest in the building, speaking kindly words of comfort to many sufferers. The Hospice for the Dying was also inspected. This is the latest addition to the Hospital, and was opened about twelve months ago. It is intended for those in a dying condition, and every comfort is given which can

minister to the last hours of the sufferers.

Upon leaving the building, Lady Jersey wrote in the visitors' book, ' A splendid institution in its conception, and in its



Last Saturday week a cricket match between the Zingari Club and * The Fleet ' was played on the Rushcutter's Bay Oval. There was a large and fashionable attend- ance, and the band of H.M.S. 'Orlando' enlivened the proceedings with a good

selection of music. His Excellency the Governor and Admiral Lord Charles Scott took part in the game.

* *


The Countess of Jersey and the Ladies Margaret and Mary Villiers drove out to the ground, and Lady Charles Scott was also present. Refreshments were served in a marquee tent, the afternoon tea being very acceptable, as the wind was cold, with the first touch of winter in its breath.

* *


H.M.S. 'Swinger' left Sydney on Tuesday afternoon 'homeward bound.' Captain Allen, who was in command of her, was exceedingly popular here, and a large party of his personal friends went down as far as the Heads on board the Hon. R. H. D. White's steam yacht, the * White Star,' and waved a farewell. Captain Allen

was entertained at dinner on H.M.S. * Orlando ' on Monday evening, and took away with him the good wishes of every- one for a safe and pleasant journey Home.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Ancram.

Aide-de-camp to His Excellency the Governor.

. The Rev. Mark Guy Pearse, by his remark about the young lady of the present day, when he called her a ' waste product,' has caused many indignant letters to appear in the daily papers, both from young men and maidens, fathers and mothers. We do not think that Mr. Pearse ever thought his comment would arouse so much anger, but the remark, in whatever way it was meant, will do good if it stimulates the consciences of the young ladies of the present time to show they are not ' waste products.'

# #


Madame Patey, to the delight of the Sydney people, gave three concerts last week, all of which were most enjoyable. On Saturday evening the Centennial Hall was crowded, when the celebrated con- tralto made her final appearance, as she left for New Zealand on Monday last. The programme was one of the best that Madame Patey has given, and she received quite an ovation when she sang the * Lost Chord.' With her usual good nature Madame Patey responded to each encore, and charmed everyone present with her voice. During the interval Mr. Chalmers, repre- senting the committee of the Sydney

Philharmonic Society, presented Madame Patey with a badge of tho Society, representing a small harp of gold, and

inscribed as follows : ' A memento of "The Messiah" and the " Elijah," 1890

1891, from the Sydney Philharmonic . Society to Madame Patey.' Madame Patey responded in a few well-chosen words, and expressed her pleasure at receiving the badge, and her sorrow at her early departure from amongst us.

* #


We have been delighted during the last fortnight to welcome once more amongst us Miss Janet Achurch, the talented actress who some months ago made her mark in Sydney in the character of ' Nora,' in Ibsen's play of * A Doll's House,' and followed up that success with many others. She, with her husband, Mr. Charrington, opened their new season at the Garrick with the well-known comedy by Charles Reade and Taylor of « Masks and Faces,' Miss Achurch making a fascinating Peg Woffington, and Mr. Charrington being excellent as Triplet, the exponent of three arts. « Forget-Me-Not,' a play rendered popular amongst us by the acting of Miss Genevièvo Ward, will be produced this evening by the same company.